Need to Know Why Your Body Needs Detox

Understanding the Detox

by Shamsul
Body Needs Detox
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11 Signs Your Body Needs Detox

Have you heard about detoxing? It is a famous term most of us know about it. Detoxification is usually done to remove toxic ingredients or elements from the body. Talking about your health brings attention to detox and cleansing programs available around. Yes, there are lots of programs but finding the suitability is essential. How to know if these programs are good for your health? How to identify that you really require a detox session?


Understanding the Detox:

 In order to find the suitability of detox program, it is necessary to see whether your body needs it or not. A solid understanding about this technique is helpful to evaluate the pros and cons of this technique. In simple words, detox is a short program that includes dietary intervention. This technique aims to discharge toxins from the body with the help of the simplest means such as fasting. However, you can take fresh juices, cold water and others. Nutritionists also recommend a combination of herbs and supplements to control the growth of fats.

Several detox methods require special attention and care. In fact, there are risks associated with the application and performance of detox programs. Recently a Korean study confirmed that lemon juice-based technique could benefit the users, but this must be performed under the supervision of an expert person. It would be better to try food-based or diet-based programs. Try to include certain supplements and herbs with special tea and juice. 


What Are Claimed Benefits Of Cleansing And Detox Programs?

Health conscious females, especially mothers, are suggested to see the expected outcomes of several detox programs. It helps to identify the pros as well as cons in advance. It is recommended to be highly careful in order to maximize the benefits of cleansing and detox programs. Following are the expected benefits of using these programs.

Liver stimulation and support

It enables the body to regulate the rejuvenation process without the support of constant digestion.

Ensures the availability of nutrients to contribute towards optimal health

Whether these programs have advantages or disadvantages entirely depends on an individual’s health condition.


Is It Right For You?

First of all, you must check your own health conditions because the outcomes of detox programs solely depend on specific needs. Carefully observe the symptoms and signs in order to take the real advantages of detox sessions. Once you are clear with these things, you can dig further to choose the right plan.

According to Dr. Sara Gottfried (Author of “The Hormone Cure & the Hormone Reset Diet”), women especially mothers should take care of the following points.

1- If your tongue is developing white and yellow coating

2- Bad breath or feeling un-fresh

3- Spikes, blood sugar dips/refined carbohydrates or regular craving of sugar.

4- Increased physical fatigue even after a sleep of 8 hours or more

5- Gas and bloating

6- Irritability, anxiety and increased moodiness

7- Cravings

8- Increasing weight



Your age is another helpful factor to be noticed. Age can indicate the need for a detox program. It directly indicates an inefficient toxin removal system from the body. In most of the cases, our liver stops working or becomes unable to produce according to the body’s requirements. You will need to have a quick detox session in this case.

Have you observed any symptoms mentioned above? If yes, then you must consider a detox program. The only thing you have to confirm is the better choice of food. Remember, the right choice can make your life and health better. It also improves eating habits which fulfill the nutrient balance in the body. Avoid sugar based foods because these are involved to increase the toxins in the body.

Health Tips for Detox:

Incorporate Chlorella and Coriander:

This is a traditional combination primarily used in India. These ingredients are ideal for supporting the liver in toxin removal. Chlorella can be mixed with fresh juices, but coriander is mostly used in foods as a spice.


Intermittent Fasting:

Intermittent fasting is a notable trend and has created hype in recent years. There are several ways to use intermittent fasting but it is better to use the “Semi-regular Basis” of fasting for short terms. It is optional to choose a hard and fast rule. For example, ladies can skip breakfast for a few days or with short intervals. Those who love to keep fasting for a full day should choose 1 or 2 days a week. Studies confirm that intermittent fasting is good for improving leptin sensitivity and insulin. However, fasting is helpful in any form. It is a suitable technique for most users. People with diabetes or other relevant issues should take care of this matter.


Try Intoxicant Rich Diets:

Antioxidants are considered suitable for proper detoxification. These develop resistance against free radicals. It is believed that free radicals damage DNA and cells. Free radicals are also responsible for the proliferation of cancer. It would be better to include flavonoids, carotenoids, and vitamins C & E. These foods help maintain the body’s nutrient balance. Ladies should focus on berries, green tea, citrus, dark chocolate and onions. It would be better to use beets, leafy greens, plums and carrots etc.


Reduce Caffeine:

Don’t panic; we are not asking for forever. No doubt, coffee has several health benefits, but it contains caffeine. This ingredient has a negative impact on detox programs. Most experts recommend eliminating the use of caffeine. Mothers feeding their babies should focus on herbal teas. Is it difficult to cut off the coffee? In this case, you can take 1 cup of coffee in breakfast. It would be better to replace the coffee with green tea and add lemon.


Limit Carbohydrates and Refined Sugar:

Processed and refined sugars are known to minimize the elimination rate of toxins. Avoid candies, baked goods, sodas, table sugar and other packaged foods. These items help increase the level of toxins in the body. It is better to replace these items with real foods such as fruits.


Avoid Cigarettes And Alcohol:

Research shows that heavy alcohol consumption is a major cause of liver diseases. It is better to minimize alcohol intake. Ladies with the liver problem should avoid alcohol. Instead, they should use natural drinks such as fresh fruit juices. Cigarettes are a rich source of carcinogens. Avoid both materials to have stable health.


Prefer Whole Foods:

Prefer high-quality proteins, including organic chicken, lean, legumes, eggs, river fish and grass-fed beef. There is a need to balance the diet plan, including these ingredients. Remember, whole foods are rich in protein and it should be taken in daily meals. It will maintain the overall body weight.


Prefer Cruciferous Vegetables:

These vegetables are mostly recommended for Phase 1 Detox. Try kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Take these vegetables once per day. It is essential to see your condition in order to avoid nutrient imbalance. You must select a detox programs carefully if you are:

Pregnant women

Mothers (breastfeeding)

Adolescent or child



If You Have An Existing Health Problem Like As Diabetes.

Drink More Water:

Plenty of water is always helpful for health. Whether you have diabetes or obesity, water can make you healthy. In most of the cases, nutritionists recommend drinking more water frequently. In the start, you may face problems such as excessive urination. People with diabetes usually anyone can manage with the passage of time.

Use Boiled Vegetables:

The use of spices is not recommended when you are in the detox phase. In most of the situations, vegetables are used to avoid the heavy intake of herbs. It is essential to boil the vegetables before use. This helps to avoid the intake of rich spices. Peel the vegetables. Cut the vegetables into small pieces. Boil the water and put these pieces in it. Remove the vegetables from boiling water when they are softened.

Avoid Fast Foods:

It is imperative to avoid fast food during the detox period. Fast foods have become a standard option. However, these are harmful to health. According to the studies, fast foods are the leading cause of obesity. It is why peopled; especially ladies should avoid fast food. Instead, you can try boiled vegetables, leafy greens, protein-based whole foods and fresh fruits. Make a routine to eat fruits early in the morning. According to health experts, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is a famous saying you should remember.

Is there any question? Choosing the proper detox helps to bring the expected outcomes. With these programs, you can easily enjoy the health benefits of removing toxins. However, it is necessary to ensure that a detox program or cleansing session can remove the toxins from the body.

Create a supportive environment for a detox program by using the tips mentioned above.



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