6 Essentials of Awesome Remote Meetings

by Shamsul
Remote Meeting
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6 Essentials of Awesome Remote Meetings

Remote Meetings are one of the latest approaches. This is among the most successful meeting strategies for the businessmen, organizations, and officials. With the passage of time, corporate experts have realized that more and more people are now using the Remote Meetings in order to convey the essential messages in a convenient and quick way.

Time has gone when officials have to arrange for the physical meetings, venues, and accommodations for the people who are expected to attend this meeting. Modern business policies and strategies indulge them to hold the meetings in a borderless style. What about the locations and time zones? There is no need to be worried about the time zones and areas where the meeting will happen. All you have to think about is the Remote Meetings in order to introduce new ease of collaboration.

Online Platforms or Digital Tools for Remote Meetings:

The presence of online platforms or digital tools has brought an amazing opportunity for the people who want to utilize the Remote Meetings. As a matter of fact, an organization can hold a meeting in various countries at the same time by giving notifications on Gmail, WhatsApp or LinkedIn. They can gather the clients, service users and shareholders too. This is one of the amazing methods to hold corporate and organizational meetings in a convenient style. Is it attractive to you? Suppose you are talking to your board members online via WhatsApp call or other social media services. This would save time, energy, labor and money at the same time.

No doubt, not all things will change quickly but there is room for the change. It is necessary to keep room for essential changes in any system. Organizations, companies or individuals interested in modern corporate styles must believe in the latest technologies. Are you not using Whatsapp? Definitely, you have installed it on your Smartphone. Everyone has different social media apps on phones. What is the purpose of using these apps? The basic purpose of using these social media applications is communication. Yes, communication is the only purpose behind it!

Here are 6 Main Attributes to An Effective Remote Meeting:

  • Assembly – Call the right people.
  • Alignment – Describe the purpose.
  • Activity – Hold digital opportunities.
  • Attention – Carefully listen and understand.
  • Action – Marking the level of progress.
  • Assessment – Learn from the experience.

These are the imperative points to understand the best approaches. Do you know some of these points? Well, there are chances but it is important to carefully observe all the points and pick the new ones immediately. This would be an awesome step to bring the remote meeting as progress.


Assembly is a term describing the accumulation of the right people at the right place and at the right time. Do you have the right people? Corporate professionals can find the right people according to the requirements of their industry or business. For example, if you are working in the health industry then you will need to locate the healthcare professionals, physicians, and paramedics. Gather the right people in your circle and ask them “How they can bring certain positive changes in the industry?” The answers they give are of value. How they can change the mind or think of another person? People who can influence other people are of more significance. They are imperative in the process of bringing positive changes.

The purpose of Remote Meetings is not only useful to find good people. It also helps to locate people who need changes. Focus on the people and their thoughts. There will be certain persons who have a gap in their approach. It is necessary to motivate them to learn more about the modern ways and tools. If they have no idea about these things then organizers must bring them for training. Definitely, training is the only tool that is effective to teach and guide the new people in any society or organization.

What about Minor Changes?

Remember, a single meeting can remove the minor deficiencies. What if there is a lack of understanding? Organize another meeting and explain the factors influencing the understanding level of people. Try to communicate frequently in order to remind the people about decisions. How to deal with bigger changes? Major changes are risky. Therefore, it is essential to deal with them in a slow but gradual manner. Trying to impose the heavier things in a short period will discourage the learners.

Ask the experts so they can explain further tools and techniques to deal with the major changes. They most probably ask for a regular follow-up. Remote meetings can be of high importance in this regard. Focus on the given things when you organize the remote meetings.

  • Invite the people in a convenient environment and support them to settle in. They need time to melt the ice present in their attitude.
  • Promote the “Open Questioning” session. This enables people to participate in activities related to guidance and learning.

Alignment for Remote Meetings:

This step is about explaining the steps, tools, and techniques of a process. Actually, there is a need to explain the steps in order to understand the phenomenon.

Know the people who you are inviting. This is your prime responsibility. Organizers who have invited the people for a process of change must understand the nature of change. This is a step of alignment. Line up all the remote meeting steps, tools, and techniques. This is a process of alignment and it is an essential step ensuring the successful remote meetings. Remember these steps for this purpose.

  1. Propose an objective.
  2. Keep reminding them about all the objectives.
  3. Align all the objectives.
  4. Examine the progress level of all the audiences.
  5. Make a parking lot. Eliminate all the off-topic items.
  6. Confirm that all members are attentive and remember all the objectives.
  7. Review the meeting. This will let you understand the efficiency of a meeting.
  8. Follow up is important. See what changes happened in the people.

