Reebok Marketing Strategy | Reebok Marketing

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Reebok Marketing
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Reebok Marketing Strategy | Reebok Marketing


Before reading the Reebok Marketing Strategy you get a brief introduction of the brand. Reebok is a famous footwear and apparel company. It is a subsidiary of Adidas that is a big giant on sportswear. It manufactures a variety of products such as running gear, fitness, footwear, and clothing items. They also sponsor Spartan Race, CrossFit, UFC, etc. Reebok headquartered in Boston Massachusetts. They have regional offices in different cities of the world such as Amsterdam, Mexico City, Montreal, and Hong Kong. The company started operations in India in 2010. They have 47 percent shares in the Indian market in different categories like apparel and footwear. They are also working in Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Marketing Strategy of Reebok (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning):

Reebok has segmented the market into several platforms to attract customers who like sporty activities and adventures. From fitness equipment to apparel (for men, women, and kids), and footwear, they are going strong in their marketing strategy and attracting new customers. This kind of segmentation helps the customers to collect their favorite items with utmost comfort and ease.

  • Targeting:

Reebok always tries to focus on consumer’s needs and deliver products that match their requirements. It is an important part of its strategy and its target consumers are upper-middle-class people. Most athletes and fitness lovers are the main targets for Reebok, that’s why they offer athleisure products in the form of clothes, footwear, accessories, and fitness equipment.

  • Positioning:

Reebok understands the consumer’s requirements that make its position very strong in the competitive market. That’s why they have unique brand equity and position. They also care about the individuality and authenticity of its consumers. Its recent campaign ‘’FitToFight’’ encourages women to be mentally and physically fit. Reebok also considered a feminine brand.

  • Mission:

The main mission of Reebok is to accept challenges and make innovations in its offerings. That’s why they always try to manufacture products that reflect its unlimited innovative potential to its customers. Plus, its marketing strategy is also very strong and portrays its positive image in the eyes of consumers.

  • Vision:

The company always tries to provide effective items to athletes. They offer every type of product to professional athletes, new runners, and kids. This thing helps the company to grow more and inspire them to achieve more. They can achieve the unreachable targets by fulfilling the consumer’s needs and requirements. This type of potential gives the company a competitive edge over its competitors.


Reebok Marketing Strategy | Reebok Marketing

Competitive Advantage:

  • Adidas as Parent Company:

Adidas acquired Reebok in 3.78 billion dollars and this acquisition helps Adidas to make a strong market share. They also snatch the number one position from Nike and emerge as a strong global player. This thing aids the company to attract new customers by investing in the marketing of Reebok.

  • Targeted Advertising:

Reebok is much focused on its advertising techniques and sponsoring UFC, MMA, and CrossFit. This type of advertising has helped the company to get global recognition and a plus point for Reebok.

  • Strong Women’s Segment:

As we mentioned earlier that Reebok is considered a feminine brand. It is due to its campaign that indicates the importance of self-defense for girls. Plus, its FitToFight campaign also helps women to take physical and mental health seriously.


Reebok Marketing Strategy | Reebok Marketing

BCG Matrix of Reebok:

Both Adidas and Reebok fall under the star group of BCG Matrix. Even though the competition in the fitness industry is very tough because of the presence of giants, but Reebok is doing delicately good in some segments. In 2017, the sales of the company fell in America but in China, they are going strong. It is really important for Reebok to introduce some creativity in its offerings and marketing strategies. It is due to the exponential growth of the sports industry. That’s why Reebok has very strong opportunities to take a competitive edge.


Reebok Marketing Strategy | Reebok Marketing

Distribution Strategy:

In India, Reebok has 100 stores and also has 2500 multi-brand stores. They are also planning to open new stores across India and have a strong supply network due to the presence of Adidas in major parts of India. They have an organized web system that shows the strong online presence of Reebok. So, you can easily purchase your favorite items through an online channel. They are also affiliated with other online stores to advertise their offerings.


Reebok Marketing Strategy | Reebok Marketing

Brand Equity:

Reebok is doing well in the competitive market and it obtained the award of the most valuable brand in 2017. Its innovative marketing campaigns and product range build a strong image in the sports industry. They are very unique in their offerings, design, and reputation. This brand helped its parent company Adidas to get a market edge and improve its reputation. The products of the company are very durable and comfortable, that’s why professional athletes and fitness aficionados love to consider this brand for different products. This thing helped the company to meet with the new heights of success.


Reebok Marketing Strategy | Reebok Marketing

Market Analysis:

The company has used a strategy to connect with many channels to advertise its products across India. This thing helps the company to achieve desired market share from the different regions. The company is also expanding its product portfolio, global presence, price, and marketing channels. The main markets of the Reebok are China, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea.

The emergence of different sports in India such as cricket, football, tennis, badminton, and yoga also helps the company to target a new audience. According to experts, the sports industry will be one of the biggest industries in 2025. So, it’s a great opportunity for Reebok to expand its stores in different parts of the world. This will improve their growth and revenue game. This industry has huge opportunities for companies like Reebok.


Reebok Marketing Strategy | Reebok Marketing

Customer Analysis:

Reebok’s customer-centric approach helps the company to improve customer buying experience in different categories like cricket, tennis, aerobics, walking and running. You can purchase all your fitness gear from one place. This thing targets the customers easily and creating more opportunities for both customers and Reebok. Its customers are slightly unique as compared to Nike and Adidas. This kind of customer-focused technique is proved beneficial for the company.


Reebok Marketing Strategy | Reebok Marketing

Promotions in the Marketing Strategy:

Reebok is using different channels for promoting its offerings like billboards, social media, TV, etc. They have earned huge fame due to their women-centric approach. These channels are very useful for the marketing of the brand. Many celebrities endorse its products and different sponsorships also give fame to the company. It also sponsored different IPL teams such as Royal Challengers Bangalore, Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders, etc. Its running campaign also helps the people to understand that running is a fun activity. They also launch clearance sale in order to attract new customers. In short, consumers are very happy with the offerings of Reebok.


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