Right set of HRM Activities Allow Organizations to Achieve Goals

by Shamsul
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Explain how having the right set of HRM activities allow service organizations to achieve their goals in becoming competitive. Support your answer with an example other than Enterprise.


According to Jackson and Schuler (1995), the success of any organization depends on the proper management of human resources. Managing the workforce of the company involves balancing between the aspirations and goals of the company. HRM manages employees to do the work in the required way through which it ensures that a business will prosper. HRM activities are designed to obtain the organizational goals which include:

  • Staffing Objectives: The first and foremost concern of the HRM managers is that a business is to staff properly. So, it can cater to its human resources requirements. The process includes designing organizational structure and categorizing different employees in different contract categories. HR activities need a clear direction to recruit the most talented employee. Certainly, it will assist in meeting the organizational goals and objectives like profitability.


  • Performance Objectives: HRM activities ensure that employees work in a dedicated manner to their work so as to maximize the performance of both themselves and the company (Lundy and Cowling, 1996). Several motivational techniques are a part of these activities which include increased benefits and pay as well as promotions.


  • Change-Management Objectives: Change is inevitable in any organization. This change can be structural which involves the reorganization of HRM activities by hiring new talent. Apart from this, you can bring changes by altering organizational norms and attitudes. HR activities need better drafting to develop people with the required leadership skills through which they can steer the entire process of change (Azmi, 2010).


 An Example of Effective HRM Activities

An example of effective HRM activities within an organization is Mayo Clinic. It ranked among the Best Companies to Work For in Fortune’s 100 lists. The key to the success of the company is its dynamic workforce that employees promotions are through its HR activities. Currently, there are 60,000 employees working who linked their arms with one another to make the organization work dynamically. Its internal communication, extensive training sessions as well as management are the key factors that prepare employees to handle any type of situation along with receiving recognition for their work.

Another good example is that of the largest chain of the grocery store, Sainsbury, which leads to HRM activities due to its innovative practices. The reason behind its continuous positive turnover is its ability to respond to changes in the market as well as within the organization through its innovative HR practices. Sainsbury conducts training sessions to prepare its employees for meeting the best standards which not only boosts employee motivation but also helps in improving the company’s performance.


Workforce Planning

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