Remember these essential steps in order to ensure that your remote meeting is going to bring some influencing results. Utilize these steps to ensure that people are using the aforementioned practices.


Embrace the Latest Digital Tools And Opportunities:

How to engage people? This is the main theme of any meeting. People usually use digital tools including social media apps. The purpose of using these apps is to get a regular engagement with other members. For example, if you are holding a group meeting then it is necessary to bring all the members in a group by using a tool accessible everywhere. WhatsApp or other social media applications are digital opportunities for these activities. It is recommended to promote the use of the most convenient and acceptable means. People in the Middle East have limited access to some social media apps. It is essential to find these limitations in order to choose the most convenient apps. Otherwise, let them introduce some PROXY settings!

The matter of a single channel or multi-channel activity is also important. Single-channel activity is a step in which only one person is engaged. In contrast, multi-channel activity engages more than one person. Remember the first step? Gathering the right people at the right place and time is the basic step. Find the digital opportunities enabling the remote meeting organizers to engage multiple people at the same time.

The energy present in one’s mind or body is useless for others. However, the same energy will bring useful if he/she speaks and describe the innovative ways in an activity. How to promote the participation of people? Engage them in the activity and let them explore. They will tell the new ways of doing a job with different styles. Keep the second step “Alignment” in mind. You described all the steps or objectives while aligning the people participating in the Remote Meetings. This is what you desire. This is what you are expected to gain from the activity.

How to Promote the Environment of a Meeting?

There are several tools and techniques available for this purpose. A wide range of participating tools is recommended by experts. However, experts also recommend employing simple yet effective tools.

Attention in Remote Meetings:

This is About Understanding and Listening to the Contents Carefully.

One will properly understand the objectives of a meeting when there will be sufficient engagement in the activity. People feeling boring in the meeting will not learn anything. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that everyone is listening to meeting points carefully. You will require an expert’s opinions and support in this matter. With the passage of time, digital tools such as online websites, subscriptions, and alerts have made it possible to remind the important things to people. Now you can easily send notifications about your new articles, videos, posts and more to all readers.

Make Certain Arrangements Ensuring that Everyone is More Attentive:

Ask the participants to explain the meeting objectives. Encourage them to give new initiatives. These are some useful methods to improve the attention level of participants. On another note, experts believe that organizing some activities for the participants is a great step. Actually, this step is helpful to engage the people in a diversified way. They will meet new people, explain their objectives and find the thoughts present in their minds.

Patience is the Biggest Tool in this Process:

Always ask the members to keep patience while trying to bring some positive changes in the minds of people. Remember, changing someone’s mind is not an easy task. Your listeners may show aggressive behavior especially if the objectives are about religion, ethnic base or others. You should be highly careful in this case.

Experts dealing with sensitive objectives must study the cases previously reported by others. It is not necessary to follow the exact techniques described by them. This may or may not be a perfect approach in every case. Therefore, studying all cases related to sensitive matters is important but creating a new one is important.

Are they Supporting the Cause?

If people show positive behavior after Remote Meetings on sensitive changes then it is a good sign. This is a sign of change. They are modifying and this will bring a creative end. It also shows that people have understood all the objectives as you wanted. After all this, the participants will support your decisions and contribute to a progressive style. Just make sure that you have covered all the points. Never let any view unhandled. In some cases, ignoring the minor views creates big issues for the entire process and team.

How to Deal with this Challenge?

This is not difficult if you have proper alignment and arrangement. Collect the views in a notebook and work on them. Take a single point and try to match it with others. Is it different from all the other points? Well, you will write or handle it in a different way. This will require time and attention. Solutions are available for challenges but finding the most appropriate solution is also challenging. All the experts in your remote meeting section should work together to discover the solutions to the latest issues.

Study the Background of all the Issues:

This is another effective way to get closer to possible solutions. For example, discovering the answer to a question will become easier if you know the influencing factors and history points. Again, encourage the members to bring effective solutions. They will work alone or in groups to create some effective ways. This is a successful technique suggested by most corporate experts. They let the shareholders, company’s executive members, and employees propose their ideas on a certain issue.

Organize a Workshop and let the People Speak.

What about airtime? Definitely, there are many experts attending the meeting and they are waiting to speak. You can’t let a single person consume all the time. There are others who must speak about the current topic. Decide specific airtime so everyone will know that he/she has to manage the discussion in a short time.


