Marketing Strategy of Nvidia | A Technology Company

NVIDIA Marketing

by Shamsul
Nvidia Marketing
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Marketing Strategy of Nvidia | A Technology Company

This article is about the marketing strategy of Nvidia, a premium Graphic Manufacturing Unit (GPU) manufacturer in the world. The primary goal of this study on the company is to understand its marketing strategy. It has revolutionized how we view graphic interfaces on every smart device such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even PC. We require a graphic interface for smooth function in this modern and digital world.

Businesses are now located all over the globe as a result of globalization. Particularly since COVID-19, businesses have begun spending on digital infrastructure as a result of realizing the value of having an online presence for their company. As a result, there has been a significant change in the methods of marketing used globally as everyone moves their operations online.

We are going to take all aspects of the company into consideration today. But before we move ahead, let’s first discuss the company’s history, online presence, competitors, and products.


About Nvidia

The technology company Nvidia Corporation is based in the United States. It is renowned for creating integrating circuits, which are utilized in a variety of electronic devices, including PCs and video game consoles. Three scientists from the United States, Curtis Priem, Chris Malachowsky, and Jensen Huang, founded it in 1993. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Desktop computers, mobile technologies, and graphic processors are all produced there.

The NV1, a performance-segment graphics card, was the company’s first offering in 1995. After a while, Nvidia started to dominate the computer gaming market with the introduction of the RIVA series. Forbes magazine recognized the company for its outstanding performance and named it “Company of the Year” in 2007 for its quick expansion and achievements.

In order to provide goods and services that are in line with the company’s mission, the marketing strategy of Nvidia involves first understanding customer requirements and preferences.


Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning of Nvidia

They are segmented primarily by location. In order to serve their customers according to the laws and customs of the various countries, they have opened numerous branches all over the world. Other corporate businesses generate enormous profits and make up most of Nvidia’s target market. The majority of the total revenue comes from the company.

Instead of being restricted to a single area, Nvidia has positioned itself to be a global company. As a result, they can reach a greater number of customers around the globe and significantly boost their revenue. Additionally, they assert that they promote inclusivity and sustainability.


Marketing Campaigns

Crop Circle Marketing:

In 2013, something strange was discovered in Salinas, California, USA. People thought they had discovered a carving made by aliens from comet ISON in a farm field, but when Nvidia confirmed that they were responsible, people began to wonder what it was. It turned out to be a marketing campaign Nvidia had started.

The campaign’s concept originated in a meeting between CEO Jen Hsun Huang and his team, who felt that the product they had developed was highly innovative for the time. The company really wanted to market this product in a distinctive way to generate buzz and alert people around the globe to the fact that they were introducing the Tegra K1 192 graphics core for smartphones and tablets.

The crop circle represented the Tegra K1 192 graphics core chip. It was unquestionably the most original marketing effort ever undertaken by a technology company. To promote Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service in Australia, the PC Gaming Anywhere marketing plan was introduced in 2021. Its main message was that people could play PC games on any device, regardless of its age or condition, anywhere and at any time. Fun, humor, and metaphor were in the campaign’s three television commercials, which featured amusing situations in which people were using their devices to play games.

Speak Visual Marketing

This marketing was started to inform the public that the company’s GPU allows them to express their creativity. It’s powerful GPU graphic processing capability, which is necessary wherever GPU for audio and visuals is required, translates the mental image they created into life on their display.

Social Media Marketing

On several online media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, Nvidia is highly active. And it has the most followers on Facebook (2.4 million), Instagram (2 million), Twitter (1.85 million), and LinkedIn (1.07 million), in that order. Instagram comes in second with 2 million followers. Nvidia posts a variety of content on its social media accounts, including informative, new product launches, and promotions.

SEO Strategy

Nvidia has a great SEO strategy in place and is producing results because of its 12,84,473 organic keywords. They are generating a significant amount of traffic, with 1,17,36,651 people landing on their site on a monthly basis, thanks to their excellent SEO strategy. The SEO strategy implemented by Nvidia is reaping the benefits of their labor, and it is really encouraging for Nvidia’s SEO ranking.


Influencer Marketing

  • Sponsorship

They sponsored prizes for a “20th Annual Create the Future Design Contest” competition, where contestants came up with original concepts for goods that could address issues in the transportation, manufacturing, and health sectors. The winners received prizes and cash awards totaling $25,000 for their efforts.

In order to advertise their cutting-edge GPU-powered device made by their associates, they also annually sponsor an event called “Cebit” where all gamers gather to compete using Nvidia hardware.

  • Influencer Marketing

Nvidia collaborated with Neoreach to market their upcoming products, such as the Shield TV with Google Fibre that they planned to launch. Still, they planned to do something original by exploiting social media, Twitch, and YouTube influencers. By raising awareness of Shield Fibre TV among consumers, the campaign’s primary goal was to attract new clients and run a successful marketing campaign for Nvidia to do so.

They began their influencer campaign on Twitch with Syndicate for a giveaway and live streaming. They were successful in doing so by adding 25,000 within a week. Nvidia also worked with 11 influencers from various industries, and their efforts resulted in 258.4 thousand engagements, 48.3 million impressions, and 13.4 million total audiences reached throughout their campaign.


E-commerce Strategies

In accordance with their established e-commerce strategy, Nvidia sells specific products via their direct-to-cloud business customers and service providers, site, and partners, as well as through e-commerce portals like Flipkart and Amazon.


Content Marketing

Nvidia utilizes a number of social media sites extensively. They post various types of related blogs on their site. The information posted relates to their recent product launches, initiatives, the GTC conference, and many more.

  1. Launched new product specifications and features.
  2. How they support a variety of industries, including semiconductors, healthcare, information technology, and automotive, by addressing their problems by launching products that meet those industries’ needs.
  3. The subjects covered in the Annual GTC conference.

This concludes the marketing strategy of Nvidia.


The Bottom Line

Nvidia Corporation revolutionized the technology sector by creating the world’s first GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) in 1999. In 2022, they are the market leader in the newly created industry of GPU. Nvidia’s marketing plan, which they used to launch the Speak Visual Marketing Campaign and the Crop Circle Marketing Campaign, is also excellent. They have effectively exploited various digital marketing tools in a coordinated and effective manner.


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