Marketing Strategy of Highly Effective People

by Shamsul
Highly Effective People's Marketing Strategy
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Marketing Strategy of Highly Effective People

Marketing Strategy is the basic fundamental for any business success. It is a diversified domain that can seize opportunities created at regular intervals. For a company, evolution is as important as anything else. Marketing is a continuous process that helps the business deliver. Target-oriented enterprises always focus on marketing strategies. The performance, productivity, and profit can be elevated with the help of a strategy.  For a business, change is always good. But considering the business model, these changes are expensive to get. For long-term growth and profit, change is inevitable. From any business prospect, failing to change will result in loss and disaster.

In most cases, enterprises may not be willing to invest in change. But these changes are mandatory for the sustainability of any business. Changes can reflect on various aspects. The same is the case with a marketing strategy. First of all, the marketing strategy must portray a true picture of an enterprise. Secondly, a marketing strategy must indicate loyalty toward the customers.


7 Habits of Highly Effective People | Marketing Strategy

For effective marketing, you must define the business framework. This framework can highlight the value of developing and executing strategy.  Stephen R. Covey, the author of the best-seller, discussed the values of change in his book, ‘ 7 habits of highly effective people’. In this book, the writer emphasized the narrative of building habits with which desired results can be achieved.

Rather than anything else, the prime focus of an enterprise should be on the requirements of the customers. Always prefer to go with a flexible approach. Customer expectation has its own weightage in marketing strategy. That is the reason why it is said: “say what they want to hear”.

Marketing strategy always begins with determination. There are many factors that can influence any marketing strategy. The three most important factors are:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Skill
  3. Desire

According to Steve R. Covey, a sales funnel can be categorized into three major stages.


1- Dependence Stage:

This stage is said to be the initial one at which customers are dependent upon others. During the dependence stage, prospective customers tend to look at other resources. Marketing strategies can be applied in order to understand the customer’s needs. Marketing tools can help understand the requirements. Later on, marketers can share the details about the information that needs to be noted.

Independent Stage:

The independent stage is a critical stage. At this stage, customers can have direct access to the content available online. With the internet, customers can fetch all the details, including a data comparison. From the marketer’s point of view, the content uploaded over the internet must have all the answers to the questions raised by the customers.

Interdependence Stage:

As the name suggests, this is the stage at which customers and marketers are interdependent. Companies can identify the problems of the customers and provide solutions accordingly. Maintain the loyalty of the customers towards the company at this stage as well.

According to the world’s best author, Stephen Covey, marketing strategy is a domain that can collectively be summarized as the habits of a marketing expert. In order to increase the market share and brand name, these habits have an influential role to play.  Other than that, the three foremost factors that can expedite the whole process of marketing in an effective way are desire, knowledge, and skills.

Before discussing 7 habits of highly effective people, we will break down these practices into three different stages mentioned earlier.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Dependence and Independence Stage

Habit 1: Be Proactive | Marketing Strategy

Internal marketing can be quite fruitful in terms of results. But before proceeding to the next steps, it is important to consider a few things. Let us briefly overview the prerequisites required for the first stage.

Develop a Customer’s Profile

For incoming traffic onto a platform, it is equally necessary to have appropriate content. The content should not only be attractive but, at the same time, it should have all the required details as well. Failing to provide the required content will have a negative impact on the marketing strategy. Developing customers’ profile helps a lot in shaping the content. Once you have a complete customer profile, it will help you gain momentum.

Team up Leaders

Teaming up the leaders is one of the important aspects of a marketing strategy. It may be one of the biggest challenges the CEO may face. But it is equally important to achieve the milestone in inbound marketing. Investments are to be made in innovative technologies, content, and resources.

Compatibility Between Sales and Marketing Domains

Marketing and sales teams should be on the same page. For result-oriented inbound marketing, both teams should have compatibility and communication. The best possible way to achieve success is to make sure that there is a service level agreement.

