Mindfulness: Start Your Day in the Right Way


by Shamsul
Start Your Day in the Right Way
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Mindfulness: Start Your Day in the Right Way


With each passing year, the percentage of employee engagement rate is decreasing. The percentage of dis-engaged employees is increasing day by day. You can’t ignore these factors as a worker, team member, or manager. You have to be dedicated and engaged all the time, especially during working hours. Keep your enthusiasm level as high as possible. Find out which factors demotivate you. You can overcome the feelings of disengagement with the help of mindfulness.

The overall benefit of mindfulness is that it keeps you active or present at the moment. You feel alert and can notice everything that happens in your body, from emotions to hunger pangs. It is important to know that mindfulness does not involve past or future concerns. Mindfulness only considers the active or present things.

Implementing mindfulness correctly when boosting the immune system and reducing mental stress is necessary. It is a wonderful tool to make you emotionally strong when you feel low. Many people are using this tool, and have transformed their lives.

Incorporate mindfulness activities into your everyday life to get the maximum results. Try to start your day with mindfulness because it is essential for your mental health as well as physical health. The following changes you should make ASAP to implement mindfulness rightly:


1- Keep Aside Smart Devices:

We are under the huge influence of smart devices these days. They are one of the biggest attractions. If used inappropriately, they can cause anxiety and depression. You are wrong if you think social media is a source of happiness. But, it doesn’t mean that your devices are not important for your mindfulness journey. They can play a significant part in your mindfulness practice.

Open your App Store and find app-based mindfulness solutions that can help you throughout the journey. There are thousands of apps available you can choose from.

These exercises hold specific importance in the process of mindfulness. For example, Othership is a dedicated mindfulness app that teaches breathing exercises. These exercises are music-driven, and you can easily overcome fatigue and anxiety.

Like Othership app, you can find numerous apps on App Store that can help you perform other mindfulness exercises easily. Moreover, it becomes really easy to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life with the assistance of these apps. So, you can’t ignore the importance of smart devices.


2- Make a Habit to Wake Up at the Same Time

A healthy lifestyle is not about going to bed timely. You have to get up at the same time on a daily basis because it is an important practice in mindfulness. Sticking to a specific schedule will help you to stay on the right track. You will feel more concentrated when you get up at the same time a week. And we know mindfulness is all about focusing on the present.

It looks challenging to get up at the same time on a regular basis. But with standard practice, you can make it feasible. You can try various things to get up early, including an alarm.

You have to keep patience because it is the key to success but never give up. Try to reduce your stress and take a proper nap. As a result, you will feel relaxed when practicing mindfulness activities.


3- Gel Mindfulness with Your Morning Workout

Some of the most popular morning workouts are stretching, yoga, and pilates. They are primarily associated with mindfulness activities. If you are not following these workouts, then you should start practicing at least one of them. All you require to do is to pick up a specific workout and perform it mindfully every day. You can also find mindfulness even in the toughest of workouts.

If you have decided to follow the mindfulness approach, then you must focus on your breathing first. It will open your lungs and reduce your heart rate. There are different breathing phases that you can try one by one to improve with time.

There is no need to exercise for one or two hours. Only a five-minute mindfulness practice is enough if done correctly. Add cardio workout into your morning workout routine. This practice will boost your mind and body. Moreover, these practices are less risky.

4- Write a Journal

It is essential to write down everything that comes to your mind. It is called writing a journal. You can write your thoughts any time but morning is the ideal time.

What should you write in your journal? There is no specific pattern for writing a diary. You can write your feelings, thoughts, and emotions in a journal. Whatever inspires you should make a place in your journal. It will not only boost your creativity but also improve your writing skills.

Even if you don’t have anything in your mind, try to write something. It can briefly introduce the current weather or food you have eaten.

This thing will directly enhance your self-awareness. It is helpful in improving professional as well as personal performance.


5- Wait to Read Emails and Texts

If you are one of those people who check their inbox after waking up, then you are wasting your chances of indulging yourself in mindfulness. You put your mind into a chaotic phase that creates problems in the future for your mind and body. For powerful mindfulness, theta and alpha stages are crucial that you destroy by checking your cell phone after getting up.

This thing directly welcomes stress and anxiety. It is impossible to enter into a mindfulness zone after such a routine. Your mind will only think about the client’s email and boss’s order.

Improving workplace engagement is not a simple task. It is only possible with the effective practice of mindfulness. Big companies and organizations need to invest in employee engagement programs.

Incorporating mindfulness into your daily life will help to enhance your engagement and focus. You will feel more optimistic, confident, and productive. And this is good for achieving your personal and professional goals.


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