This step involves ownership development and deciding the next strategies to confirm the positive outcomes. Remote meetings usually result in quick progress. What if there is no sign of progress? It shows that there is a lack of understanding. Your audiences or members are not picking the points correctly. On the other hand, there will be single or multiple persons getting things in the wrong way. They do not perceive what you are trying to deliver.

How to Develop Ownership of Projects? 

The development of ownership is an important tool in order to make sure that everyone in the team will perform according to the expected levels. This is a simple step. All you have to do is give them an assignment and let them feel the responsibility. Make someone responsible for the project. Divide the project into different parts so each part will be corresponding to another. It is similar to developing a building block having a key role in development. By giving different assignments to members, you create a sense of challenge. All members will compete with each other in order to complete the task with superiority as soon as possible.

The Remote Meeting is the Best tool for all These Points:

Now you already know about the important steps as mentioned above. These points collectively encourage users to collaborate in a modern and effective way. The remote meetings are helpful to gather the right people at the right place and time where everyone can share the new ideas about the predefined objectives. Clearly define the objectives and start documenting. This documentation leads to task assigning. Create multiple teams and make sure everyone is clear about the objectives of an assignment.

While assigning the projects to different teams, it is necessary to focus on the capabilities of each member of the team. Definitely, not all members have the same IQ level. There will be some members having a poor understanding of the objectives. They may be slow in working or there might be issues (illness etc). Timely delivery of assigned tasks is one of the main factors. This influences the overall performance of the members as well as the completion of the project.

Make sure that you have selected the top right persons who have the maximum potential for any task. Check the academic and professional experiences of all the members. Divide them into groups according to their work of nature. Create a professional group of academic writers, accountants, documentation experts, and logistics experts. Choose a person as a leader of the team. This person must be most experienced in this category.

Remote Meetings also Enable users to Track the Progress of all Teams:

Whether you are in the USA or Australia, you can use the remote meeting tools to track everyone in your group. This is how you can see the progress level without spending unnecessary energy. Urge all the members to update the status of assigned work. This will make the subsequent meeting more productive.


This is About Learning from the Ongoing Process:

A group leader must be active in the matter of assessing the working potential of all members. No doubt, you are tracking the progress of everyone but it is also important to understand the functions or potentials of the people. For example, if a person shows excellent documentation then he or she must be moved to a proper group. Replace these efficient persons in a group where the progress rate is slow. Organize another meeting and describe the things that you have observed in the work routine.

Observation is also Important when you Deal with the Assessment Step:

Remember, you can asses a thing or person without observing the relevant factors. Don’t forget to give feedback. Group members are waiting for the response. They would definitely like positive remarks. Group leaders should appraise the members and their work. This is the initial drafting of the work assessment. Let them work while you assess all the factors. Never disclose any report about the efficiency until you finalize it. It is recommended to give positive remarks to the workers or members if they ask about the assessment and observation. This will encourage them to show better performance.

How to Show the Feedback?

Group leaders with a final draft of the assessment report should call for the remote meeting. This meeting will be something like an annual report. Basically, you are going to show the feedback. Everyone person is waiting for this. This report is important as it may or may not discourage someone. In a remote meeting, there are fewer chances of embarrassing someone. What to do if you have to tell someone that he was doing poorly? Never discuss such things openly. Keep it confidential. According to remote meeting experts, the group leaders should openly discuss the achievements and good points with everyone. On the other hand, they should send a confidential report to every single person on the team. This report must highlight the weak points and reasons.

Don’t forget to encourage the members even if they have done something wrong. Tell them how to do the tasks correctly for next time. This technique is better than scolding the members. Don’t show them that the entire project is facing a slow speed of progress just because of them. This is not a professional style. Using a loose language may discourage the members and they may decide to leave the team. Never create disappointment. You are using remote meetings to gather the best people for a noble cause. Therefore, it is essential to be patient and use the strategy of “Wait and Watch” as it lets the experts decide how to take a maximum of a person’s abilities.

How Good Remote Meetings Should Be?

This entirely depends on your priorities and strategies. You are setting goals in order to start a mission. You are defining all these goals with the logical points. To achieve the best results, you hired the best people who can do the task according to the expectations. A remote meeting should be highly fruitful but it doesn’t mean that you will try to extract the juice in a single squeeze. Give time to everyone. See how these people can be valuable for your mission. Consistently call the remote meetings in order to remind them that they are working to achieve something without creating any trouble for anyone in the group.


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