Love To Know The Miss World Beauty Pageant (1971-1980)

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Miss World 1971-1980
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The Miss World 1971-1980

World beauty content started in 1951, and since then, it has become an international phenomenon, with contestants from all over the world vying for the coveted title. The pageant is famous for its focus on beauty with a purpose. All the participants are judged on their physical appearance and intelligence, talent, and commitment to social causes. The winner of Miss World is a global ambassador for beauty, grace, and goodwill. Moreover, she can make a significant difference in the world through her charitable work and public appearances.

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Miss World 1971-1980



1971 – Lucia Petterle from Brazil

1972 – Belinda Green from Australia

1973 – Marjorie Wallace from USA

1974 – Anneline Kriel from South Africa

1975 – Wilnelia Merced from Puerto Rico

1976 – Cindy Breakspeare from Jamaica

1977 – Mary Stavin from Sweden

1978 – Silvana Suarez from Argentina

1979 – Gina Swainson from Bermuda

1980 – Kimberley Santos from Guam

Here are the complete details of the winners from 1971-1980

Miss World Of 1971 – Lúcia Petterle

Miss World 1971 – Lúcia Petterle

Lucia was named the 21st Miss World in November 1971. She competed against 56 contestants and brought the title to her home country, Brazil. The kind-hearted beauty queen was a doctor by profession and helped underprivileged children by providing medical care facilities whenever necessary. 

Miss World Of 1972 – Belinda Green

Miss World 1972 – Belinda Green

Belinda won the Miss World title in 1972 and became the second woman to take the title to Australia. After competing with 53 contestants in London, UK, Green was crowned by Mrs. Julia Morley. 

Miss World Of 1973 – Marjorie Wallace

Miss World 1973 – Marjorie Wallace

Marjorie won the Miss World title in 1973 and became the first-ever woman from the US to win the crown. After defeating 54 participants, Marjorie received the crown by the previous titleholder, Belinda Green. After 104 days of reigning, officials stripped Marjorie of her title for ‘not fulfilling the job requirements’. Reportedly, she was engaged to Formula One Driver Peter Revson and had an affair with Welsh singer Tom Jones, with witnesses spotting them getting intimate on a Barbados beach. This violated her contract, leading to her removal from the title. The title remained unawarded as the first runner-up, Evangeline Pascual of the Philippines, refused it, citing the ‘second-hand crown’ as her reason.

Miss World Of 1974 – Anneline Kriel 

Miss World 1974 – Anneline Kriel 

Helen Morgan of the UK won the crown of the beauty contest in 1974 by Mrs. Julia Morley, marking the second woman from Welsh and fourth from the United Kingdom to win the title. However, the title holder was forced to resign after four days after her win as the judges discovered that Helen was an unmarried mother to an 18-year-old child. Although this was not against the pageant’s rules, the organizers put immense pressure on Helen to save the event from ‘embarrassment,’ eventually leading Helen to resign. Her successor, Anneline Kriel, from South Africa, got the chance for the title, after which she worked with Johnny Casablanca Model Management Agency. 

Miss World Of 1975 – Wilnelia Merced

Miss World 1975 – Wilnelia Merced

Wilnelia, from Puerto Rico, was the 25th winner of the beauty pageant in London, UK. After winning, she became an actor and model. The beauty queen also founded a charity in Puerto Rico to help underprivileged children. 

Miss World Of 1976 – Cindy Breakspeare

Miss World 1976 – Cindy Breakspeare

Cindy Breakspeare named the Miss World crown to herself in 1976. She represented Jamaica in the beauty pageant. After winning the title, she was a very famous jazz musician and also worked as a recording artist.

Miss World Of 1977 – Mary Stävin

Miss World 1977 – Mary Stävin

The 1977 Miss World pageant winner was Mary Stavin from Sweden. She earned $37,000 as prize money. She has worked in various films, including two James Bond movies. It includes “A View to a Kill” and “Octopussy”. She also owns two music videos and an exercise video.

Miss World Of 1978 – Silvana Suárez

Miss World 1978 – Silvana Suárez

At the end of the 1978 beauty pageant, Silvana Suárez got the title in London, UK. Her victory marked Argentina’s second time winning the title, and it was also the very first time this Miss Talent was awarded.

Miss World Of 1979 – Gina Swainson

Miss World 1979 – Gina Swainson

Gina won the beauty pageant in 1979 and was the titleholder of Miss Bermuda. Additionally, Swainson was the first runner-up in the Miss Universe contest of 1979. Her country highly honored her after she won the competition and printed her image on Bermudian stamps. 

Miss World Of 1980 – Gabriella Brum And Kimberley Santos

Miss World 1980 – Gabriella Brum
Miss World 1980 – Kimberley Santos

Gabriella Brum from Germany was declared the Miss World pageant winner in 1980. Brum resigned after 18 hours of holding the title, claiming that there was intense pressure from the media to do so. However, there were allegations that Brum posed nudes for a magazine, which was a complete violation of the contract. After her resignation, the first runner-up, Kimberley Santos from the US, got the crown as the Miss World of 1980. Kimberley did lots of charity work and was a court-appointed representative. She is also a part of Guam’s social services, where she cares for children.

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