Marketing Strategy of Visa and its Segmentation, Positioning, Targeting

Visa Marketing Strategy

by Shamsul
Marketing Strategy of Visa
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Marketing Strategy of Visa and its Segmentation, Positioning, Targeting


Visa is operating in over 200 countries and is one of the most valuable players in financial services due to its Marketing Strategy of Visa. It enables financial institutions, banks, governments, customers, and businesses to make fast and secure payments. It is a digital transaction platform with solid brand value and global recognition.

Segmentation, Positioning, Targeting – Marketing Strategy of Visa

Being a tech company, Visa uses demographic, geographic, and psychographic factors like education level, age, class, marital status, occupation, and other similar factors for segmentation. Thus, we can say that Visa is a mass marketing company, and the main strength of the company is its potential consumers. A businessman, a retired person, or a salaried worker, a Visa card is their main priority.

The company uses different segmentation strategies to attract consumers from other parts. However, the company’s main target market is salaried people, banks, and financial institutions.

The company has cited itself as a company that focuses on the convenience of its users, reliance, and trust.

Vision: The company’s primary vision is to be the best way to pay and to be paid for everyone, everywhere.

Slogan: “Everywhere you want to be.”

Competitive Advantage – Marketing Strategy of Visa

Innovative Technology: Visa offers different mediums to serve its consumers, whether internet network or mobile platform. Being a technology company, but it has fully secured its business and client data by several layers of security.

Collaboration and Partnerships:

Visa has collaborated with stakeholders, companies, merchants, and clients to secure quick digital payments. It has also collaborated with several tech companies like Microsoft, Samsung, and Google.

Brand Equity:

Both Mastercard and Visa are the leading companies famous for their payment systems. There are several card services, but Visa has a competitive edge. It has higher brand equity, market share, and continuous growth.

BCG Matrix – Marketing Strategy of Visa

Visa operates in the business of merchant products, risk management, card business, and network processor. Every segment in which it works is “stars.” Plus, it has strong market growth and market share. On account of these statistics, Visa is a Star in the card service industry.

Distribution Strategy – Marketing Strategy of Visa

The distribution strategy of Visa is based on 4 party models such as issuers, acquirers, merchants, and network processors. Currently, the company has 16800 financial institution clients in its network. It has a global presence and offers its services and products worldwide through distribution agreements.

Brand Equity – Marketing Strategy of Visa

  1. Visa is one of the leading and most recognizable brands in the world.
  2. According to Forbes, Visa is the most valuable player in the industry.
  3. Visa achieved the award of Best Global Brands (in Interbrand) in 2016.

Competitive Analysis – Marketing Strategy of Visa

Further to note that the card service sector is highly competitive, and Mastercard is one of the biggest competitors of Visa. Likewise, Visa has made various partnerships just like Mastercard. Both companies are head-to-head in the digital payment sector. There are some other players like PayPal, JP Morgan Chase, and others that give tough competition to Visa. Both international and local players are trying to impact the business performance of Visa by providing more innovative products. But, Visa is currently an unbeatable brand in the market.

Market Analysis – Marketing Strategy of Visa

However, in developed countries, Visa has been facing certain types of challenges. Moreover, in developing countries, it has been facing other problems. Some factors like literacy rate, automation, and per capita income are affecting the business of Visa. But, they need to change their offerings according to the changing trends. They need to understand the market dynamics and should make products according to them.

Customer Analysis – Marketing Strategy of Visa

Firstly, tech-savvy people are the main customers of Visa. Secondly, they want convenience for day-to-day digital transactions. People of 20 to 40 years are the primary consumers of Visa. But, big clients and financial instructions are the company’s biggest strength.


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