Maori Cultural Concepts Applied on Miraka Business

by Shamsul
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 Maori Cultural Concepts Applied on Miraka Business

A – Maori Cultural Concepts Applied on Miraka Business

  • The Maori concept of Papatuanaka & Taonga applies to the Miraka business. Papatuanaka means soil or land, which is considered Taonga or treasure by the people of the Maori. Any company based on Maori culture will have to serve the Earth and help preserve it. The same applies to Miraka (Wrixom-Wood, 2018).
  • Putake is the reason for applying to Miraka as well, as it will have to conduct its operation based on it. The reason can be to earn profits, maintain the ecosystem, or even the preservation of a tribe or culture of the Maori. Miraka works towards the reason that promotes the culture of the Maori to international borders (Wrixon-Wood, 2018).
  • Turanga, or the business’s location, is another culture the Maori follow. This means that the lands from which Miraka operates cannot be sold and will always serve as the anchor of the business (Wrixon-Wood, 2018).
  • Tikanga refers to the ways and values to practice when doing business. Maori believes in unity, motivation, networking with fellow individuals, spirituality, etc. Miraka will have to define its values that match the culture of the Maoris and follow them (Wrixon-Wood, 2018).
  • Living up to corporate social responsibility. Because Maori culture highly supports CSR activities in business, Miraka will have to incorporate and follow them (Wrixon0Wood, 2018).

B – How Miraka Incorporates Maori Culture

Miraka uses milk from cattle produced on Maori lands, thus preserving the culture of Papatuanaga and Taonga. It exports internationally; however, its base is rooted in its lands (NZ Herald, 2013). The company also follows Maori culture and values by not taking monetary gains for the business as the ultimate source for doing business. Instead, Miraka also supports the Maori culture. They want to deliver the taste of the Maori lands and soil to international customers to promote Maori culture and services worldwide (NZ Herald, 2013).

Since all milk used by Miraka comes from the Maori lands, the Turanga concept is followed by the Company.

Miraka also involves in CSR activities through returning to its community in the form of charitable activities such as scholarships, milk funds for kids, etc. The company regularly supports its community, besides ensuring that all activities it undertakes are environment-friendly and do not harm the environment in any way (Nhein & Dong, 2014).

C – How Maori Culture Will Affect Miraka Marketing

  • Ethical Issues – Miraka’s business ethics will make the company less competitive, as it is bound to use the milk from the Maori lands and not opt for products that can cost less, as it will be from other areas. While the ethics of Miraka can prove it to be an honest organization, it will decrease its profitability and competitiveness in the market (BDO New Zealand, 2018).
  • Social Issues – Social issues of contributing back to the Maori lands will not cause any issues. However, when the company expands and does business in other regions, it will expect that they will also return to that community. If Miraka does not do that, it can suffer from reputation loss. As far as Maori land, Miraka’s established position will strengthen them and offer them extensive benefits from the outside world, besides providing them a chance to connect with them (Mika, 2018).
  • Cultural Issues – Miraka can use its cultural heritage to connect with New Zealand and offer equal chances of development to the Maoris. Since Maori culture believes in equality, everyone is provided a fair and equal opportunity, and thus, Miraka can use it as a source of promoting Miraka culture in New Zealand and abroad (Mika, 2018).

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