Motivation – How to Be Motivated And Stay Motivated?

by Shamsul
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Motivation – How to Be Motivated And Stay Motivated?

In this article, we will look at how to be motivated and the sources of motivation. No matter what you do in your life, whether personal or professional. You will not be able to achieve your goals without a certain level of motivation that ensures you continue. Whatever happens and whatever the circumstances and difficulty encountered, you must continue your efforts.


What Does It Mean to be Motivated?

Before knowing how to be motivated, do you know how to define what motivation is?

It’s a notion that I became interested in and that I developed when I wrote my paper to complete the Masters in Management.

I offer you an extract:

“Defining work motivation is not simple because there are multiple definitions, associated with numerous theories, which sometimes conflict.

However, everyone agrees on the fact that they participate in a direct and positive way in the company’s results and collective performance.

The concept associated with motivation at work has its origins in law and at the time referred to the justification of a court decision in the 20th century.

Two psychologists, Edward Tolman in 1932 and Kurt Lewin in 1936, innovated by initiating research on motivation, through defined social groups such as family, school, church and political party. But then it was the work of Kurt Lewin which associated work motivation as a determining factor in performance.

“From Manager to Leader 2.0” defines it as “a process which activates, directs, energizes and keeps the behavior of persons towards the success of expected objectives”. I will therefore use this definition to describe what motivation is.


Why be Motivated?

Motivation will be the factor, the energy resource, which will determine whether you will pursue an action or not, whether you will achieve an objective or not, and whether you will be able to get back up after a failure or a difficulty.

So, you understand the whole point of being motivated.

Your motivation must respond to a deep need, a desire to achieve what you are aiming for!

Otherwise, over time, you risk no longer being passionate about your subject and abandoning your project or action along the way, without even having obtained the fruits of your efforts.

This is why on January 1, the sports halls are full, then gradually empty over the months, to experience a resurgence of registrations before the summer and to empty again in October, when the winter cold discourages the less “motivated”.


How to Be Motivated?

I partially answered this question above.

Your motivation must have meaning for you, a deep meaning, so that if your situation becomes complicated, you keep this vision in mind to move forward.

Knowing the destination of your trip helps ease the journey, should it be disrupted or take a little longer than expected.

We therefore talk about tenacity, character, courage, desire and more. These qualities are associated with real and concrete motivation.

You know:

Where you want to go and why

That nothing can stop you, not even these few mishaps.

Or that you will get back up every time.

You will learn a lesson from each mistake made, each failure, and will take step after step the tests that will lead you to your success.


How to Be Motivated Every Day | Motivation

On a daily basis, maintaining your motivation requires discipline and organization which I summarize for you here in the form of lists:

Setting goals: pay attention to the quantity all the same

Set a deadline/date by which you want to achieve this goal

Break this objective into sub-objectives/steps

Spread these steps out with daily/weekly objectives

And plan your success with this action plan

As simple as that?

And yes, the problem is that many people give up one day, then another, only to end up completely losing interest in their goals. Remember the gym example.

We start by not going there once, then another, to not going at all.

Success is nothing more than a carefully planned process, which is carried out day after day with discipline and standards, and which becomes a habit. Once it is planned, you just have to follow it, like a cooking recipe.

However, it is easier to give in to pleasures obtained in the short term than to fight for longer term goals. Unfortunately, short-term goals are rarely the ones that will bring you the most success. On the other hand, it is these small objectives, which cumulatively, will maintain your motivation and validate your final objective(s).

Furthermore, procrastination is so tempting: we become the king of “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

How to Be Motivated in Your Work and Your Professional Projects

In your professional activity, and whatever your field of activity or your professional projects, it is somewhat the same process.

Do you do a job that interests you or is it a “food” job?

If this is a career that interests you, it shouldn’t be difficult to maintain daily motivation and a positive state of mind. There are just days when you are a little more tired, and other factors pollute your well-being. So, there is no need to question everything.

If it’s food work, and it can happen, here are some tips to get out of this situation:

Plan a date when you want to leave your job

Define a sector or profession that interests you

List skills currently missing (if applicable)

Define an action plan to acquire these skills (training, books, internships, volunteering in this area, etc.)

Take an interest in possible funding to carry out this training (Personal Training Account, Professional Development Advice, Employer, Job Center for Job Seekers, Regional Council, etc.)

Once everything is planned: implement this plan carefully

In Europe and USA, we are lucky to have a system that can help us train and change professions. You just need to find out, knock on the right door, to get help or information to guide you. I recommend that you contact the CEP. It is a professional development advice if you are employed or self-employed. It centralizes requests and will be better able to direct you to the contact person best suited to your needs. You can contact them at the link below:


How to Motivate Yourself in Life | Motivation

I deliberately end with a broader question that many people are asking.


Succeed in life

Be motivated in your life

To know itself

Find your why

Know what you want to do

Stop thinking

Ask yourself the right questions

These are all the questions that a person can ask themselves at different times in their life. And again, if I had to be honest, this is just a sample.

In addition, I will give you some clues which will help you answer part of it, and which will guide you.

When you do something or have a job that:

Makes you lose all sense of time

Motivates you to get up in the morning without difficulty

Makes you accomplished and positive

And which makes sense and resonates with you

In line with your values and your philosophy of life

Then there’s a good chance you’re exactly where you need to be.

However, these feelings and feelings evolve over the years, over your life, and the changes you will experience.

Ask yourself regularly about your wishes. We sometimes pursue goals out of habit, which we had previously set for ourselves, more than out of desire. There is no shame in letting go of something if it no longer corresponds to a deep wish.

Do what makes you happy and fulfilled and you will never feel like you have to work a single day for the rest of your life. Take the time you need to know yourself and understand what is good for you. Once you find it, take action and take action.


Conclusion on Motivation

Through this article, I wanted to provide you with a certain number of keys to understanding the concept of motivation and staying motivated in your projects, whether professional or personal.

However, I think you will have understood this well, you can only stay motivated if the objective or dream that you are pursuing results from a deep desire within you:

Are you chasing your own dreams or the dreams of another person?

Are you doing what it takes every day to achieve your goals?

Do you have goals?

Have you set deadlines for achieving these goals?

What do you do daily?

Do you need help achieving these goals?

If yes, who can help you?

A friend, a family member, a professional, a coach?

You need to answer all of these questions first. Then, you will be able to move calmly towards your goal.

I wish you great success in everything you do.



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