Physical Attraction | The Signs and Truths You Should Know

by Shamsul
Physical Connection
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Physical Attraction

I have a little story to tell you about physical attraction.

Oliver, a recent client of mine at the time, recently shared with me how he became a “friend” of a woman. He had slept with her a few times, but they hadn’t made love yet. One day, as they were chatting together in the living room, he began to stare at her in a more insistent way than usual. The woman then asked him, “Do you want me?”

With a nod of his head, he assured her that it was. Oliver considered himself lucky since she was able to perceive that he wanted her. In addition, she demonstrated enough self-esteem to approach the subject easily.

Does this story speak to you? Obviously, not all men benefit from such openness from a woman. And vice versa. This is why it is important to know how to decode the signs of physical attraction, whether through the look, touch, or attitude.

In this article, I will show you the signs of interest to recognize, and finally, I will answer the questions that I often receive on the subject.

Signs of Physical Attraction

If he had been more attentive to what he could pick up on her, it would have been easier to perceive the physical attraction she had for him.

Besides, over time, he realized that she had let it show openly. At the time, he simply did not see it because he did not know how to recognize the signs… If you are like him, here are the signs you must recognize now:


Beware, however! There are people who are naturally tactile and for whom touching just means they like you. But touch in these areas is often revealing.

Pay close attention to physical contact because it determines his interest in you. Of course, if the person is tactile with everyone in general, you have to look for additional clues. Physical rapprochement, for example.

The Physical Connection

Signs of Physical Attraction

When a person has a physical attraction to you, they will approach you at every opportunity. This is sometimes an unconscious attitude. We turn our body unconsciously towards the person who attracts us in order to test sexual alchemy. In this specific case, the use of touch is an additional clue.

To go further, you can even observe how the person reacts when you approach them. If she’s also getting closer or not moving, that’s a good sign. If she backs away, it means she feels invaded.

Body Language

If you want to know if a woman is attracted to you, pay attention to her gestures when you are in front of her. Here are some signs:

1- She runs her hand through her hair several times,
2- Unconsciously, she tilts her head, bringing her ear closer to his shoulder
3- She moistens her lips with her tongue
4- Her eyebrows rise steadily
5- She caresses her arm

And here’s what happens when you have an effect on a man:

1- He is touching his chin
2- He bites his lips and moistens them with his tongue
3- Her eyebrows rise naturally

The Blush

A man who blushes at the sight of you probably feels a strong physical attraction to you. If this blushing cannot be attributed to anger, embarrassment, guilt, or a skin condition, then it is a sign of attraction. Note that in some people, the blushing is more discreet, even impossible to perceive.


Did you notice him smiling at you? In fact, can you tell that he or she can’t help but smile every time your eyes meet? or laugh out loud when you talk to him? Of course, smiling or laughing isn’t always a sign of attraction. But when accompanied by a prolonged stare and/or blush, it’s a sign of interest and a way to see if that interest is reciprocated.

Observe his behavior when you return the same smile.

The Look

Our gaze often betrays our emotions because it reveals what we feel inside. Have you noticed that he or she is staring you straight in the eye while standing very close to you? Does he or she stare at you even when you are not engaged in conversation? Look at his pupils: do they dilate? Does their diameter increase? What about the look? Is it bright and intense? Chances are, it’s an interesting look. It means that the person is really attracted to you or has feelings for you. The attraction is more obvious when, in addition to the eyes, he or she looks insistently at other parts of your body (chest, buttocks, thighs, lips, etc.).

On the other hand, if a person looks away from you and does not pay attention to what you say to them, it may mean that they are not attracted to you.

Awkward Gestures

Another sign of attraction is when the person tends to make awkward gestures in your presence. For example, she drops her things, she loses her vocabulary, she apologizes for no reason, she fidgets all over the place, etc. These gestures mean that she is confused and loses control when you are around. Unless he is a clumsy person by nature, you have a nice admission of interest!

