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Microsoft PESTLE

by Shamsul
Microsoft PESTLE
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PESTLE Analysis of Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the top business corporations in the world. It operates in over 100 nations. It is a popular consumer electronics and technology company that offers world-class software, cloud computing services, PCs, and desktop operating systems. While doing a PESTLE analysis of Microsoft, we noticed that the company is operating in an effective manner. The company has achieved colossal success because of the remarkable strategies of Bill Gates who is the most successful and richest man alive in the world.

With over 2 trillion in market capitalization, Microsoft is the most valued and 3rd largest company right now. In order to unearth its success story, you need to conduct its PESTLE analysis which is the best strategic analysis tool. It offers an excellent evaluation of the company’s external business environment.

In this post, we will conduct a comprehensive PESTLE analysis of Microsoft. So, let’s get started!


Political Factors | PESTLE Analysis of Microsoft

Political factors such as political system and political stability have a huge impact on the processes and operations of the company. The political system is highly stable in the United States, giving Microsoft a big edge. The business environment in the US is very welcoming for software companies as they have flexible and adjusting tax policies. As a software company, you must spend so much on getting contracts and maintaining your products and services. The government has given tax exemptions for software maintenance contracts. As a result, companies can easily save money and can spend it on other projects.

After the United States, India is another big consumer electronics and software market. This country is one of the fastest emerging economies right now. India and the US have favorable trading agreements allowing them to cooperate in developing innovative software and consumer electronics. This kind of trading between both countries will highly boost the software industry globally. According to the Indian government policy, anyone can make foreign investments in the software industry in India.


Economic Factors | PESTLE Analysis of Microsoft

The recent economic upheavals are affecting the economy worldwide. Due to this reason, the growth rate of every country has been decreasing since 2020 and the US economy is no exception. In 2021, the growth rate of the United States was 5.7 percent which decreased to 4 percent in 2022. Now, it has dropped to 2.6 percent in 2023. These fluctuations prevent investors from making new investments. These economic problems also affect the sales and profitability of the software sector, including companies like Microsoft. Last year, the companies raised the employees’ salaries, which also created a big difference between revenue generation and business expenditure. This would ultimately impact the consumers’ purchasing patterns and the companies’ sales would automatically decrease.

When compared to India, its economy is rising despite facing all the economic ups and downs. Companies in India are spending so much money on cybersecurity. That’s why the Indian software market has a great scope for software companies like Microsoft. In the United States, the software sector is worth 313.70 billion dollars which is going to be 733 billion dollars by the end of 2028. It is important for giant software companies to target the Indian market in order to capture more customers because it is a huge market. At this time, IT and business services have been dominating in the United States market.


Social Factors

The novel virus Covid-19 has greatly impacted companies and businesses in the United States. Many businesses have suffered great losses and some companies have been going out of business completely. This virus will also impact the long-term working and profitability of the company. There are no signs of improvement right now. However, this upheaval has given an enormous boost to digital businesses. Now, most people are working from home. It creates a big business opportunity for software and tech companies to innovate new services that can cater to the demands of remote workers. This will definitely create a positive impact on software companies and tech businesses.

On the other hand, several Indian businesses are adopting a digitalization culture. This will offer an awesome opportunity to software companies to expand their footprint. Plus, the growing consumer demand is another amazing opportunity for companies like Microsoft. People in India are becoming tech-savvy and it has the youngest population right now. Software and tech companies should exploit this break to grow further.


Technological Factors | PESTLE Analysis of Microsoft

The United States government encourages innovation and technological advancements in the software and tech sector. In 2021, the government invested over 157 billion dollars in research and development in this sector. Many companies have gained immense success using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for different operations. Moreover, UI/UX has also gained colossal popularity because it has improved the overall user experience and interface quality.

Serverless computing is also gaining popularity these days. Cybersecurity is another famous technology to prevent the danger of cyber threats. This is a big opportunity for cybersecurity companies to develop and introduce new cybersecurity tools. Data management has become easier with the emergence of innovative cloud computing that is used to store data. Then again, the other emerging technologies such as IoT, Automation, edge computing, blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, and 5G will create so many development opportunities in the software and tech sector.


Legal Factors | PESTLE Analysis of Microsoft

The intellectual property regulations encourage companies to invent new technologies and register their patents for twenty years. The privacy act of 1974 also allows businesses to use, store, and collect data from tech and software companies. So many other laws govern the industry, such as General Data Protection Regulation. These legal norms are made for the protection of the companies and the users.

Further, India is one of the largest markets for the software sector. But, their laws for the software industry vary when compared to the United States laws and regulations for the software sector. That’s why it is hard for international companies to get contracts in India. These factors can slow down the revenue stream and overall profitability of software companies like Microsoft.


Environmental Factors

Both the United States and India are taking initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint, air pollution, land pollution, and water pollution. According to the US government, their carbon emission footprint will decrease to 50 percent by the end of 2030. Also, India is also planning to cut its carbon footprint by 2070. The software and tech sector has a huge impact on the environment. For this reason, companies are manufacturing products that pose no harm to nature. There is a big opportunity for the software industry to enhance its profitability by taking environmental concerns into consideration.



From this PESTLE Analysis of Microsoft, it is clear from this analysis that political, economic, social, and technological factors are extremely favorable for the software sector. But, legal and environmental factors can hurt the industry’s business operations. It is essential for software companies like Microsoft to innovate new services and products in order to take a competitive edge.


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