Should You Make A Personal Brand or Not?

Personal Branding

by Shamsul
Personal Branding
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Should You Make A Personal Brand or Not?

The demand for a personal brand has increased over time as consumer buying trends change thanks to the internet and social media. As people get to know more about the inside stories of how companies are working behind their doors. Customers are distancing from trusting big brands and opting for personal brands.

Building a personal brand, however, is a challenging task. A lot of time, more energy, and hard work are required. If not strategically handled, can be more destructive to businesses than constructive. So should one or should one not engage in the personal branding domain? According to personal brand experts, here are a few pros and cons. The details will help you decide whether you want to have a go or leave it for the naïve.


Pros of Personal Brand

  1. Competitive Edge – with the advent of the eCommerce era, more and more businesses are surfacing around us, leaving us desperate for a competitive edge to help us stand out from the ever-increasing crowd. The personal brand offers a boost to top up the competition and stand out.
  2. Online Visibility – today, almost 4.4 billion users use the internet daily, leaving online businesses enjoying endless opportunities beyond boundaries. Personal branding enhances online visibility opening your business up to a massive audience that is interested in your product or service.   
  3. Build & Maintain Partnerships With Other Brands – Personal brand allows a business to grow to new heights by creating new partnerships in the fastest possible manner. As big names collaborate with only successful and credible businesses, personal branding can offer a business the reputation and credibility required to create more prominent connections. 


Cons of Personal Brand

  1. Limited Time For Yourself – with millions of online followers and the need to keep them engaged at all times and returning for more, the ability to live in the moment diminishes. Since online campaigning requires a lot of time, the nonavailability of time for self may be the biggest con of personal brand.
  2. Criticism Overload (and more) – while online offers access to vast audiences, it also opens you up to criticism of all sorts. Personal brand may take you on a controversial topic, where your opinion may not be welcomed, criticized or back-lashed badly, with people disagreeing in all sorts of ways. Handling this behavior is essential for personal branding, and going through it is a con. The path of building a personal branding business requires salvaging criticism and dealing with it as well.


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