Protective Measures Against Coronavirus | COVID-19

by Shamsul
Safety From Coronavirus
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Protective Measures Against Coronavirus | COVID-19

Good Hygienic Conditions And Social Distancing Can Save The Day

Coronavirus disease is spreading all over the world leaving people worried about finding its cure. This disease has spread too far even WHO has announced a Global Public Health emergency from 30 Jan 2020.

Still, the outbreak of this virus is continued so more strict protective measures are required. This virus has spread almost globally and now governments and their law enforcement agencies are trying their best to fight with this life taking threat. As an individual, we should also take protective measures to stop and limit  COVID- 19 disease.

How Can An Individual Get Infected with COVID-19?

This virus tends to contract people from all age groups, but it has been observed that people with the age of 60 years and higher are more of his target. After getting infected with Coronavirus people may experience flu or cold alike symptoms but in some cases, it was completely asymptomatic. So it’s a moral responsibility of everyone to contribute to eliminating and limiting the Coronavirus disease.

Keep Yourself Updated From Coronavirus Pandemic 

COVID-19 can cause serious complications in pregnant women,  HIV and asthma patients. Also, people having heart disease,  diabetes and lung disease can be affected.  As observed by the doctors that 80% of people infected by COVID–19 only showed mild symptoms and the adults who have a healthy and active lifestyle did their best to fight the coronavirus. But still, those healthy young adults can transmit this virus to the other people who don’t have a stronger immune system. Check updates at WHO (World Health Organization)

To avoid the asymptotic spread of the Coronavirus physical distancing is critically important. By maintaining this practice the virus exposure decreases to almost none. So social distancing acts both ways it saves you from getting infected or if un-luckily you are the career then it will save others.

How To Stay Safe From Coronavirus Exposure

COVID–19 has the same theory of Pandemics as other viral infections. When someone is infected and sneezes or coughs,  this virus spreads through the respiratory vapors. If Someone sneezes or coughs on their hands and then touches some surfaces, Even those surfaces will also become a career for this virus.

Keep Your Hands Clean By Washing

This is the most preferred way for the prevention of this virus. While washing your hands it is recommended to rub your hands with soap and continue this practice in running water for at least 20 seconds. Hand sanitizers are also very practical for keeping your hands protected from viruses.

Staying At Home 

This virus is highly contagious so the World Health Organisation and governments are insisting people stop outdoor activities and keep themselves at home. Practically some people can’t work efficiently from their home and sometimes they need to do grocery shopping, to minimize the exposure of the virus requires people to stay home to a possible extent.

Follow Guidelines By Public Health Departments 

 From March 2020 many protective measures adopted globally to eliminate and stop the spreading of Coronavirus. In this context schools,  offices,  shopping malls, and all social gatherings are shutdown.

It’s very necessary to follow the government and the guidelines from the health department morally.

Keep Your Immune System Active And Healthy 

If your immune system is strong then the coronavirus will not affect you, the Immune system is the defense of the human body. If your immune system is active and healthy then Your body can fight these viral infections. By eating citrus fruit, dry nuts, and green leafy vegetables we can boost our immune system.

By drinking the penalty of warm water will make our immune system better and the warm effect of the water will act as a cleansing agent to the respiratory system.


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Keep Calm 

 Mental health is as important as physical health. While Taking too much stress there is a chance that your immune system may get slower or less active, which is not recommended while fighting COVID-19.  If you think you are not able to manage your stress levels then you may consult some psychotherapists.

Protective Measures Against COVID-19 Coronavirus

More Tips 

According to the experts follow these steps to safeguard and help to stops this virus.

  1. Use a tissue while coughing or sneezing and if that moment tissue is not available then it is better to use Crook of your elbow. Clean your hands immediately if you spit for mucus on your skin. Never touch your face if your hands are not clean or until you wash.
  2. Maintain some distance with the people who are suffering from illness and especially from those people who are with some respiratory disorder.
  3.  Keep yourself home and don’t Go outdoor if it’s not necessary.
  4. Maintain the habit of cleaning surfaces,  mobile phones,  keyboards, and door handles with antiseptic solutions.


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