Tokyo Olympic 2020 | Face Recognition Tech

by Shamsul
Tokyo Olympic
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Tokyo Olympic 2020 | Face Recognition Tech


For the first time in Olympic history, face recognition system is going to be introduced in Tokyo Olympic 2020.

Intel is partnering with NEC to provide organizers of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo with this secure verification system.

“Facial recognition enhances security and efficiency by enabling the identification of a person seeking to enter a facility to be verified with greater speed and accuracy than staff. The Japanese company NEC feels proud of its technology. They are ready to use it for the first time at the Tokyo Olympic 2020.

The Olympics, a Beautiful Showcase for Intel

The Japanese firm joins Intel for this challenge: “gently” check the identity of the 300,000 people authorized at this edition. Athletes, sponsors, journalists or even volunteers, all will have to comply with this new device that should save them time. However, dedicated staff will always helpful because the cordon of traditional identity checks made by humans is not ignorable.

Some defenders of civil liberties could also criticize this rather than the new un-famed device. In the United States, for example, the Californian cities of San Francisco and Oakland forbid the police to use this type of technology. Intel and NEC are rather kicking on this topic of data retention and use, sending the ball back to the organizers of the Tokyo Olympic 2020. They have not reacted so far.

Tokyo Olympic 2020

3 D Tracking Services to Athletes:

This competition is in any case, a good showcase for Intel since the company will also offer its 3D tracking services to athletes. “This is one of the finest opportunities for all of us to present the microprocessor technologies that we work working to develop for several years with lots of work on software, algorithms and the experience of improving the diffusion”, commented Rick Echevarria, president of the company.





Finally, our company will hold a four-day esport tournament in Tokyo City. It will be just before the Olympics with a US$ 500,000 endowment. If not present, this discipline will have at least a taste of the Olympic competition.


See you at Tokyo Olympic 2020!


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