Business & Marketing Strategy of Unilever

Unilever's Marketing Strategy

by Shamsul
Marketing Strategy of Unilever
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Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix of Unilever (4Ps)

Unilever is one of the leading fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies. This British company is headquartered in London. Currently, more than 400 brands are working under the name of the company in the world. It has a solid presence in 190 countries with a strong recall value. Read the Marketing Strategy of Unilever in detail.

Unilever’s marketing strategy and marketing mix is based on four important Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. These factors cover the marketing mix and strategy of the company. They help in building future strategies for the company. So, the importance of these four factors is huge. They play a huge role in the success of Unilever. They can position themselves in the competitive market to achieve business goals. Here is the complete marketing strategy and marketing mix of Unilever.


Product Strategy of Unilever:

The company has 4 strong brands: water purifier, food, personal care, and refreshment. They all are the company’s most-selling brands and help it generate significant revenues. Currently, nearly 400 brands are working under Unilever. It shows the power of the company in the fast moving consumer goods sector. On the other hand, some of its brands like Sunsilk, Omo, Surf, Knorr, Lipton, Magnum, and so on are best-selling.


Most of the company’s revenue comes from food brands. The bestselling brand in the food sector of Unilever is Knorr, Rama, and Hellmann. They help to generate major revenues for the company.

Home Care:

It is another major category of Unilever that has strong recall value. Surf and Omo are two major in-home care brands that generate huge profits for Unilever.


It is also a huge revenue contributor for the company with a big turnover. Brands like Magnum, Lipton, and Heartbrand are some popular ones in this segment. Also, the company is introducing innovation in these brands by offering different varieties and flavors.

Personal Care:

When it comes to the most-selling category of Unilever, personal care comes at the prominent spot. It holds a huge turnover with plenty of offerings like Sunsilk, Dove, Axe, Rexona, and so on. To be honest, the personal care category of Unilever is really broad.


Price Strategy of Unilever:

In order to understand the price strategy in the marketing strategy and marketing mix of Unilever, you need to understand the competitiveness of the market. The FMCG sector is really busy with so many giants like P&G and Nestle. The company sets pricing according to the offerings and pricing of competitors. Some of its products are very expensive but they are designed for premium customers. Most of the products are very affordable, which is why customers love purchasing its products. On the other hand, the company has countless products and services. They target every segment and fulfill their demands. So, pricing plays a crucial role in the marketing mix of Unilever.


Place Strategy of Unilever:

The company has a presence in approximately 190 countries in the world. They have a strong network of distributors and retailers in the world. So, Unilever takes advantage of this network to deliver its products in every nook of the world. Plus, they have several manufacturing plants in various locations of the world. It helps the company to distribute its products without paying too much. As a result, they provide affordable products to customers. They also have an excellent network of distributors along with direct outlets. The company has 45 carrying and forwarding agents in India along with 4000 stockists.


Promotion Strategy of Unilever:

When it comes to spending on marketing, Unilever is one of the largest spenders. They spend approximately 8 billion EUROS every year on marketing. They exploit digital and ecommerce platforms to sell their products. Uniliver uses the latest technologies to drive sales. They are also conducting digital campaigns to increase brand awareness. Many celebrities and famous personalities are brand ambassadors of Unilever. They promote the company’s products and offerings. Also, the company utilizes print media, TVCs, radio, hoardings, and other platforms to advertise products. This kind of strategy has helped the company to boost its annual revenue and net profits. Plus, its global presence is increasing day by day. As a result, it is still competitive in the FMCG sector.

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