Only Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Efforts can Offer a Harmless Atmosphere

by Shamsul
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Only Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Efforts can Offer a Harmless Atmosphere

What is Sustainability?


17 Sustainability Development Goals to Maintain Resources & Eco Friendly Environment


A sustainable civilization is responsible and gives value to dynamic equilibrium and environmental safety in natural and human systems. Sustainability is the capability to maintain along with further development without reducing the natural resources. The Brundtland Report of the United Nations describes sustainability as progress to fulfill the current requirements without negotiating the skills of upcoming generations to accomplish their needs. It is supposed that there are limited resources; therefore, use cautiously to make sure that enough is left for forthcoming years, without compromising on the standard of the present life. 

Worldwide Sustainability Issues & Solutions

In order to stop poverty, ensure prosperity, and save the planet, United Nations has launched SDG (Sustainable Development Goals). In 2015, the UN offered an agenda for a better world in 2030. The plan has 17 categories covering different issues. One hundred ninety-five nations have the same opinion for sustainable development. They promise to work to

  • Eliminate Hunger
  • Wipeout Poverty
  • Establish wellbeing and Health
  • Offer Good Education
  • Gender Equality
  • Economic Growth & Fair Work
  • Clean & Affordable Energy
  • Sanitation & Clean Water
  • Strong institutions, Justice & Peace
  • Developed Life
  • Quality Life below Water
  • Climate Action
  • Responsible Production & Consumption
  • Sustainable Communities & Cities
  • Work against Inequality
  • Better infrastructure
  • Develop Partnership to achieve Goals 

Climate Change:

If we are concerned about kids’ Health, it is said that it gives value to climate change. Justice and Peace are necessary for job growth. For a healthy environment, work for gender equality. To promote education, focus on humanitarian needs.

These are interlinked issues. One problem is impossible to solve if other issues are overlooked. All the issues are inter-connected. United Nations presents a catalog of actions or SDG goals that are easy to carry. An ordinary man is capable of taking some actions for the improvement of worldwide Sustainability. These are related to people’s different decisions while selecting food to eat, buying things, places from where to buy things, nature of savings, and areas to travel. Small choices play a role in a sustainable standard of living.

UN sustainable development goals depend on individuals’ choices. Whatever you buy, just consider its lifecycle: 

  • How can it be used? 
  • Where did it originate? 
  • How long will the substance use? 
  • How will it discard after use? 
  • What are the end results of a certain substance? 
  • What are the benefits of buying substances?
  • Who will be influenced?

Whenever you are making a decision, consider different options and end results. If there is a better alternative for an eco-friendly planet, it is better to select the best solution and play your effective role. 

Everyone, who is taking a vegetarian diet, every person using efficient appliances, every vote in support of SDG helps in developing a sustainable and eco-friendly future. If you are willing to make non-sustainable decisions in the form of consuming meat that you cannot give up, it is good to search for other sustainable options that you can do. If you have made one unsustainable selection, do not allow it to discourage you from playing a positive role in another area.

Three Momentous Sustainability Pillars

Environment sustainability is the liability to use natural resources and guard worldwide ecosystems to maintain wellbeing and health in the present and future. There are three fundamental columns of Sustainability, named Economic, Social, and Environmental, also regarded as Planet, Profits, and People. 

1- Economic Growth

It is known as the plain type of Sustainability. In order to become sustainable economically, it is essential to have a profitable business and generate sufficient revenue for the future. It is challenging to obtain equilibrium through this Sustainability. Instead of getting money at any charge, companies need to follow sustainability rules while generating profit.

2- Social Development

It is related to sustainable treatment with employees. Adult employees and reasonably paid laborers can work in a safe environment. Paternity advantages, maternity benefits, flexible arrangement, development, and learning opportunities come under social development.

3- Environmental Safety

It is a very important factor that is related to the decrease of carbon footprints, wasteful procedures, non-decomposable packaging, and water usage. These are money-spinning, economically helpful, and environment-friendly processes.

Environment & Environmentalism

The environment is related to the natural landscape having non-human characteristics. Moreover, it is associated with human elements like pastoral and agricultural landscapes and urban areas. 

The physical environment is based on surrounding elements and conditions with which different living things work. An environment is based on abiotic and biotic features, and these play a vital function in the survival, development, and evolution of organisms. The well-being of humans is associated with Environmental Health. World Health Organization has reported that 24% of deaths worldwide are the result of environmental factors. It is the first right of people to get fresh and clean drinking water, clean air to respire, and toxin-free places to live.

Environmentalism is generally connected with the environment and mainly acts to restrict negative human influence on the environment. It is a human habit to take care of the area where we live. We perform functions to keep the house warm, repair the damages and clean the garden. We are responsible for our home as well as its environment. Just like our home, Earth is the planet where we live. We are using the resources of Earth but ignoring our negative impacts. 

 The Canadian Environment 

Just like other countries, the Canadian environment is facing critical climate changes. Though the government maintains significant ecosystems, rivers, and lakes, the country generates wealth from gas and oil operations. This industry is accountable for almost a quarter of greenhouse gas release. In Alberta, the oil extracted is shipped through pipelines. The leakage of pipelines and dropping of oil from tankers have worried the government to take action and build new pipelines. People living in Canadian cities have poor air. It has also affected the water to grow vegetables and wildlife. Even acid rains in the cities are due to air pollution. 

Environmentalism supports thinking broadly and taking care of the planet just like our home. Environmentalism leads to awareness of environmental issues and provides practical solutions to put things right.

