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PESTEL Analysis of Unibank
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PESTEL Analysis of BDO Unibank ADR | Banco de Oro


This PESTEL analysis of BDO Unibank ADR (BDOUY) will highlight its political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors. There are macro business environments that have a huge impact on the business performance of BDO Unibank ADR. PESTEL is an important strategic tool that helps to make better decisions and strategies. The company operates in a dynamic environment where its performance is heavily influenced by several factors such as customer spending behavior, legal framework, social trends, environmental activism, technological changes, and financial conditions.


Political Factors | PESTEL Analysis of BDO Unibank

The role of political factors is huge in PESTEL. Factors such as the governance system, government policies, and other relevant factors are really crucial for BDO Unibank ADR.

  • Non-Government Organizations, Pressure Groups and Protests:

When it comes to policymaking, BDO Unibank ADR should carefully analyze the influence of pressure groups, protests, and non-government organizations. They are highly active in the United States. The brand must collaborate with these groups and organizations for achieving long-term goals without interruption.

  • WTO’s Regulations on Industry:

The pressure on the government of the United States has increased to follow WTO’s regulations and policies.

  • Varying Policies with New Government:

The political condition in the United States looks a little volatile and people are predicting the next elections. The policies of the government change due to the change of government. So, the company should think about this factor and prepare those policies that go well with every new government or governance system.

  • Government Resource Allocation:

The new government in the United States has tried to improve the investment approach in the market. It is good for companies like BDO Unibank ADR to identify potential resources and the future of the market.

  • Likelihood of Entering into Armed Conflict:

There is no chance of military invasion in the United States which is a positive sign for companies. Military invasion leads to political instability, terrorist threats, and more. In this situation, it is almost impossible for any company to operate smoothly.

  • Role of Local Government in the US:

The role of domestic or local government in policymaking is crucial. It is imperative for BDO Unibank ADR to work closely with local governments or authorities for reducing threats and risks.


Economic Factors | PESTEL Analysis of BDO Unibank

There are so many economic factors that influence the decision-making and strategy-making process. Factors like taxation rate, inflation rate, exchange rate, market condition, interest rate, and disposable incomes are some key economic factors.

  • Inflation Rate:

The liquidity in the industry after the recession of 2018 will increase the inflation rate in the US economy. A high inflation rate is not good for the better performance of the company.

  • Government Intervention:

Sometimes government intervention in the business can be beneficial but it is rare. Government intervention will lead to slowing of the business process of BDO Unibank ADR.

  • Exchange Rate:

The volatility in the US exchange rate can hurt the company in many ways. It is disastrous for both long and short-term objectives.

  • The Efficiency of Financial Markets in the US:

The brand can target more vibrant economies or countries to grow internationally. It is because of the productivity of financial markets in the United States.

  • Increasing Liberalization of Trade Policy:

Growing liberalization of the trade policy of the US can aid the company to invest heavily in the areas which are off-limits to the brand.

  • Consumer Spending Behavior:

The stability of consumer disposable income is really good, but it promotes inequality in society. It will badly impact consumer sentiment and also influence their spending power or behavior.

Social Factors | PESTEL Analysis of BDO Unibank

Every company or firm in the world performs business actions according to the society and culture of the country. These factors also help the organizations like BDO Unibank ADR to understand market trends and running business. Approval of entrepreneurial spirit, gender roles, societal norms and roles, attitude towards new products or services, leisure interests, traditions, demographics, and more are some vital social factors.

  • Attitude towards Leisure:

In the United States, people give preference to new products rather than outdated or traditional products. They buy leisure and comfort. So, BDO Unibank ADR can develop such products that offer customized customer experience and value.

  • Negative Migration Trend:

The overall attitude towards migration is not so good in the United States. BDO Unibank ADR should be careful to hire international managers and leaders to manage business operations in the region.

  • Attitude towards Safety and Health:

The increasing liberalization rate is a good trend for health and safety. But, the company should keep a great distance from these factors because they are not very successful in the United States.

  • Changing Demographics:

The major demographic in the United States consists of young people and it is growing rapidly. BDO Unibank ADR can utilize this thing and target several segments of the population.

  • Power Structure in Society:

There is a big difference in income equality in the United States. This factor can change the power system in the country that has been constant for the last six to seven years.

