Gain Successful Knowledge From PESTLE Analysis of Huawei

by Shamsul
Huawei Pestle Analysis
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Gain Successful Knowledge From PESTLE Analysis of Huawei


Huawei is one of the world’s most highly used and best telecommunication, which is at the top in China. It is a smartphone company which offers the best telecommunication. The company started its operation in 1987. The main office of Huawei Company is in Shenzhen, China. It started the main journey with the production of cell phones and keeps on enhancing the portfolios with other products like telecommunication equipment and devices, broadband, operational and consultation services. Let’s read the PESTLE Analysis of Huawei.

According to surveys, Huawei perfectly serves the one-third population in the world with all its services and products. They provide cellphone services almost in 170 countries, and it is a considerable number. Huawei is the third most used phone in the world after Apple and Samsung in the world. You can read Huawei SWOT Analysis

Political Factors – Pestle Analysis of Huawei

Conflict with Trump and The US: Huawei is facing some political issues because of conflicts with the administration of Trump and the US government. Chinese companies having problems with the US government is not something new as it has been going on for a long time. Huawei is becoming the victim of political conflict, and it is due to tension between two political parties.

National Protection or Security of the USA Country:

China is growing very fast in the world of technology and smartphones, and there are maximum chances that she’ll be at the top in a few years. The USA is the main competitor in this world, and that is why she is trying to hold China back. We live in a world where there is a competitive atmosphere everywhere, and the US government is also pushing hard for its survival in the world.

Economic Factors – Pestle Analysis of Huawei

Huawei’s Growth and China’s Economy:

The economy of China is growing like a speedometer, which creates amazing opportunities for the growth of all Chinese companies. The economic condition of China is very stable, and it determines the betterment of technology here. Business life is perfect and healthy in this country. The natives of China are getting rich day by day, and thus they have a lot of money to use. When the consumer is well, then the companies automatically grow. Chinese companies are selling more products which is a very good thing.

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Social Issues – Pestle Analysis of Huawei

Immense Population Explosion of China:

The population rate of China is increasing very fast, which is why there are so many people in China. The elderly population of china above 60 is almost 255 million, which is a significant number. The elder population rate has impacts on the technology and smartphone companies. It is due to the less catching ability of cell phones by elders because they don’t use social media or online platforms that much.

Bridge the Generation Tech Gap:

As the elder population increases and the technology required is less in older people, technology is being lowered. It is the best time for Huawei to create a technology that can easily fill the generations’ gap. Huawei can easily do it by creating friendly and easy-to-use smartphones. It will be a great source of leisure for older people too as they will easily connect with family and friends. Basically, older adults are not rejecting the technology; in actuality, they have no idea about technology usage. When the internet connection is stable and the phones will be easy to use, people will be attracted to them. The growth potential will be great and huge.

Technological Factors – Pestle Analysis of Huawei

5G Technology:

5G is the latest technological development globally, and people are much excited about it. The telecommunication service will be completely changed by the introduction of 5G as all applications will be operated very fast. Companies will get better opportunities to develop fast and new products that can support the internet’s fast speed. Few companies have launched new technologies regarding 5G. Huawei has firstly launched 5G products, and the verification process is completed. It will help Huawei a lot as people will be able to enjoy the updated technology.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology:

All now use smartphones in the world, which is why artificial intelligence is trending among all smartphone companies. All phone companies are working on AI technology, and Huawei is also trying hard to achieve the goals of this technology. Huawei has launched so many amazing products which are different from all others and nothing can beat their level. There are few products that can easily differentiate between people and objects present in different colors of light.

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Legal Issues – Pestle Analysis of Huawei

Ban in the USA:

Every company is almost facing some legal issues, but the case is a bit different with Huawei as it has been facing problems and political issues too. The Trump government was trying to ban companies like Huawei and ZTE in the USA. If the new government continues the same pattern, then Huawei’s products will not work in the US or any of its states.

Regulation Issues:

Just like USA, United Kingdom has also tried to end Huawei’s success plan by banning it. They gave the copyrights or patent issues laws for banning the process. The court asked from company to pay money for 4G technologies and devices. If the company refuses to pay, then the products will be banned completely.

Environmental Factors – Pestle Analysis of Huawei

Environmental Laws of the Chinese Government:

The Chinese government has been serious about the laws and environment. Now, she started the campaign against violations of laws of the environment. Thus, the company has reduced the emission of harmful fumes and carbon. The company is spending a lot of resources and money just to protect the environment, which is a really good step.

Conclusion – Pestle Analysis of Huawei

After the PESTLE Analysis of Huawei Company, we noted that the company holds a very high rank in the world, and it is trying its best to serve the people with the best of its products. The company is indeed a victim of many crises because it belongs to China. The world is having issues with China, and more so, Huawei is also paying a cost for those issues, which is not a good practice.

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