PESTEL Analysis of Comcast Want To Know

by Shamsul
Comcast PESTEL Analysis
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PESTEL Analysis of Comcast

Comcast Corporation is a big company in America that deals with TV, internet, and other media stuff. It’s based in Philadelphia and is the biggest of its kind in the country. This PESTEL Analysis of Comcast will help to identify the political, economical, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors.

To make a good plan, the bosses at Comcast must look at three connected things. These are the kind of industry they work in, their place or country, and the bigger picture of the economy and society. PESTEL analysis mostly checks the big picture part.

Political Factors | PESTEL Analysis of Comcast

  1. We believe that Comcast’s business is safe from any problems. May it be by protests or fights happening within the country.
  2. The way they make rules stays the same when a new government comes in. Also, governments of all parties follow the agreements made by the ones before them.
  3. Both the big national and smaller local governments are spending more money than they have, which helps the economy grow for a little while. But, in the future, it might increase prices (inflation). The national government’s bonds are still seen as a good investment.
  4. The country has a history of following the agreements it made with other countries. Governments from different parties continue to honor the deals made by the ones before them, so the laws and rules stay the same.
  5. The government is following all the rules and guidelines set by the World Trade Organization. They are making and applying their policies in a steady and reliable way.
  6. The country has a strong community of regular people who aren’t part of the government, and Comcast should connect with them and find ways to work together. These groups of regular people have a big impact, not just on making rules but also on shaping the way society thinks as a whole.
  7. When it comes to business choices, the country’s legal system is mostly free from outside influence. Businesses may run into issues when there’s a conflict between what’s good for the public and a company’s special technology. This is similar to a situation in South Africa, where the government and the courts allowed a generic AIDS drug to be used, even if big global companies had patents for similar drugs.

Economic Factors | PESTEL Analysis of Comcast

1- The part of the economy that involves services, like jobs in restaurants and offices, is getting bigger all the time when we compare it to the parts that make things and grow food.

2- If lots of people have jobs, it will affect Comcast’s plans in two ways. It will give Comcast more customers for its products, but it might also make it harder for Comcast to find and afford really good employees.

3- In the past fifteen years, people in this country have been making more money at home. In contrast, in the USA, household incomes are still not as high as they were in 2007, and they haven’t grown much since the early 1980s when you adjust for inflation. Comcast can use this good trend to grow its market by using special marketing that targets new customers, not just the old ones.

4- In the United States, people have been buying more stuff even though their incomes haven’t grown much. They’re using credit to buy things, and this has made it hard for them to save money. Comcast should be cautious about making a marketing plan that relies too much on people buying things on credit.

5- Because of the Federal Reserve’s policy of putting more money into the economy, a lot of money is available in the world’s financial markets. Comcast can borrow money at a low cost because of this. But it’s important to know that this plan could be risky if interest rates go up in the future.

6- The rising prices of things can affect how much people want to buy Comcast products. If inflation keeps going up, Comcast might have to keep raising their prices too, and this could make customers less loyal and make it hard to control costs. So, using a pricing strategy based on costs might not be a good idea in this situation.

7- When the country’s economy is doing better and growing, it means more people want to buy things. Comcast can take advantage of this by offering new products and trying to get more customers. To get started, they can pay close attention to how people are shopping and what new things people find important.

Social Factors | PESTEL Analysis of Comcast

1- One important thing to look at when figuring out how much people will want to buy in the future is the age of the population. For instance, the population is getting older in the USA and Europe, so there will be more demand for things that older people like. Comcast should think about these age trends when making new products and include things that older folks will like. Since the population is getting older, they might prefer products that are not too complicated with lots of technology.

2- The way people save money in the US and China is quite different. In China, they save a big chunk of their money, around 30%, while in the US, it’s much lower, about 15%. This difference in how people save or spend money affects what they buy and how much they buy.

3- Because of recent events like Brexit and the situation at the US-Mexico border, people are paying a lot of attention to how they feel about immigration. Comcast needs to be able to handle this situation carefully, as it’s a very critical matter.