  • Access to Important Services:

In the United States, every person has access to necessary services. This is because of the rising investment level in public services.


Technological Factors | PESTEL Analysis of BDO Unibank

It is hard to go with fast disrupting and ever-evolving technology. But, it is crucial for constant growth in this modern era. Companies are utilizing various latest technologies to take a competitive edge in the market. It is imperative for BDO Unibank ADR to exploit new technologies and innovation in order to determine customer preferences, product innovation, marketing, and more.

  • Lowering Production Cost:

Indeed, the adoption of the latest technology can help the company to lower its production costs. As a result, they can increase profit margins. They should address their supply chain infrastructure to bring flexibility in the system. Certainly, In this way, they can fulfill cost structures and customer needs.

  • Fast Disruption of Technological Innovation:

With the latest technology, BDO Unibank ADR can get information about supply chain partners and other market players. It is easy to get access to data with the latest technologies.

  • Technology Licensing and Transferring Problems:

In the United States, there is no prominent culture of technology transfer. BDO Unibank ADR should analyze this factor carefully.

  • Internet Penetration and Mobile Technology:

The internet penetration and wide usage of mobile phones have increased customer expectations. The company needs to find new ways to stay ahead of the competition and meet customer expectations.

  • Maturity of Technology:

The level of maturity in the technology sector is still not so encouraging. Many big players are still struggling to adopt the latest technologies in order to secure a higher market cap in the United States.

  • Empowerment of Suppliers and Partners:

The fast-evolving technology has reduced the product life cycle. So, it is the responsibility of suppliers to produce new products quickly. This thing has put pressure on companies like BDO Unibank ADR to maintain product development.


Environmental Factors | PESTEL Analysis of BDO Unibank

Environmental factors have become more prominent over the last decade. People are more concerned about the environment than ever. So, people and government pressure can be critical in this regard. Focus on sustainability, climate change, carbon footprint, insurance policies, waste management, air and water pollution are some key environmental factors.

  • Waste Management:

In the United States, the norms regarding waste management are highly strict, especially in urban areas. It is necessary for big players like BDO Unibank ADR to follow proper waste management regulations and laws.

  • Scrutiny by Environmental Agencies:

Proper check and balance or scrutiny by environmental agencies is also causing operational costs for BDO Unibank ADR.

  • Customer Activism:

Due to the awareness, people have become more concerned about BDO Unibank ADR’s environmental strategy. They expect the company to follow all the environmental laws in order to become a responsible stakeholder.

  • Paris Climate Agreement:

Agreements like the Paris climate agreement have put companies under great pressure. They keep strict checks and balance on environmental rules in order to make this world a better place.

  • Recycling:

Recycling is one of the most emerging norms in the United States. So, it is crucial for BDO Unibank ADR to follow proper recycling mechanisms to adhere to regulations and laws.

  • Attitude towards Renewable Energy:

Investing in renewable energy technologies is another fast emerging thing in the United States. It can create so many growth opportunities in the industry for companies. Moreover, the government of the United States is also providing facilities to invest in these sectors.


Legal Factors | PESTEL Analysis of BDO Unibank

In the development of a company in any sector or economy, legal factors play a huge role. Before venturing into a new market or country, BDO Unibank ADR should analyze some important legal factors such as discrimination laws, intellectual property rights, data protection laws, labor laws, health and safety laws, employment laws, and more.

  • Health and Safety Laws:

It is necessary for BDO Unibank ADR to follow all the health and safety laws in order to work smoothly in the United States. They should develop strategies to meet those norms.

  • Employment Law:

What are the employment laws in the US? Moreover, how they are affecting the business of BDO Unibank ADR? Can these laws be replicated in other international markets?

  • Legal Proceedings:

Some markets or countries follow international laws but they take so much time for legal proceedings or in solving a case. Before entering an international market, BDO Unibank ADR should analyze the average time of particular cases.

  • Data Protection Laws:

In some countries including the United States, data protection laws hold significant importance. It is the responsibility of the company to find out whether the US has a strong mechanism to protect against breaches or not.

  • Environment Laws and Regulations:

What are the environmental laws in the United States? How BDO Unibank ADR can meet those regulations and laws?

  • Business Laws:

What are the business laws in the United States? Are these laws consistent with international organizations like WTO, European Union etc?


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