Pizza Hut Marketing Strategy | Marketing Strategy of Pizza Hut

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Marketing of Pizza Hut
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Pizza Hut Marketing Strategy | Marketing Strategy of Pizza Hut


Pizza hut started in 1986 and now has emerged as an economical and restaurant. Its dining is operating with 13000+ restaurants. Pizza Hut is YUM’s flagship brand, YUM handles different brands like KFC, Taco Bell, A& W, and Long-John-Silver’s under its brand setup. Pizza Hut offers products like appetizers, signature pizzas, pasta, beverages, and desserts. The ambiance and dining are being equally recognized for Brand Equity. Here, we are going to analyze Pizza Hut Marketing Strategy.

Important Factors in the Marketing Strategy of Pizza Hut:

Targeting, Segmentation, and Positioning:

Pizza Hut prefers a combination of psychographic and geographical segmentation variables that make its offered products easily available for the market. The Pizza brand is world-famous and uses undifferentiated strategies for targeting and designs its services and offerings according to customer’s choices. It makes use of value-based positioning tactics to create an everlasting impression in customer’s minds. Its tagline claims Pizza Hut to be a customer favorite.

Competitive Advantage | Pizza Hut Marketing Strategy

It has a strong position in the Pizza market due to the variety of items on its menu; this variety is aiding the company to provide better and effective options than its competitors. Such developing markets will be business growth drivers in the future and the main strength of Pizza Hut lies in its great focus on business generation and enhanced growth through emerging markets.

Strong and stable parent company: The parent company (Yum Brands) of Pizza Hut has KFC, Teco Bell, etc.  In brand, the portfolio is of great help for Pizza Hut to exploit these resources and networks for business growth.

BCG Matrix | Pizza Hut Marketing Strategy

 Due to its variety of product offerings in Pizza and other segments, it is ruling in the market.

Every product is star marked in BCG matrix analysis.

Distribution Strategy | Pizza Hut Marketing Strategy

 With over 13, 000 dining restaurants in 100 countries, Pizza Hut has become the largest dining restaurant chain for casual dining in the world. In India, Pizza Hut provides dining across 140 dining restaurants in 38 cities with options of sitting, take away, etc.

Brand Equity | Pizza Hut Marketing Strategy

 The casual atmosphere of dining provided by Pizza Hut is known as brand equity, its excellent services and offerings have been winning the award of the most trusted brand for the past 6 years. In a country with a population like India, Pizza Hut is attracting 50,000+ people every day and has become a perfect celebration place.

 Competitive Analysis | Pizza Hut Marketing Strategy

 In markets, every local, national and international player like, Papa Jones, Dominos, Toppers, and Greco, etc., are fighting and struggling for getting the maximum market share. The pizza industry has so many options but Pizza Hut due to its online discounted offerings on-time delivery has been able to regulate leadership status in most operating countries.

Market Analysis | Pizza Hut Marketing Strategy

 Nowadays, different fast food choices have made it difficult for Pizza offering companies to enhance their customer base while increasing their market shares at the same time. Several factors hinder the market size growth of Pizza Hut like companies in developing countries; these factors can be literacy level, low/ capita income, poverty level, and living standards, etc. Pizza Hut outlets are located strategically at suitable locations that cost low infrastructure and cater large-scale needs of nearby areas. Also offered discounts are online sale promotion method which provides satisfaction and convenience to customers and sales to the company with input cost control.

Customer Analysis

Its customers vary geographically around the world. In different developed countries like UK, US, etc., Customers belong to every age group on the other hand in developing countries like India, etc. majority of Pizza Hut customers belong to the 20-40 years age group.


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