4- When people in society care a lot about certain issues, like the environment or fairness, they often take action as consumers and pressure companies. This can come from non-governmental organizations and groups that push for change.

5- Comcast can look at how many men and women work in the job market to figure out how equal and fair the society is. It shows how much women’s rights matter and how much they have a say in making decisions about society and what to buy. Also, the mix of men and women in the job market can tell us about how much money households have, what they care about, and what they need.

6- The way a society arranges its rules and who’s in charge affects what and how much people buy. In places where there’s a strong hierarchy, the people at the very top often make the important decisions.

7- How much education people have in a community affects the kind of jobs they can get and how much money they make. When people have a lot of education, they usually get better jobs, make more money, and can afford to buy more advanced and cool stuff.

8- To understand if Comcast can hire people from other countries to work in a certain place, they need to know the country’s rules about immigration. How many immigrants there are, and which jobs they need to do. This helps them figure out if they can bring in talent from around the world to work in that area.

Technological Factors | PESTEL Analysis of Comcast

  1. Comcast should check how much it costs to make things in the economy and how much they use machines to do it. We think that soon, the area that will see the most changes because of new technology is making things.
  2. Comcast should look into how they can use technology to help the companies they work with within the supply chain. This can make it easier to see what’s going on and make the supply chain more adaptable.
  3. Comcast needs to study the rules and the way people in a place handle the rights to use things like inventions and digital stuff. This will help them steer clear of tricky situations and prevent their intellectual property from being stolen.
  4. Comcast should check how many people have access to the internet and mobile phones in the area. This will help them create a business plan that fits what people in that place need and use.
  5. Before introducing new products, Comcast needs to understand how much people in society are willing to use technology. Sometimes, companies start selling things that need technology, but the place lacks the tools to support it.
  6. Comcast can use digital methods to make local processes more transparent and reduce corruption.
  7. Uber didn’t do well in China because it tried to start before many people had smartphones. Comcast should create a plan that considers what people value, the local technology, and how Comcast does business.
  8. Since online shopping is important for Comcast, they should check if the internet and technology in a new place are good enough before they start doing business there.

Environmental Factors | PESTEL Analysis of Comcast

  1. Comcast should find out what promises the country made in the Paris Agreement about climate change and see if people in that country generally agree with the agreement. For example, when President Trump didn’t support the US promises, it made things uncertain.
  2. Does Comcast’s current efforts to be socially responsible work in the new place, or do they need to start new projects to fit with the people there?
  3. Agencies that make sure the environment is protected are very important. However, these agencies can temporarily slow things down in some developing countries to get bribes. Comcast should be careful and know if this happens in a country they want to work in.
  4. Comcast needs to consider how climate change might affect how they do business and get the things they need. For instance, if their system for getting stuff isn’t adaptable, it could cause problems if shipments from one place are held up because of unexpected weather changes.
  5. Comcast should figure out how much money they put into clean energy sources and see how they can use this investment to help them be better than their competition.
  6. Comcast should check what the rules are for dealing with trash in the new place and find out how they can follow those rules.

Legal Factors | PESTEL Analysis of Comcast

  1. How much freedom the courts have can show how strong and trustworthy the country’s institutions are.
  2. Even if a country has really good laws, it doesn’t help much if it takes a long time to make those laws work in real life. Comcast should research how quickly legal cases are usually resolved in that country, especially for the kind of legal problems Comcast might have.
  3. Comcast needs to check the laws for doing business in the new place and see how they’re not the same as the ones they follow at home.
  4. Comcast should find out how much the country’s laws protect things like patents and copyrights.
  5. The company need to learn about the rules that protect customers. How often they are applicable, what the government thinks about them. Moreover, how groups that support customers are involved in ensuring these rules are followed.
  6. It’s really important to be clear and open about how decisions are made so that they’re fair and make sense. When the process is consistent and easy to understand, Comcast can make plans with more confidence.
  7. Comcast needs to know what the rules are for hiring and managing employees in the new place and check if these rules fit with how the company does business. For instance, Uber’s way of hiring and working with drivers didn’t match up with the laws in France, and they’ve had problems because of it.

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