WHO’s Statement Advising People to Not Treat COVID like Flu

by Shamsul
Covid Treatment
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WHO’s Statement Advising People to Not Treat Covid like Flu


Recently WHO has clearly stated not to link or treat Covid like flu. This statement of WHO’s global health body has been spreading around the world as he said that government should not advocate that the Covid virus is not intense any longer or has been showing complete changes. WHO’s distinctive representative, Dr. David Nabarro, added that “end was in sight .”He also said that Europe is only making half success. DR. Nabarro was questioned by Sky News regarding his point of view about the flu-like treatment of Covid-19 and gave a clear statement that he and his colleagues from the World Health Organization are stunned by all such estimates, which are completely out of their knowledge.

He added that people all across the world are witnessing this deadly disease and reporting it. This virus is really dangerous for unvaccinated individuals or someone who has not been infected once already. This virus is capable of mutating and can create different variants, some of these mutations and variants are in our knowledge now, but we will be seeing more in the coming time.

Nabarro and Covid 19

Based on all these valid points, Dr. Nabarro said that Covid 19 should not be treated like flue or even any other thing. This virus is quite nasty and keeps surprising us, so we should somehow keep dealing with it. No government should be calling it quite a week or change, they just haven’t created effective policies, and they should clearly admit that.

During his talk with broadcasters, he further added that the governments and every leader should advocate and aid others in avoiding the virus through any possible means and prevent it from infecting people. Government should also start preparing for any further streams of this virus. Europe’s Covid struggle is about to face its end, and the only question left is to find out how long it will survive before approaching its end and how tough this journey is going to be. These questions might not have answers with complete certainty by anyone as each day we are facing new surprises and difficulties.

This battle against Covid-19 is a marathon; we can see that there is a winning line and some might approach it early based on their fast speed, but the race is neither short nor easy to handle.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson also gave a hint of his thoughts regarding no need for self-isolation and flu-like treatment of Covid in the coming days. He, last week, said that self-isolation is not a legal condition for people having flu so soon we can imply the same for Covid, infected people. This virus has become a pandemic, and all we need is the direction to stay careful, not legal requirements like isolation.

Sajid Javid, health secretary, gave the same idea and said to Sky News that saying we have to start living with this virus. We should take the necessary measures and start living like we used to before this virus. Flu can also kill 20,000 people in a tough year, but economies are not shut down for that, and the same should be the case for Covid.


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