Rimable Longboards Review | Why Should You Buy?

by Shamsul
RIMABLE Skateboard
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Rimable Longboards Review | Why Should You Buy Them?

Looking for a longboard that could help you cruise? Something that is generic and in your budget, perhaps! You have not got a lot of choice on hand if you are out to find an off-the-shelf longboard that offers it all. Rimable longboards, though, are one of the scanty choices available. For a company not specifically focused on skateboards, Rimable sure does offer a lot to admire! The Rimable 22”, Pintails, Drop Through, and Drop Deck are cherished and well-worth-it options. Check out this Rimable longboards review, and you need to find something that satisfies your taste buds!


Top 3 Rimable Longboards And Skateboards Reviewed

Rimable is a China-based company offering a range of skateboards, in-line skates, fitness gear, scooters, and toys. Rimable is not a producer dedicated to producing skateboards. Its offered products are, however, quite appealing in terms of usability.

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent Choice For New Riders
  • Durable And Robust Boards
  • Customizable Set Ups And Decks
  • Limited Product Variety
  • No Online Website
  • Not A Dedicated LongBoard Brand

With the ability to fulfill the crazy demands of skating lovers, Rimable longboard models are among the best available products that can opted for to master the skill of skating. Some renowned Rimable models that skaters prefer include


Rimable Drop-Through Longboard (41-inch)

Made from maple 9 plywood, the 5 inch wide, Rimable drop through longboard (41 inches) is sturdy and solid. The smooth board supports heavy weights and thus is perfect for older individuals, both experts and novices. The 180 aluminum 7-inch trucks of the model offer the required control and balance craved by skaters off their equipment. Especially for novice skaters who are new to the arena, the fear of wheels detaching from the boards on a sudden jerk is very real.

The Rimable drop-through longboard has the strongest wheels backed by the most firm trucks available. And if you are a speed freak, the ABEC 9 bearings and the speed-boosting lubricant offer the exact combination to reach maximum speed. The PU 70X51mm wheels provide the luxury of enjoying a smooth ride even on rough terrains. With the ultimate grasp of the wheels, the board stays rooted to the ground, offering a smooth, breeze-like movement all the way through.  


Rimable Bamboo Drop Through Longboard (41-inch, Polynesian)

The Rimable Bamboo Drop Through Longboard is available in a variety of deck materials, including bamboo hybrid laminate, available with the photo heat transfer graphic (Polynesian) and maple decks. This particular model is designed to move fast, and every feature of the longboard supports the claim. The 70X51mm wheels fit in perfectly with the bamboo skates, complementing them with their hardness. The lubricated high-speed bearings ensure a smooth experience, whereas the 7” 180 Aluminum trucks support added weight on the bamboo longboard.

The skates’ trucks pass through the board, mounting on the top, offering enhanced stability when traveling downhill. The Rimable Bamboo Drop Through Longboard (Polynesian) comes with an OS780 high-quality, detailed grip tape that offers a steady stand on the board. And if you think powerful specifications are the only merits of these bamboo longboards, think again! Rimabale Bamboo Longboard (40 inches, Polynesian) is the best example of how beautifully designed the Rimable longboards are.


Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard

Designed for both beginners and experts, the Rimable Complete 22” skateboard is a 100% plastic, flexible, stylish, yet a firm mini deck. The 22”X6”X3” dimension longboard is supported by the ABEC 7 bearings in the 59 mm 78A urethane cored soft wheels, ensuring high speeds. With 3” thick aluminum, smooth trunks, the board weighs a mere 4 pounds, with the capacity of handling up to 198 pounds (90 kgs). Available in a variety of 23 different colors and graphics, all the parts of the longboard are assembled ensuring highest quality parts adding on to its durability. The Rimable Complete 22” Skateboard offers a smooth ride, even for experts offering a fast ride with enhanced control over it. The skateboard also comes with a kicktail that facilitates sharp turns and slides. Owed to its compact size and lightweight, carrying the Rimable longboard is easy and comfortable as its ride.


Rimable Longboard Brand

Being a wing of the YongKang Ydream Fitness Equipment Co Ltd, Rimable offers a limited range of skateboards with features that match any high-end skateboard brand. Everything is offered, from the skateboard deck to the wheels, the trucks, and the bearings, to keep expert and novice skateboarders requirements in mind. Rimable offers a range of skateboards that cater to users’ varying demands. While the Rimable Drop Through Longboard offers durability for bigger, heavier riders, the Rimable Pintail longboard suits the taste of riders who are in it to cruise. The Rimable Complete 22” skateboard is the company’s product for teenagers or kids in the lightweight board choice. At the same time, the Rimable Drop Deck Longboard is a heavy-duty, aluminum alloy truck-based board.


