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Marc Jampole (born July 24, 1950) is an American poet, former television news reporter, public relations executive and political blogger.

“Like the music of an opera, Music from Words poetic words have an intensity which evokes emotions and feelings from the reader. . .His syntax, use of enjambment, and language all flow together in almost a musical way, as if John Cage wrote the piece, because technically there is no music heard out loud, or is there? Jampole’s style of writing triggers either powerful enjoyment or severe sadness and disillusionment, even fear and anger.” – Pam Rosenblatt, Wilderness House Literary Review.

Marc Jampole – An American Poet


Marc Jampole is a public relations executive, poet, and former political blogger and television reporter. He was born on the 25th of July in 1950 in New York City. He completed his graduation at the age of 16 from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee summa cum laude and received the outstanding student scholarship. Afterward, he received a master’s degree in Arts from the University of Washington. Later, he started independent research at the University of Berlin, Germany over a Fulbright Fellowship. In the year 1970, Jampole started teaching German and French language along with literature and filmmaking from the University of Washington.

What was Marc Jampole Famous For?

Jampole started his career as a reporter in San Francisco. He covered the presidential election of the 1980s for KRON-TV. San Francisco NBC affiliated and also got a nomination for Emmy awards. From 1981 to 1982 he worked as a reporter for Business Today. It was the first nation-wide syndicated business news show for KSTS-TV. In his period of working with Business Today Marc became the first reporter in the mass media. He was reporting the impact over the America society related to the graying of baby boom generation as well as the reducing middle class.

In 1982, Marc Jampole transitioned to public relations. He started working on the establishment of Jampole communications formed in 1989. Jampole is also famous for writing more than 1,800 articles. Also, a well-known speaker of media relations and crisis communications. He is also quoted to be a public relations expert in mass media. He has also developed communications plans for about 100 crisis situations. Three largest Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases in the history of America by him.

OpenEdge Blog

Jampole is also the author of OpenEdge blog. It discusses wired as well as harmful myths media and advertisers are trying to sell to the public. The outspoken attitude over the mass media of Jampole and his controversial blog has gained a lot of attention. He got from both conservative and liberal critics as well as supporters.

He has won several awards like Fulbright Fellowship in 1976-1977, The Silver Anvil – 1987 and Financial World’s Annual Report Award in 1993. Got a nomination for The Pushcart Prize in 1989 and 2008.

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