Nintendo Special Marketing Approach | How it deals with Microsoft and Sony?

Nintendo Marketing

by Shamsul
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Nintendo Special Marketing Approach | How it deals with Microsoft and Sony?

Nintendo spearheaded the video/computer game craze during the 1960s and, since its commencement, kept improving gaming equipment. While its two main rivals (Microsoft and Sony) stay prominent players in the business, Nintendo supports its strength and exceptional style.

Nintendo is a furious contender on account of its particular promotion system. Taking a gander at its most recent item – the Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite – its mission utilizes notable brand mascots and image marketing. Nintendo’s family (which has The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, and Mario) is known to customers around the world. Nintendo’s $8.8 billion brand esteem comes from its unique gaming characters that endure in its marketing and go about as representatives for the brand. The rehashed incorporation of these mascots in Nintendo promotions makes clients dedicated due to their conspicuous symbolism and commonality to currently settled games.

The advancement of the latest item, the Nintendo Switch, is an illustration of how Nintendo’s advertising technique is recognized and exceptional from its rivals. The Nintendo Switch accomplished 55-million-unit deals since its launch in March 2017 not just because of its enormously notable brand mascots but also because of how it’s marketed. In Nintendo’s promoting efforts, the attention is focused on player collaborations. This exhibits the items ascribed just as genuine encounters. In Nintendo’s “First Look at Nintendo Switch”, the client plays at home, on the plane, at the air terminal, in the vehicle, and more. An enthusiastic reverberation is made from introducing utilization situations that are a mix among item and genuine scenes. These Nintendo advertisements set up a passionate connection between the mascots, the clients and the brand.

One more fascinating part of Nintendo’s advertising approach is sound. A consistent symbolization as a ‘tick’ sound like somebody snapping their fingers or when players activate the joystick is the biggest distinction for the Nintendo Switch. This is an important way for advertisers to associate the items’ highlights and activity natural to the clients. This sound is in each campaign which assists Nintendo in different types of marketing and promotion phases. It makes the real difference that creates easier recognition for the Nintendo Switch.

In light of Nintendo’s innovative advertising approach, the Switch represented 60% of worldwide unit deals of modern games in 2020 (against new item enhancements like the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox S). This shows Nintendo’s marketing methodology for the Switch exceeded all expectations in winning shoppers.

The Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were released in November 2021, and will be delivered for the Switch. In the wake of uncovering Nintendo’s special advertising methodology, it will be fascinating to break down the Pokémon advertisements and how they will be shown until the game’s delivery date.

Marketing Strategy of Nintendo

We have all appreciated playing Mario. Nintendo Co. Ltd. created the game It is based on a Japanese game and is one of the world’s biggest computer games. Nintendo holds the status of top organization and has had the option to make top-selling and most popular computer games like Pokémon, Mario, and The Legend of Zelda.

Fusajiro Yamauchi established Nintendo in 1889. Presently, it is one of the most important and persuasive industries. It fostered the games business during the 1970s.

Nintendo’s headquarters in Kyoto is the most important name in Japan and had a market worth of $37 billion in 2018. It has a market capitalization of around $55 billion.


We accept it is fundamental not exclusively to give products of the greatest quality; however, to treat each client with consideration, thought, and regard.

Vision: Put Smiles on the Faces of Everyone we Touch
Slogan: “Switch and Play”


The market division methodology executed by Nintendo offers various toys, gaming consoles, and multiple gadgets. With the assortment of offers, they have made a variety among their clients.

Names like Nintendo Switch and Ds have utilized various ways to deal with division. The principle procedure is segment division based on demography. Individuals aged 15-35 who are gamers love to play Nintendo games. Under behavioral or social division, it focuses on individuals who nonchalantly prefer to mess around and are not bad-to-the-bone gamers.


The Nintendo gaming consoles’ fundamental objective market is individuals keen on gaming. This market has been dismissed in the past for a long time. It is casual gamers: ladies, more seasoned people, families, and children. It focuses on those purchasers who will purchase the items.

The primary objective is the ages 25 to 35 or Generation Y.


This technique utilized by Nintendo is unique in relation to what Sony and Microsoft use. Nintendo is a gaming console intended for early and beginning-level gamers. They make consoles for advanced gamers or individuals who are unmistakable with regard to gaming.

It offers a gaming console for individuals who play for fun and never participate in gaming competitions. Because of this, Nintendo enjoys an extraordinary upper hand over Sony and Microsoft. Another situating procedure Nintendo has utilized is making games easy and versatile, for instance, Donkey Country Tropical Freeze, Rocket League, Mario Kart 8, Skyrim, Dark Souls, and more.

BCG Matrix in the Marketing Methodology of Nintendo:

Brands like Zelda, Mario and Pokémon are extremely popular, and pretty much every individual would have played once in the course of their life. They are as yet doing extraordinary in the field.

These are the huge Cash Cows for this company. Under the stars, the classification is the 3DS and Splatoon. These are doing amazingly well in the industry. The Wii U, when it was delivered in 2012, sold 13.56 million copies in the first 5 years and Switch (one of their most selling brands) sold 14.86 million copies in the last 2 years.