Rimable Wheels

Wheels are the one significant component of any longboard and severely affect the performance of the longboard. They affect the smoothness and durability of the ride. The use of substandard wheels can be a risk for riders. Wheels of low quality can melt at high speeds, causing accidents. Skateboarding is an adventurous sport, and riders are required to take precautions when selecting a skateboard or longboard. Rimable offers high-quality wheels in all its products, ensuring a smooth ride, traction to the ground, and equal weight support for riders. The best longboards are the ones that offer overall quality in all its components. Rimable is rated among the top ten skateboard and longboard brands, owing to the exceptional quality of components offered. The brand offers top-quality wheels, without any compromise, in all its models.  


Rimable Deck And Trucks

Decks can be the base of a durable longboard or the top reason for a serious accident! That is how important longboard decks are! Any compromise on the deck’s quality can result in its breaking down during a ride. Rimable is a renowned name for offering quality parts in its products. Rimable is often criticized for offering a limited range of longboards and not venturing into new products for its customers.

The company has never compromised on its quality, and sticking to its quality promise, it does what it can best! Not just the deck, but the trucks of all models are also of premium quality level. Trucks are the essential connection between the deck and the wheels, and without a solid connection, the rider is at a high risk of a fall. Rimable offers aluminum trucks in most of its longboard models, offering enhanced durability while facilitating a smooth ride.  


Rimable Bearings Are Good?

Bearings of longboards are often judged for quality through the ratings of ABEC. ABEC is a rating system that grades bearings on numbers such as 1,3,5,7, etc. The higher the ABEC rating, the tighter the tolerance level of bearings. A bearing of a higher ABEC rating describes it as a more tolerance-based part. Since bearings are required to deal with high RPMs, the higher the ABEC rating, the more the durability of the bearing. Rimable uses high-quality ABEC 11-rated bearings in most of its models. To top it off, It also offers high-speed facilitating lubricant with its bearings, further enhancing the board’s performance. Models such as Rimable Drop Through Longboard (41 Inch) are a perfect example of maximized stability offered in a longboard.


Advantages of Rimable Longboards

Best Brand For New RidersThe biggest advantage of Rimable longboards is that it is rendered as the best available model for novice riders. Most new riders opt for a cheaper version of longboards to start off with. While many other brands offer cheaper versions, a certain level of compromise on quality is also part of the deal. Rimable longboards fall not only in the affordable range but also offer features that are part of high-end longboard brands. Often, new riders are prone to major wipeouts and require a longboard that can handle the heat.

1- Core Commitment To Quality Of Components

Another advantage for which riders prefer Rimable is its strict commitment to quality. All of the model’s components are strictly monitored for their durability and robustness. It takes riders and their safety seriously. Even the lightest of the models offered does not compromise the quality of longboard components.

2- Vast Designs, Set-Up And Color Options

It also offers a wide variety of deck designs and colors to choose from. Based on your liking, you can select one that suits your taste. Also, Rimable longboards come with a customizable setup style. You can adjust the wheels and trucks as per your preference of movement.

Cons Of Rimable Longboards

1- Limited Range Of Longboard Models

It offers a limited range of longboard models. Rimable offers options for both expert and novice and light and heavy-weight riders; however, the offering is limited compared to other brands.

2- Absence of an Online Website

Another disadvantage is that customer access to the company is limited. Customers’ demands are noticed only to the extent to which the company observes them. Customers need help to reach out to them and directly interact or check out the company’s products. Dealing with Rimable longboard products is limited to intermediary sources only.

3- Not A Dedicated Longboard Brand

Rimable is not a dedicated longboard brand, and this is a disadvantage for the product, as the diversity of brands falters the focus of its creators in the company. It requires focusing on its longboard models if it wishes to compete in the market. Being a quality-focused brand, riders want to see more coming from this brand.



Rimable is undoubtedly a high-end brand made available to competitive range-seeking riders. Its uncompromising quality and versatility of products make a valuable choice for riders. The longboard market offers many different brands, each known for its own pros and cons. And this Rimable longboards review has highlighted the advantages offers to its riders

  • Its versatility that suits all types of riders,
  • its durability, which makes it worth trusting, and
  • its variety of components that cater to all genres of riders.   

While Rimable is a definite choice for new riders, experts can benefit from the durable options. So the next time you are out for a breeze and want to try skating or cruising along, you know what is out there to choose from. And you don’t have to worry about replacing your cheap longboard gear with expensive ones.


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