Tone of Voice

Physical attraction can also be detected in changes in voice. In humans, the voice becomes lower and more hoarse. In women, the tone becomes more high-pitched and cheerful. Pay attention to these signals when talking to each other and compare with the person’s normal tone when talking to someone else. Few people know about this thing…

How Long Does Physical Attraction Last?

A physical attraction is usually a short-lived craving. It can last 1.2 or 3 years, no one knows. But in any case, without investing effort to maintain it, it crumbles over time. Whether in a romantic relationship or in a sexual adventure, you have to know how to maintain it in order to prolong its duration.

To do this, here are some tips that can help cultivate physical attraction over the long term:

1- Do not hesitate to surprise the other to add spice to your relationship
2- Create a framework, an atmosphere, or a context conducive to physical rapprochement
3- Also, know how to keep a part of the mystery, a secret garden.
4- Suggest without completely showing.
5- It is also necessary to understand what creates desire in the other and to use it to charm him.
6- Nothing is ever acquired. Desire is no exception to this rule. And what about the connection between love and desire?

This is what we are going to talk about!

Is A Man Who Desires A Woman in Love?

Desire and love are two different things. Even if the physical plays a rather important role, we do not systematically fall in love with a person who attracts us physically.

We can even fall in love with someone who does not correspond to our ideal physically. Besides, physical attraction is not always present in love stories. If you think about it, you surely know couples who are the example.

Maybe you’ve even loved someone without feeling a real attraction to that person.

Physical attraction only expresses a sexual desire, while love is a feeling that encompasses other parameters. To be in love, it takes much more than attraction to the physique of the other. For example, you have to love his personality, his vision of life, or his behavior. It’s a question of aura and feeling.

This is why the mere fact of being mutually attracted does not guarantee the success of a couple’s relationship. Of course, physical attraction can, in some cases, give way to true love if a deeper relationship develops. We never know. To go further, I invite you to read our article, which reveals how to know if it is love or physical attraction between you.

Can You Sleep Without Attraction?

The fact that someone sleeps with you does not necessarily imply that they are physically or sexually attracted to you. The excitement may not come from the partner; it may be triggered by a fantasy, an exciting situation, a desire to try something new, etc. We can, therefore, sleep with someone without feeling attraction for this person.

Attraction is, therefore, not only a question of physics.

On the other hand, a person who has sexual pleasure with you is not necessarily in love with you.

How Can We Be 100% Sure That It is a Physical Attraction?

Although these signs are, most of the time, very good indicators of sexual attraction, they should not be interpreted individually. Someone who touches your shoulder once in a while can feel good in your presence without being physically and sexually attracted to you.

The Best Way To Find Out?

The more the clues accumulate, the more likely you are to be in a situation of attraction. However, it will always be necessary to validate the full consent of the person before undertaking anything. It must be said that appearances are sometimes deceiving, and your feelings may alter your judgment.

When Should You Tell Him of Your Mutual Attraction?

Some people easily express their feelings, while others prefer to take their time before confessing their physical attraction. In fact, it is a matter of choice for both of you. Regardless of your gender, if one or the other is more enterprising, you can honestly tell him that although you respect his desire, on your side, you are not at the same stage as him (her).

Many women (and even some men) have experienced sexual trauma in their lifetime. Other people have experienced less severe emotional wounds and need more time. These wounds can sometimes obscure the intimate desire. Nevertheless, it is very present. It just requires a little more kindness and patience.

Everyone is different and has their fears and requirements. There are women for whom it is essential to build a sense of confidence before opening up sexually. In addition, some have a strong libido and do not dare to mention it for fear of being judged.

To Conclude | Physical Attraction

So here is my take on the questions I often get about physical attraction. You may have other questions on the subject or want to share your own story with me. If so, leave me a comment! It will be my pleasure to read you and answer you personally.

And don’t forget to connect with me if you want to be accompanied to improve your love life. This will be an opportunity for us to talk about you and your expectations regarding your sexual and love life. Then, we will see to what extent and how I can help you achieve your goals.

Single or in a couple, when you are well anchored in relation to all your senses, you will be able to feel if the sexual energy of the other is at an opening level similar to yours. You will be able to easily decode the signs of physical attraction.

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