Our Favorite Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

Celebrity Engagement Rings

by Shamsul
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Our Favorite Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time

It is not an easy task to shortlist the prettiest engagement rings of all time. Several iconic engagement rings, such as A-list diamonds to royal baubles, add some statement to the jewelry trends. That’s why we decided to review the celebrity engagement rings such as Blake Lively, Princess Diana, Beyonce, and so on. But, it is also challenging to choose which celebrity has the gorgeous engagement ring. We have reviewed some of the celebrity engagement rings so you can select your favorite one. Let’s discuss each engagement ring.


Wedding Ring Beyonce

Beyonce’s engagement ring will surely attract you if you like emerald-cut diamond rings. It is one of the prettiest engagement rings. In my opinion, it offers the perfect style. Its worth is 5 million dollars, and only she can flaunt this ring with style. However, it looks stunning on every girl’s finger. We also love its split-shank band, which is the perfect example of perfection.

Blake Lively:

Wedding Ring Blake Lively

It’s a dream of every girl to have a diamond ring in their collection. This oval solitaire diamond ring is very popular, and many celebrities display this with fashion, such as Hailey Baldwin, Juliana Hough, and Blake Lively. This ring is incredibly stunning and worth 2 million dollars. Its rose-gold pave band, slim shape, and rare blush shade make it one of the excellent engagement rings. The designer of this ring is Lorraine Schwartz.

Kate Middleton:

Wedding Ring Kate Middleton

Her engagement ring is consists of an oval shape which Garrard designs. This ring contains 12-carat sapphire surrounded by glitzy diamonds, making it highly lavish and attention-grabbing. It is really fascinating to imagine wearing this ring. If you are looking for one of the statement engagement rings for your girlfriend, it is the best option.

Solange Knowles:

Wedding Ring Solange Knowles

Solange’s ring is my favorite ring of all time. She has extraordinary art deco-esque, which features emerald-cut diamonds. I’m obsessed with this ring, and it has a special place in my heart. You can say that it’s one of the dream rings for many other ladies and me. It is sparkly and eye-catching. This one is a must-have for every girl.

Sophie Turner:

Wedding Ring Sophie Turner

Have you ever seen the mesmerizing piece of bling on Sophie’s hand? The ring consists of a pear-cut diamond with a double pave band. It stands out on your hand and looks incredible. What more could you ask for? Grab one of the type engagement rings for your partner and make your engagement day much more special. It is our most wanted ring on this list.

Julianne Hough:

Wedding Ring Julianne Hough

This oval beauty is the perfect representation of style and statement engagement rings. It is also an ideal engagement ring similar to Blake Lively’s engagement ring. It is slim and has micro diamonds around the big oval diamond, making it a stunning piece. The ring looks elegant, feminine, and luxurious with a metal band.

Jennifer Lopez:

Wedding Ring Jennifer Lopez

We are just obsessed by the mesmerizing performance of J.Lo at the inauguration ceremony of President Joe Biden. But, the main attraction of Jennifer Lopez is her engagement ring which is extremely enormous and stylish. It consists of emerald-cut diamond, solitaire sparkle, and 18-carat. We always adore such big and pop-sized diamond engagement rings because they are perfectly stunning. In my opinion, the ring’s price is nearly 1 million dollars.

Meghan Markle:

Wedding Ring Meghan Markle

It is a basic-style ring but highly attractive and eye-grabbing. According to some jewelry experts, it is just striking and has a square-cut diamond circled by two minor diamonds. The band is rose-gold, which is enough to grab attention. Certainly, we truly adore one of these types of engagement rings.

Amal Clooney:

We have reviewed multiple engagement rings, but Amal’s engagement ring is our favorite. This emerald-cut ring is a showstopper and goes with almost every style. 

It features two baguette diamonds, a silver band, and a skinny shape. It’s just timeless and phenomenal.

JoJo Fletcher:

Wedding Ring JOJO Fletcher

If you are a huge fan of round diamond engagement rings, this is your chance. Jojo Fletcher’s diamond ring is highly appealing due to its thick pave band and oval-shaped stone. 

It is incredibly sparkling and delivers the perfect amount of statement and fashion. Thus, you can’t ignore this beautiful engagement ring. According to the girls, they are in love with this ring.


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