Salesforce Form is The Easy Way Without Coding

by Shamsul
Salesforce Forms
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Salesforce Forms Are The Easy Way Without Coding


If you are looking for a guide that helps create Salesforce form relatively easily and quickly, you are in the right place. There are various options when getting the data within Salesforce; however, not all of them are created equally. So, what exactly does this means? The fact is that some solutions might require a lot of work to be done manually whereas, others might not be able to connect data in the way you want it to be. This is the main reason why it is very important to select a platform which flexible enough that it meets all your Salesforce data collection requirements.

With creating Salesforce forms have become an effortless task, so whether you require creating a Salesforce order form or a customized stay-in-touch form, or anything else. You are on the right track. The guide will discuss the various options for Salesforce forms and why an integrated web platform is considered adequate.

You have to enter data manually, whether it is new lead data, case data, customer support, event signup, or any other element. Then you are certainly not very much into the idea because of the extra effort involved in entering data manually along with the increased probability of mistakes in the data. Other techniques for data entering data in Salesforce appear to be more logical. These techniques make the work easier and simpler. However, it also involves less time that you can invest in other profitable aspects of work. Evaluating every option and explaining which the best one is will help in determining the right data entering way.

Option 1: Exporting/importing data manually from another system using tools such as Data Loader

Sometimes, entering a large amount of data becomes necessary at a given time. This is particularly true when receiving a CSV for contact information of an event you are participating in. On the other side, there may be times in which you enforced to upload data in Salesforce forms when the system very which you work lacks a direct integration with Salesforce forms. Tools like Data Loader can be very effective in such situations.


Option 2: Integrating Salesforce’s Web-to-Lead tool or other Salesforce options

Some built-in options in Salesforce help in data collection and its input within the CRM, including Web to Case and Web to Lead Forms, which you can use easily over the website. Since some built-in options are available to offer an easy-to-implement solution, they might also not be as customizable as our situation requires.  

Option 3: Utilizing external Salesforce form platform designed to directly input data into Salesforce

Although this is the last option; however, the best amongst all uses an external web form platform with Salesforce integration. You will come across various platforms. However, the tools available at best and effective drag and drop web form developers. They have an extensive range of customization options and most importantly, a very strong Salesforce integration that allows the creation and up-gradation of the records for both standard and custom objects, prefilled data options, working with multiple objects, and lots more.


Why should you use an external data collection platform?

As mentioned previously, integrating a data collection platform allows strong Salesforce integration capabilities that tend to surpass the native options of Salesforce and all the customization features that come with a full-featured web form builder. Incorporating some level of customization, building Salesforce forms, and sending data where required can be made easy.

Uses of Salesforce Form

Salesforce forms have now become an important tool within every department and in industries that tends to leverage Salesforce. Some good examples to start with include:

Financial services: Onboarding forms of the clients

Higher education: Application forms that are embedded within Salesforce Experience Cloud pages.

Healthcare: Registration of new patients.

Nonprofit: Donation forms.

Government: Program signup forms.

Other use cases: Basic web-to-lead forms, surveys, contact forms, and a lot more.

What is required from a Salesforce form?

Since we use Salesforce forms for the handling of Salesforce data collection, it is very important that it covers the requirements of a data collection tool that goes beyond Salesforce integration. Some key features assured from a top-notch data collection platform include:

Capable of connecting with other apps

If your Salesforce form allows you to connect with more than one app, then you are on the right track. In case, if you strive to connect with advanced platforms that can integrate your forms. Then a good Salesforce form will allow you to connect with Authorize.Net, Stripe, Paypal, Google sheets, and more. If your Salesforce forms have integration with any of these platforms, this means that your forms are surely unstoppable.


The Salesforce form builder needs to have a user-friendly interface and be easy to navigate for technical and non-technical personnel. If this is the situation, you do not need to go back and forth in an attempt to make a basic change within the forms with different departments. Whether you are an employee of the sales, marketing, or IT department, this capability is certainly a no-brainer.

Salesforce Form authentication

Many of you might be thinking, what does this mean? It means that you have the control that can access Salesforce forms. An example of this is that if you create Salesforce forms for a university. You can control by granting access to teachers only or other forms are for university students only to answer the questions. Other examples can include creating Salesforce forms that can access exclusively by managerial staff or building a Salesforce form that staff-level employees can effectively utilize in any organization. The possibilities with Salesforce forms integrated with a web-based platform are numerous. A good Salesforce form allows authenticating forms with LDAP, SAML, CAS, and Salesforce Experience Cloud.

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