Metroid Prime 4 was declared in 2017; however, the head of improvement said the organization was not satisfied with the advancement of the item as it was not under Nintendo norms, and presently it is rejecting practically everything up to this point and begin once again without any preparation accordingly Metroid got a position in the question marks class.

The Wii U was one of the disappointing ideas by Nintendo. It professed to be Nintendo’s most exceedingly awful selling console. Other failed products by this company are the F-Zero and Codename STEAM. These games secured a position under the Dog’s Category in the BCG matrix.

Marketing Procedure and its Distribution

Nintendo has its brand presence in most regions of the planet and is perhaps the most compelling organization. It has its American office in Washington and its European office in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Australian subsidiary is in Melbourne and operates in New Zealand, Oceania, and so on. Nintendo has a strong dispersion channel across significant regions of the planet and the items are effectively accessible across the business sectors.

The dissemination network is strong and has item accessibility in electrical retail outlets, hypermarkets, and gaming stores like Walmart, Game Planet, and so forth. Nintendo likewise utilizes an internet-based channel to provide its games. There are several ecommerce shopping options from which clients can buy the items, like eBay,, and more.

Brand Value in the Marketing Methodology Nintendo:

Nintendo has a solid brand legacy; however, it initiated as a simple toy producer. Nintendo has succeeded in remembering its roots and centralized the contribution and fun part of the item, generally relying on the latest innovation.

It has a more extensive target market. It chose to pull together the objective populace, not only the youthful male who likes great illustrations and activity games. This has worked for Nintendo as it can get a regularly overlooked market.

In view of Nintendo’s “relaxed games” class, it has had the option to keep up with its situation in the market with deals worth 753.4 billion Japanese yen.

Upper Hand in the Marketing Technique Nintendo:


Nintendo is a trailblazer in making intuitive amusement and markets and producers’ product and equipment for its home console, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. Since it sent off the Nintendo theater setup in 1983, more than 4.7 billion games and 740 million pieces of equipment have been sold internationally.

The brand has had the option to make industry symbols that are notable family games like Pokémon, Metroid, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and more. The brand has an extremely strong brand name and has had the option to keep up with its heritage as of recently.

Pricing Technique:

The deals of the Switch flooded when Nintendo carried out its latest Pocket Monsters Smash Brothers game not long before the Christmas season. One key benefit that it has over its rival is solid price control over its competitors like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. People trusted it that this support the Nintendo shares for a long time.

Nintendo isn’t as costly as to Microsoft and Sony. It is reasonable for all and made for all. This procedure has assisted it with remaining in front of the opposition.

Solid Console Market:

As indicated by a report of Strategic Analytics, it said that Nintendo was the top creator of consoles in 2019, as Nintendo sold more Switch products than Sony’s PS4v consoles.

The year 2018 was incredibly great for the consoles with absolute deals approaching $41 million and the business developed and reached $15 billion in 2019. Nintendo enjoys the great benefit contrasted with its rivals.

Competitive Analysis of the Marketing System of Nintendo:

Microsoft and Sony are significant contenders for Nintendo. The Sony PlayStation 4 has a market share (57%) of the overall industry; Microsoft’s Xbox One has 27%, while Nintendo’s Switch has a portion of 16%.

In November 2018, Xbox made sales of 1,622,650 units while Sony’s PlayStation 4 surpassed Switch by 497,101 units. The Sony PS5 launched in 2020, and individuals enthusiastically sat tight for it.

The mobile games sales record over half of the Global Games market and came to $137.9 Billion in 2018. Nintendo is doing very well in the versatile games market and said to develop its portion of the overall industry further.

Client Analysis:

As per research, the normal clients of Nintendo are around 35 years of age and have been playing for quite some time. The players belong to different categories of students, workers, seniors, moms and fathers, military soldiers, and they are driving the advancement of games.

The Nintendo buyers are not advanced gamers. They are the average gamers that play for the sake of entertainment and diversion and not really for serious reasons. The Nintendo games are more similar to a family game where guardians and children enjoy an intelligent and fun time with each other.

These customers don’t have a lot of purchasing power in light of the fact that, in the mobile game industry, there are not many effective organizations that focus on these shoppers, kids and non-casual players.

Advancement Strategy:

Nintendo has had the option to set up a brand with a colossal fan following. Each new idea is an immense pleasure for the users. It created a time occasion for Nintendo. During these occasions, a few realized characters are welcome to blend with those who love games.

These people also love to have connectivity with modern social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram while playing the game. Nintendo discovered interesting solutions to keep the players connected with their most favorite social networks. In this way, Nintendo fulfills the customer’s wishes and creates marketing opportunities to promote their games.

Products by Nintendo such as Switch and 3DS, forced customers to watch virtual reality videos such as “Believe Your Eyes” in the UK. The company also started some campaigns such as “Play It Loud” and “Virtual Boy.” These campaigns were extremely successful and popular around the world. In a report, Nintendo claimed that it kept a budget of $25 million for these campaigns.   

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