Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix (4Ps) of YSL

YSL Marketing Strategy

by Shamsul
YSL Marketing Strategy
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Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix (4Ps) of Yves Saint Laurent

The role of effective marketing is really huge in the success of any brand or business. This article covers the 4Ps such as product, price, place, and promotion of Yves Saint Laurent. These factors play a huge role in the development and growth of the brand. It should plan a promotional strategy, pricing approach, and product innovation if they want to get a competitive edge over rivals. We will talk about these factors in detail. With these factors, YSL can build its value, position, and image. Let’s discuss these important factors one by one.

Product Strategy of Yves Saint Laurent:

Yves Saint Laurent is a famous brand in the world with a strong name and position. It is also recognized as YSL. It is known to make attractive apparel and accessories for both men and women. The main strength of YSL is its tailor-made products that are very popular among fashion-conscious users. They have earned immense respect due to their unbeatable designs in jewelry, shoes, and accessories. Their designs and products are highly trendy and that’s why it is reining the chart. This luxury brand offers different types of products for fashion-obsessed people and the young generation. Its diverse range of product portfolio is the biggest strength. From season-based products to occasional-based items, they fulfill the demands of every customer. As a result, they have a loyal consumer base.

Pricing Strategy of Yves Saint Laurent:

Most of Yves Saint Laurent’s customers are from the premium or upper class, that’s why they adopted a premium pricing policy. Their prices are a little higher as compared to competitors and it is because it is a luxury brand. Even though their prices are very high, they have successfully managed their sales and revenues. Its pricing policy is enough to attract premium customers without any effort. But, they can introduce some cost-friendly products in order to catch the attention of middle and lower-middle-class customers. It is a big opportunity for the company to earn more market share and consumers.

Place Strategy of Yves Saint Laurent:

You can get Yves Saint Laurent products from their own stores and other high-end department stores such as Selfridge and Harrods. Its products are also available online at selective stores such as net-a-porter and other e-shops. They don’t have much online presence or physical presence. Despite this fact, they are doing really well in the related market. On the other hand, the company is trying to expand its reach to more than 35 countries and focusing on various prominent positions like Japan. They are also targeting famous brick-and-mortar stores to sell their products.

Promotional Strategy of Yves Saint Laurent:

In this digital era, Yves Saint Laurent is focusing on digital marketing and social media campaigns to increase brand awareness. They are using different promotional channels such as video ads, hoardings, TVCs, and contest promotions. They are increasing their customer base effectively by exploiting several online and digital marketing platforms. YSL also have a wonderful YouTube channel where they share videos of products and different news about promotions and sales. They are showing their elegance with the help of their channel. It is an effective and simple method to create a loyal fan base. This thing completes the marketing strategy and marketing mix of YSL.

About YSL – Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix (4Ps) of Yves Saint Laurent

YSL is a premium brand in the lifestyle and retail sector with strong premium and middle-class customers. They have been attracting customers successfully with their amazing offerings, immaculate designs, and luxury items. They have a wide variety of handbags, shoes, and accessories for both men and women.

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