Nescafe Marketing Strategy | Marketing Strategy of Nescafe

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Marketing Strategy of Nescafe
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Nescafe Marketing Strategy | Marketing Strategy of Nescafe

Nescafe started operation in 1938 and it has come a far way and come out as an important player in the market that deals with 5000 plus coffee beans types. The Nescafe Marketing Strategy attracts more and more people to love Nescafe Coffee. The leading brand of coffee in the world is recently selling in 182 plus countries across the world.

Important Factors in the Marketing Strategy of Nescafe:

Targeting, Positioning, and Segmentation:

 The mix of demographic, psychographic, and geographic strategies of segmentation are utilized by Nescafe. It helps in making specific coffee beans that are present in other parts of the world and modernize coffee culture. It uses both mass/differentiated targeting strategies for the retailers they have different offerings present for various segments of buyers & for corporate buyers, there is an outstanding vending machine of coffee. Its mission is to make sure the availability of coffee for those people who love to drink it and helping out those who live by earning through the production of coffee.


Competitive Advantage | Nescafe Marketing Strategy

Nestle is the head company of the Nescafe coffee brand. Nescafe has great reach in different countries and is experienced in FMCG Company that is helping it in being financially stable and also product-wise.

Nescafe is an ancient brand offering almost 5000 coffee bean types even in a little sachet.

It is one of the known brands. It commands great market share by being present almost in 180 countries and has great visibility and TOMA.


BCG Matrix:

Nescafe is a shining star in the BCG matrix with its coffee beans of almost 5000 types in various SKU’s or machine of coffee vending.


Distribution Strategy | Nescafe Marketing Strategy

Nescafe gives its offerings in a unique way of channels to various customer groups. For retailers, it uses distributor/wholesalers channel to create different sachet/SKU’s that are available to buyer-commerce site & for buyers, it sells vending coffee machines by company’s sale network.


Brand Equity | Nescafe Marketing Strategy

Nescafe is the famous brand of coffee in the world which redefines the get-together, family chats, small meetings and the endless talks that people do & the way people meet each other, it all initiate with Nescafe. Brand equity’s great trustworthy companies reported it as 6th great beverage brand for the 2015 positions.


Competitive Analysis | Nescafe Marketing Strategy

The expansion has happened Due to the entrance of other players such as Starbucks& Dunkin donuts in developing countries, lifestyle is changing and that’s why the demand matrix of the company is reshaping. It is competing hard with other companies. It includes Tata coffee, Bru, and other products like flavored coffee drinks and many other coffee chains.


 Market Analysis | Nescafe Marketing Strategy

 The coffee industry is very competitive with great numbers of national, international, and local players targeting various strata of buyers. Increasing labor costs, degrading farming ways, migration of locals from coffee cultivation area to cities, increasing raw material price, changing climate I.e. changing lifestyle& coffee beans are factors that affect the industry.

Customer Analysis

Nescafe deals with retail and corporate customers. Retailers are of 25-35 years age group. The customer portion consists of college-going & youngsters working professionally. Mostly, youngsters and millennials love to drink coffee in order to make their moods happy.


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