Environmental Issues

The Earth has eight billion living, consuming its valuable resources and developing a polluted environment. When they consume on such a large scale and inefficient way, we will eliminate the resources and risk life in upcoming years. To sort out environmental issues, more focus should be on environmental science. It is an academic field that helps study the present environment and gets a way out for environmental issues.

Here are some of the serious environmental issues that people on Earth are facing now:


We buy things to meet our needs and throw most of these things without proper utilization. A large number of people live below the poverty line and have no clean water and healthy food. They are facing terrible health issues. Our Earth has limited resources that are depreciating fast. Moreover, minerals and Metals are materials that cannot support us for an extended period. These will end within a few decades.

Energy Supply

Physics makes it clear that nothing is possible on Earth without energy. Even food is a form of energy. We need the energy to cook, get warm surroundings, hot water, illumination, and run different gadgets. We have to make plans for getting energy in the future as most of the fossil fuels are nearly to end. Wind power, Tidal power, and solar power are renewable types of energy; however, fossil fuels like natural gas and coal oil will end up. It will take infinity years to get these fossil fuels back.

Pollution & Waste

Whatever we do, it creates some form of byproduct as waste. Before the beginning of the 20th century, waste was not a major issue. People used to consume animal waste and remaining food into compost. Nowadays, widely use of plastics has made recycling difficult. The plastics made up of petroleum are usually thrown away. It is important to collect the waste products and dispose of or recycle them. Even the waste in the form of gases is making our environment polluted. Some gases are impacting our greenhouse and causing great climate changes.

Species & Habitats

Basically, Earth is the home for animals and plants as well. We give value to our pets and ignore the other species on Earth. We are making factories, highways, and buildings and destroying the habitat of other species. It is often considered that other species have no rights. It is the need of the hour to think of different species and cooperate in providing them with a safe and clean environment. In this regard, more and more environmental jobs are available for human health and environmental protection. 

Sustainable Development

Sustainability is closely connected to the environment and Sustainable development. Sustainability development is a kind of procedure to recover the quality of life and economic well-being while allowing future generations to benefit from environmental resources. 

Environmental Activism

Environmental activism joins different groups of organizations and individuals to work in a cooperative environment in conservational, political, scientific, and social fields in order to address environmental issues. The organizations and individual groups are part of ecological Sustainability, green living, and the green movement. The Environmental agencies have one agenda: protection and preservation of this valuable environment. 

The ideology of these agencies is to develop solutions to tackle environmental problems. There are three forms of environmental activism.

They are named as: 

1- Networked (numerous linkage designed by overlapping membership), 

2- Polycentric (group based on temporary and multiple areas of influences)

3- Segmentary (diverse groups that are joining for common interest).

Forms of Environmental Activism

1- Environmentalism Activism

It is a movement that works to improve and protect the environment. It influences the transformation of human activities with the help of economic and social-political organizations.

2- Political & Individual Action

It works to overcome the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The basic objective is to decrease the side effects of climate change.

3- Conservation Activism

Its objective is to save natural resources, animals, and plants. 

4- Environmental Justice Activism

It is a social movement that works for the equal and justified distribution of burdens and benefits in the environment.

5- Ecological Modernization

It is said that development in the economy will benefit when it works for environmentalism.

6- Environmental Grassroots Activism

This organization works to support environmental change through freedom of expression and speech.

7- Eco-terrorism

Environmental activists support working against eco-terrorism. 

8- Local Activism

It organizes the locals just to propose or oppose policies for a sustainable environment.

Sustainability Initiatives

If we need to survive and maintain our resources, bringing great environmental changes and taking necessary sustainability initiatives is crucial. Here are some of the exciting innovations that help in saving the beautiful planet:

a- Use of Disposable Masks

Each and every day, more than 4.3 billion blue masks are in use. The blue masks contain plastic. Therefore, these are difficult to dispose of. It is nice to reuse the polypropylene in these masks to make durable roads. 

b- Biodegradable Candy Wrappers

PepsiCo and Diageo have planned to develop bottles free of plastic. Now, they will use wood pulp and paper bottles that are easy to recycle. Skittles and other sweets and candy makers have planned to use biodegradable wrappers made up of soy seeds and canola. These wrappers will not pollute the water and soil. 

c- Sustainable Sneaker Industry

Surprisingly, the average creation of sneakers develops almost 30lb footprints of carbon. Now, Adidas and Allbirds have decided to make sustainable shoes with a carbon footprint of 2.94 lb. 

d- Recyclable Plastic

Berkeley Lab has developed a unique polymer capable of utilizing for car parts and packaging. This material has a quality to recycle entirely without compromising on the quality.

e- Unilever’ Strategy to Cut Food Waste

The food industry is liable to emit 26% greenhouse gas. Unilever has taken serious action to reduce food waste from factory to shelf. It will cover the re-melting of ice cream and stirring up mayo with something before it gets out of order.

In short, Sustainability and environmentalism are highly beneficial for the short as well as long term. In case, the sustainable environment preferences are not fulfilled, it is impossible to maintain the ecosystems of Earth. Suppose damaging methods are carried on without specific changes. In that case, as we are thinking that we will not have sufficient fossil fuels, a variety of animal species will wipe out, and the environment will smash up irreparably. Only sustainable and eco-friendly efforts can offer a harmless atmosphere, resources development, cleanliness, quality water, and air. 


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