Know the Marketing Strategy of TSMC

by Shamsul
TSMC Marketing
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Marketing Strategy of TSMC

Today, we will uncover the marketing strategy of TSMC, a top semiconductor manufacturer in the world. It is a Taiwanese company that manufactures semiconductors, GPUs, graphic cards, and computer hardware. Our goal is to provide useful insights into the marketing strategy of TSMC. There is no doubt that TSMC is the world’s biggest manufacturer of semiconductors and custom chips.

A company’s overall success, growth, and global expansion are based on its marketing strategy. In today’s blog, we will explore different factors of the marketing strategy of TSMC. Before we dive in deep, let’s first investigate the company’s online presence, history, and target market.


About TSMC

TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is a popular semiconductor manufacturing company in the world. It also designs semiconductors, consumer electronics, and hardware. It was established in 1987 by Morris Chang. No doubt, it is a market leader in its sector. It is one of the leading semiconductor foundries. TSMC is headquartered in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan.

Giants such as AMD, Nvidia, MediaTek, Apple, Marvell, ARM, and Broadcom are the major customers of TSMC’s products. Many growing companies such as Spreadtrum, Allwinner Technology, Spectra7, and HiSilicon are also clients of TSMC. The company has the ability to make an impact in the semiconductor manufacturing sector. That’s why it should expand its manufacturing capabilities and product line.

The use of TSMC’s semiconductors can be seen in a variety of end markets, including mobile devices, computers, automotive electronics, and the IoT. Consequently, the firm is able to maintain higher levels of profitability and generates decent returns on its investment.

Let’s learn more about the marketing strategy of TSMC as well as the marketing plan TSMC uses. In addition, we will learn more about the company.


Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning | Marketing Strategy of TSMC

Business owners who require custom chips for their electronic goods make up the main target market. TSMC can segment the large market into smaller parts based on customer behavior, demands, and traits. Customers may be divided into groups by TSMC, a manufacturer of semiconductors, depending on a range of criteria, such as attitudes, demographics, user status, use, and location.

TSMC, a semiconductor company, must choose one or more customer segments after the overall market has been divided into different categories. The major thing is to prevent trying to be a universal brand to everyone since the goods can only offer specific value propositions. After identifying a number of industries based on different criteria, TSMC’s marketing strategy focuses on the global market business that requires chips for its products. They concentrate on semiconductor products that are appropriate for international trade because of their business mission. All age groups are primarily targeted by their chip depending on the need.

Setting up your own exclusive and unique niche in the market requires careful positioning. It will be advantageous for TSMC to position its product and business in its market through its marketing strategy. Several factors, including TSMC’s corporate reputation and the position’s relevance, will determine where the company is positioned.

Identify the idiosyncratic value proposition or competitive advantage that will help consumers remember your brand. To better understand the relative market positions of various companies, managers at TSMC may create perceptual maps for the company’s marketing. Finally, position the brand as a higher value provider for the target customers by utilizing the promotion and marketing mix and effectively communicating this condition to customers.


Marketing Campaigns | Marketing Strategy of TSMC

Even though TSMC hasn’t launched any marketing campaign, they don’t have a sizable online presence. They don’t use any marketing campaign to advertise their company. Competitors of TSMC may also employ acceptable marketing techniques. They can imitate the marketing tactic employed by their competitors by exploiting different marketing channels such as video, newspaper ads, and TV commercials. These advertisements and other media initiatives can be run by TSMC in order to increase its presence in India and other countries.


Social Media Marketing

Compared to other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn sees more activity from the company.  They don’t have an active presence on Instagram. LinkedIn has more followers than Facebook and Twitter combined. Due to Twitter and Facebook’s low activity levels and LinkedIn’s focus on professionalism, these social media platforms have follower ranges of about 340k–350k and 2k–3k and 7k–4k, respectively. A few posts about the launch of their new product are mixed in with the majority of the posts on LinkedIn that are informative and professional.


SEO Strategies | Marketing Strategy of TSMC

In addition, 200K users typically visit the site each month. In order to maintain the brand’s ascent in the Google organic SERP rankings, TSMC employs effective SEO strategies.


Influencer Marketing

An effective strategy for advancing businesses may be influencer marketing, in which influencers and businesses work together. It has been used successfully by many companies and brands for over 10 years, and the number keeps growing. This marketing strategy of TSMC clearly shows that it is a leading manufacturer of semiconductors. The company makes chips in accordance with orders from customers all over the world. In order to promote the product for their marketing, they haven’t worked together with any social influencers yet.


E-commerce Strategies | Marketing Strategy of TSMC

As an organization that manufactures semiconductors in large quantities for companies that require chips, TSMC does not use the e-commerce strategy because it does not sell any products online, only updates its website with info about its creation.


Mobile Apps

As a large-scale manufacturer of custom chips, TSMC lacks a mobile operation, which is why the company has no mobile apps. This is one of the major weaknesses of the company.


Content Marketing | Marketing Strategy of TSMC

On LinkedIn, TSMC is highly active regarding its latest products, awareness, and innovation, which are all mentioned in the post’s content. LinkedIn is the only place to post content for the company. In addition, they distribute press releases about their products via a number of platforms, such as their own site, BBC News, and CNBC News.

TSMC’s elaborate marketing plan follows this. Let’s sum up what we’ve learned from the marketing strategy of TSMC.


The Bottom Line | Marketing Strategy of TSMC

We could see from the marketing strategy of TSMC that the company was gaining support and recognition from all over the globe. The world is learning more and more about its chips as a result of technological developments. Even though the digital marketing tactics of TSMC could use some work, the business is trying to grow and develop its online impression. Marketing is essential to every organization’s processes in the current business environment. The business sector is rapidly going digital. We hope that this blog on the marketing strategy of TSMC has provided you with valuable insight into the company’s marketing strategies.


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