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It is prevalent for individuals to become muddled up over two words that sound alike. English is one language that has many of those kinds of words. The two words Rewards and Awards are two of such words that are usually mixed up by some people while they are being used.

Even though these 2 terms sound very much alike, and they could be used in almost the same context, they still cannot be juxtaposed one for the other.

An award could be given to or conferred on someone in the presence of a number of people after he has attained something special or achieved something. On the contrary, the word ‘Reward’ is used when talking about a remuneration given to an individual over a great job or some hard work which he or she has carried out.

It is not really compulsory that a reward is given to an individual in public. This writes up would teach you all that has to do with the terms Rewards and Awards, as well as illustrate with examples the major dissimilarities between the two of them.

What Could An Award Be?

In contrast to a reward, an award is handed to an individual or an establishment that has attained or accomplished something which is awesome. It is also given out to someone who has accomplished one unique performance or feat or broken a record.  Awards are also conferred when individuals or groups contribute immensely to a particular field. More often than not, such awards are bestowed on people during ceremonies which are witnessed by the public.

Conferring an award on someone is an official way of acknowledging the accomplishments which that a person or establishment has made. The awards which are conferred usually come in the manner of certificates, medals, cash, gifts, trophies, prizes, accolades and so on.

Those who are selected to be given awards are chosen through an official process in which a committee made up of experts makes the decisions. A nomination is carried out and only those that have met the established criteria are chosen.  After that, the best-qualified person who made the list of nominees is selected and awarded.

Awards & Rewards

US President Donald Trump presents the Medal of Freedom to former New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera in the East Room of the White House on September 16, 2019, in Washington, DC. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP)MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

Rewards and Awards:

We will throw more light on the idea of an award, using an easy example with a school. In this school, about thirty to forty students are studying in one classroom. Every one of the students is given lessons that are alike and is treated the same as others in that class. At the closure of that academic year, every one of the students writes the final examination. The ranking of the pupils is determined in relation to the marks which the students score.

The pupil that gets the topmost score would be given a first position as well as a trophy. This would be his award for accomplishing such achievement.

In the same vein, awards are conferred on people in different fields. For instance, the Filmfare and Oscar awards are given in the film industry. Grammy awards are given in the music sector. The awards of Miss Universe and Miss World are bestowed in the sector of beauty, while the award of People’s Choice is yet another award in the entertainment sector.

People who do exceptionally well are conferred with awards in their particular fields. For this reason, an award is much more prestigious than a reward.

What could a Reward be?

A reward could be something given to someone for a service rendered, an ongoing work, and honesty while doing a job or simply for being loyal. The reward could come in the shape of financial rewards. It could as well be in the form of words of commendation,

No committee made up of experts is set up to assess the achievements of a person. In addition, the individual is not chosen following a rigorous official process. It is very unnecessary for an individual to be rewarded for meeting certain requirements.

A reward is handed to an individual, in order to spur him on to keep on doing the work, as well as to motivate others on the job.

A reward is more often than not given to people in a private setting or in public sometimes. Rewards which are given in public assist in advancing the work which has been done by that individual who is being rewarded.

Up next, we will exemplify the idea of rewards using the aid of a number of illustrations.

In some establishments, the salespersons are asked to get monthly targets. They are given yearly targets as well. Getting their sales targets forms a portion of their duties. More often than not, such targets are difficult to attain. In addition, it takes a whole load of back-breaking work added to motivation for one to achieve such a target.

Any time an employee is able to accomplish his given target, he gets rewarded by the head of his team, in spite of the fact that achieving that target forms an aspect of his assignment. All the same, it would motivate as well as inspire other members of staff to continue to aim higher.

Let us draw up yet one more illustration from the school mentioned earlier. In schools, pupils are given assignments that have to be done both in class and at home. The majority of the pupils do all they can to avoid the assignments, more often than not. Therefore, in order to inspire and prompt the students, rewards are given to those pupils who do their assignments neatly and on a regular basis.

Yet another instance of rewards is a notice for some missing people. It is certain that you have come across such notices about someone who is missing, in public locations. Such announcements indicate that there would be some money offered as a reward for anyone who has useful information concerning the person who is missing.

Rewards and Awards

The Primary Dissimilarities between Reward and Award

An award more often than not conferred on someone, in the presence of members of the public. In addition, award ceremonies held for presenting awards to people who deserve it. Usually, a reward’s given to people in private, in addition, there is no ceremony conducted to give some person an award.
A panel of experts has to come together to make selections, in order to choose someone who gets an award. Just one individual usually has to decide who the recipient of a reward would be. It is not the responsibility of a panel of experts.
An award could be more prestigious as a result of the fact that it presented in public. A reward is seen as less prestigious, for the fact that it is given out in private.
The recipient selection of any award set by a defined system which sometimes mapped out especially for such selection. The recipient of any reward is usually not picked out from the crowd, following a given system.
The conferment of an award is one official procedure of acknowledgment. The giving out of a reward is an unofficial procedure of acknowledgment.
In order to choose someone who deserves an award, recommendations made and duly considered. There are no nominations or recommendations to be put into consideration before someone is given a reward.
An instance of an award is when a pupil has conferred an award because he has the topmost score in his class. An instance of a reward is when an individual is rewarded because he planted one thousand trees in a suburban community.


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The Conclusion

Rewards and Awards:

So, to wrap up, it is possible that we conclude that rewards and awards given at times when good or positive things achieved. Rewards and awards both are aiming towards spurring on, as well as inspiring people to do well.

Added to these, an individual that gets a reward or an award becomes a model of superlative work. This feat calls for devotion, consistency, as well as continued endeavor to accomplish an extraordinary thing.


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