Role of Marketing & Influential Strategies

by Shamsul
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Role of Marketing & Influential Strategies for Business Growth & Brand Recognition

Marketing is a set of specific activities selected by a company to boost up the selling or purchasing of a product. Through its strategies, companies get access to potential customers concerned about relevant services or products. It relies on research, promotions, and selling strategies. It is not feasible to exclude marketing policies from any organization or company; otherwise, the company will never grow and meet the business objectives. 

In most cases, people do not understand the significance and role of marketing. They consider it as an advertisement to promote selling. In fact, it is just a fraction of marketing. It has many other features such as promotion, distribution of products, creating and designing attractive materials (content for social media and landing pages), efforts to improve clients’ experience, developing market fragments, market research, etc. In short, It is a broad term that covers all the strategies important for the growth of a company or brand to meet the business goal. 

Significant Ps of Marketing

The Ps of Marketing helps in recognizing and utilizing the crucial factor of strategies. These are known as Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. 

1- Product

It is the key and base of marketing. Whatever the nature of the product or service, it is offered to meet clients’ needs. It is essential to provide services or products relying on the motivations and requirements of customers. Instead of paying attention to the physical features of an object, this P compels to develop policies for making the product valuable for clients.

2- Place

The location of planned commodities can be based on physical stores in various cities or countries to the online stores. The sole purpose of the supply strategy is to facilitate potential customers to access your services or products easily and enjoy a good experience throughout the buying procedure. 

3- Price

It is a central part of marketing strategy to price your services and products carefully because it impacts on many other factors like:

  • Your Expected Margin
  • Financial Objectives of Company
  • Trends & Fashion

4- Promotion

It refers to entire communication and marketing that is carried on to showcase the gains of your services within the market to boost up the sales.

Role of Marketing in Business Growth

There are numerous ways that utilize to support your business. Here are some of the essential roles of marketing:

  • Brand Awareness

 Brand awareness helps in making people familiar with your services, product, or brand. Moreover, it makes your brand memorable and trustworthy. As a result, you can get loyal customers that can promote your product on their social networks. 

  • Promoting Traffic

When the number of visitors increases to the website, it leads to boost sales. 

  • Growing Returns

It is the foremost demand of any business to improve sales. In order to obtain this goal, marketing and its effective strategies (SEO, Website optimization, email campaigns, A/B test performance) play an important role.

  • Making Your Brand Trustworthy

Brand loyalty, as well as repeat buying, can be acquired by making your brand trustworthy. Brand loyal amplifies the revenue and offers positive reviews online and through word of mouth. 

  • Checking the Metrics

Metrics support while designing marketing policies. This helps to drive the policies and tracks the improvement. Furthermore, it notifies what to modify or add to optimize the campaign. 

Valuable Marketing Strategies

 It is the combination of varying tactics and techniques. Here are some basic marketing strategies that every business organization must consider:

Marketing Strategy

First of all, determine a marketing plan, reasons to design one, and develop an effective strategy. In the absence of a plan, a brand cannot meet its objectives. 

Direct Marketing

It is a kind of campaign supported by two-way and direct communication that demands to activate a result from a definite audience.

Digital Marketing

It is regulation that pays attention to strategy development in the digital environment.

Mobile Marketing

It is a wide-ranging concept that covers all kinds of campaigns and actions focused entirely on applications (tablets & Smartphones) and mobile platforms.

Email Marketing

It is an effective and money-making technique that is based on delivering emails to your potential clients. Make sure that you have defined the segments just to make them more productive.

Viral Marketing

Every organization’s objective is to make things go viral as it is a sort of marketing that moves from one person to another. It has the power to go unbelievably far without consuming much time.


It spots the light on generating important content to catch the attention of qualified web traffic towards the ultimate sale.

Performance Marketing

It is a methodology that utilizes different techniques and gives surety to advertisers that they will pay just for accomplished outcomes.

Marketers should consider four Ps and strategies covering social media, internet forums, and mobile applications to develop an influential channel to trade their products successfully.

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