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind | Marketing Strategy

Target-oriented marketing is always successful in terms of milestones. Marketing strategies are to be defined considering the current market position. In most of the cases, marketing strategies are hard to define. A marketing strategy should be in line with business goals. The ultimate target should be the implementation of a marketing strategy for the achievement of end results.

For a marketing strategy to be successful, it is vital to consider the company’s objectives. Marketing goals should be specific, measurable, aspirational, realistic, and time-bound. All these factors can help the company attain performance benchmarks. Use these benchmarks to measure the goals described in a marketing strategic plan.

The marketing strategy should be in the right direction. Once your objectives are established, marketers can focus on content, offers, and discounts. Other than that, the identified problems should try to resolve consistently so as to keep the company on the right track.

Habit 3: Put First Things First

The content should have all the major points in it. There must be comprehensive details available in each section of the content. Addressing each point separately will help gather the attention of prospective customers. According to the sales funnel, the content should also have a guided approach.

Converting random traffic into permanent visitors is a marketing strategy success. The objectives like customer satisfaction, campaign ROI and the lead routing process should be the top priority. For lead management, there are various tools available. The lead systems sales can help the company get short terms results with revenues.

Market Strategy

Interdependence Stage:

Habit 4: Think Win/Win | Marketing Strategy

A positive approach can have a deeper impact on any business. According to the marketing strategy model, enterprises must present content that is informative. Prospective customers must get all the details collectively from the content available. Moreover, the customer’s feedback is also imperative in marketing strategies. You can engage customers by uploading forms on online platforms. The provided data will help to identify the customer’s preferences. The data can also be strategically used to update the content.

The quality of inbound marketing is that it is equally beneficial for the customers and the company. Enterprises must have to invest in brand share and success.

Habit 5: Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood

The content can act as a communication channel for an enterprise between a client and the customers. Marketing strategy suggests that you need to update the content in an attractive manner. Customers must find content fruitful in every sense. Detailed content can lead to a higher conversion rate.

Uploading the content is not enough. As an enterprise, it is integral to get customers’ responses. The number of visitors and keywords may not be enough to get a detailed view of the customers. You can easily observe the customer’s perceptions through social media. Online social media is now a platform that is accessible to everyone. Customer regularly uses these forums for discussions. The discussions can be notified considering the services and the offers given by the enterprise.

An online survey is a marketing tool that is extensively in use. Enterprises can float various surveys on multiple online links. These surveys can help the enterprise understand the potential thinking and approach of the clients.

Habit 6: Synergize

Communication is the key to success. Synergy is a modern concept that allows the organization to grow at a faster pace. The whole approach of synergy revolves around resource-based thinking. Working together for the same target makes it easier to achieve. For enterprises, synergy is the habit that can lead to collaboration and co-creation. With synergy, sales and marketing domains can gain high ROI, productivity, and growth. You can increase the revenue to an optimum level with the synergizing approach.

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw | Marketing Strategy

For a business enterprise, the most noteworthy consideration is a product and its resources. In marketing strategy, sharpening the saw refers to the investment that should be made in products and resources. For a company, the product is the physical representation, and the resource is the backbone that brings ideas into reality.

Every strategy the organization designs should have a supportive and contributing role. Every enterprise must have a defined mission statement. All the procedures and approaches should revolve around the mission statement. Certainly, the benefit of keeping the mission statement in mind is that it motivates everyone to be on the right path.

The marketing strategy should always be dependent on marketing trends. Enterprises must have to follow the news circulating in the market. This approach will help the company develop expertise on a regular basis.

Stronger bonding between the employees, customers and the marketer is of core importance. Developing a meaningful relationship is always helpful for organizational growth and development.


In Summary | Marketing Strategy

The wiselancer platform is the largest platform that can help large and smaller enterprises in developing marketing strategies. Thus, flawless marketing and its implementation are inevitable for a high success rate. By keeping the above-mentioned 7 habits, any enterprise can form a solid growth foundation with the latest promotional tools. For any kind of professional help, we always welcome clients looking for diversified marketing experiences.


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