PESTLE Analysis of Walmart and Know Effect of External Factors

by Shamsul
Walmart PESTLE
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PESTLE Analysis of Walmart to Understand External Factors Effecting on Business


Walmart is a worldwide admired online retailer and store. In this post, we do the PESTLE Analysis of Walmart. It was established in 1962. Recently, it has thousands of business stores in the USA and worldwide. The objective behind opening stores within a few minutes’ drive is to provide low-priced products covering simple yarn to everyday products. Comparatively, the online stores offer highly exclusive and trendy everyday use, such as family apparel, beauty aids, toys, houseware, jewelry, garden and lawn items, sporting goods, hardware, home furnishings and beauty aids. 

For such a widespread business, it is highly significant to go for PESTLE analysis and get a comprehensive frame of the business industry. PESTLE is an abbreviation of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental features. The PESTLE Walmart study depicts that this famous corporation has faced challenging situations based on 6 macro-environmental issues. 


PESTLE Analysis of Walmart (P)

Political Factor: Walmart’s Business & Political Constancy

Walmart is a worldwide acknowledged departmental store that has been giving valuable services to more than 250 million clients. Due to its functionality in numerous countries, it becomes important for the business to implement valuable changes in its strategies. Different policies impact the suppliers and manufacturers; therefore, the Walmart business must work in politically unwavering locations. If Walmart works in an unbalanced political situation, then interruptions would definitely impact on operations. Due to the disturbing political environment in China (Chongqing), the company suffered a considerable business loss. One of Walmart’s stores in China offered banned items; the government did not only stop selling that specific product but also banned other products as well (on a temporary basis). The government takes serious actions whenever a business cannot stick to the mentioned policies.

Furthermore, the government can warn the company by passing bills to reduce the income. Due to government policy, Amazon and Walmart had to pay 15$ per hour minimum wages to their workers. It was a good step for the employees but the revenue of corporations was reduced.


PESTLE Analysis of Walmart (E)

Economic Feature: An Unpredictable Economy Spares Walmart with Few Alternatives

All corporations get influenced when the economy is unstable. Walmart is well-known for its economical rates. In case of an increase in the economic ratio, the prices of produced items will also rise. In such conditions, Walmart is bound to increase the goods’ cost. As a result, purchasers cannot afford the luxury items and get disappointed. Customers restrict themselves to choosing only necessary items when the prices are high. As a result, most of the items will remain unsold till these get expire. If Walmart maintains the prices to gratify loyal customers, it will be unfeasible to struggle against other brands. 

Changes in the economy vary from one country to another. Walmart must know the economic issues in different areas. There are locations where taxes or interest rates are high and impinge on the potential income. 


PESTLE Analysis of Walmart (S)

Social Feature: Incapable to Stand for Worldwide Audiences

Regardless of Walmart’s all-inclusive recognition, it is not the only platform to buy products. In Germany, Walmart has tolerated more than one billion dollar loss due to customers’ lack of interest. The reason behind this was an ineffective marketing policy. Basically, Walmart is a USA brand that cannot adjust its marketing policies according to the German audience and faced terrible revenue failure.

For health-conscious customers, global brands must provide healthy food. Worldwide established brands must understand the helpful way to provide particular items to their customers. Walmart has adopted this strategy and therefore offers healthy and organic products.

To make the products in the access of customers, Walmart has given more attention to an effortless user interface. Online stores have made it easy to order the desired products at home. Even the nearby stores have arranged for workers to deliver the ordered products such as medicines, cosmetics, and groceries to customers. It is a great advantage for elderly or sick customers who cannot drive or visit the store easily. 


PESTLE Analysis of Walmart (T)

Technological Factors: Digital Transformation, Robotics and Automation

Walmart has implemented robotics and automation to make its operations more efficient. Now orders are accomplished and stores are kept clean with the support of technology. 

Adopting automation works through automated technology just to develop effective business methods. For a familiar worldwide brand like Walmart, it is necessary to use automation and flourish the business. Robots are present to carry out tedious tasks so the workers can concentrate on advertising products without any disturbance. Online shipping is a way to increase the number of customers. Most people use tablets, Smartphones, or laptops on a regular basis. Online paid ads play an effective role in exploring the relevant customers through search engines. 


PESTLE Analysis of Walmart (L)

Legal Issues: Loss Above $65 Million 

Walmart must abide by the regulations and laws, especially safety, health, labor, data safety, and employment regulations. Unfortunately, Walmart failed to comply with the laws in California. As a result, the corporation paid more than 65 million dollars to its past as well as present workers who claimed the company did not offer proper seating accommodation. Instead of following a prolonged trial, most of the large size corporations prefer to settle their matters out of court. 


PESTLE Analysis of Walmart (E)

Environmental Factors: A Manure Disaster

Walmart received severe criticism due to the use of hazardous manure and dumping pesticides found in the sewage pipes. Later, the company began Gigaton Project to prevent Gigaton from being discharged for more than 10 years. Similarly, Target has introduced recyclable projects to make its premises green.


Conclusion | PESTLE Analysis of Walmart

Walmart has gained a successful position worldwide. The store has established and expanded its branches so rapidly that you can find Walmart stores almost in every country. Popularity and swift expansion demand to upgrade the business with political as well as legal regulations. If the rules are not followed, the store will shut down, as happened in China when government policies were not followed. 

It is Walmart’s responsibility to offer the right and demanded products on an area basis because Germans’ demands differ from Americans. When the right product is not provided, the profit decreases rapidly. It is the need of the hour to continue environment-friendly projects like Gigaton. Loyal customers prefer eco-friendly projects and would search for another brand if Walmart fails to fulfill biodegradable demands.

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