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Huawei 4Ps

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strategy of Huawei
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Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix (4Ps) of Huawei

This marketing strategy and marketing mix of Huawei involves 4Ps such as Product, Pricing, Place and Distribution, and Promotional factors. These factors show the working framework of Huawei, and it also highlights different things like its business approach, planning, and innovation. These factors predict the successful operations of Huawei. The company can use these factors in order to position itself competitively in the relative industry to gain its desired objectives and goals. Scroll down to read the marketing strategy and marketing mix (4Ps) of Huawei.

Product Strategy of Huawei:

Regarding smartphones and telecom equipment manufacturing, Huawei is a respected company. It has two business divisions: Huawei Consumer Products and Huawei Business Solution. The company maintains these two divisions successfully, and each division serves a different product line, which helps the company target diverse clientele.

Huawei Consumer Products:

Huawei offers a diverse range of innovative products such as mobile phones, wearables, tablets, and PCs in this division. According to Huawei, they sell more than 200 million mobile phones annually. You can GAIN SUCCESSFUL KNOWLEDGE FROM PESTLE ANALYSIS OF HUAWEI.

Huawei Business Solution:

In this section, Huawei provides WLAN, Routers, Switches, computing services, servers, and storage. It is called an Enterprise product line.

Carrier products offer fixed networks, carrier software, IT infrastructure, and wireless network. Another segment gives smart PV controller, innovative PV management system, and smart array controller.

Its products are used in different sectors such as government, railway, entertainment and media, finance, education, and public safety.

Pricing Strategy of Huawei:

Companies like ZTE Corporation, Apple, Samsung, Ericson, and Cisco systems give tough competition to Huawei. Many companies in the telecom industry offer attractive prices for tech products. It provides customer bargaining power, thus they can find the best product according to their budget and preference. Huawei offers different products at attractive prices. They have both high-end and low-end customers under its portfolio. Its innovative offerings are slightly expensive, but its old models are cheap. Huawei follows a flexible pricing policy and offers handsome discounts and incentives. They sell their products through e-commerce and physical stores. The premium category of Huawei is slightly expensive. Due to the recent lockdown, the company has secured encouraging revenue by selling its products globally. You can HAVE AN EXCITING HUAWEI SWOT ANALYSIS.

Place & Distribution Strategy of Huawei:

Huawei has a global presence and reach. It is currently operating in more than 170 countries. With more than 190,000 employees, Huawei is such a strong brand. Huawei is trying to make new mergers and acquisitions to expand its operations. In this way, they can improve their product selling strategy as well as a distribution strategy. They have a robust place and distribution chain from suppliers to distributors, salespersons, and more. The company does not deal with users directly. They are making joint ventures with local authorities to streamline their product distribution. Indeed, Huawei has a robust website for selling its products.

Promotional Strategy of Huawei:

Huawei utilizes omnichannel to endorse its products. They use different channels to promote their brands, such as radio, TV, sponsorship, social media, and events. Lionel Messi is the ambassador of Huawei. They also nominated several famous actors like Scarlett Johansson and Henry Cavill to endorse its products. On the other hand, the company also offers coupons and discounts to attract new customers.

Moreover, the company also sponsors famous teams and players. They have a strong social media presence to connect with consumers effectively. Certainly, it helps the company increase its brand awareness, showing that it uses an effective marketing strategy.


Huawei is a Chinese tech company that offers smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other tech products. Ren Zhengfei founded the company in 1987. Thus, this marketing strategy of Huawei and the marketing mix indicate the crucial factors of the company. You can easily understand the business operation of Huawei by reading this article.

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