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Miss World 1981-1990
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MISS WORLD 1981-1990 

The Miss World pageant is one of the world’s oldest and most distinguished beauty pageants. It was first held in 1951, and since then, it has become an international phenomenon, with contestants from all over the world vying for the coveted title. The pageant is famous for its focus on beauty with a purpose. All the contestants are judged on their physical appearance and intelligence, talent, and commitment to social causes. The winner of the contest represents a global ambassador for beauty, grace, and goodwill. Moreover, she can make a significant difference in the world through charitable work and public appearances.

Miss World Of 1981 – Pilín León 

Miss World 1981

The Miss World pageant of 1981 crowned Pilin its winner. The winner was from Venezuela and was the first titleholder from her home country since 1955. She was also crowned Miss Venezuela in 1981. After her win, she was the first to light the Christmas lights on Oxford Street in 1981.

Miss World Of 1982 – Mariasela Álvarez 

Miss World 1982

Mariasela Álvarez won the 1982 world beauty pageant. She was the first Dominican woman to win the prestigious title. Alongside being an accomplished architect, having getting credit for buildings like Torre Cristal, Álvarez has achieved a lot in her hometown, mainly associated with her television career, including the successful eight-yearlong show Esta Noche Mariasela as well as Con los Ojos Abiertos. The beauty queen also founded Casa Rosada of Santo Domingo, a shelter for orphanages and HIV children. 

Miss World Of 1983 – Sarah-Jane Hutt 

Miss World 1983

She is amongst the most beautiful Miss Word title holders. Representing the UK in the beauty pageant, Sarah was physically attractive and a beautiful soul. This year, an intelligence test for the contestants was introduced. 

World Beauty Of 1984 – Astrid Carolina Herrera 

Miss World 1984

Astrid won the Miss World title in 1984 at an event in London, UK. She participated in Venezuela and won the Miss Photogenic award in the beauty pageant. She was also the winner of Miss America.

Miss World Of 1985 – Hólmfríður Karlsdóttir

Miss World 1985

After defeating 78 contestants, Hólmfríður was crowned in 1985. Hólmfríður, from Iceland, worked for a local kindergarten as a part of her philanthropic activities.

Miss World Of 1986 – Giselle Laronde 

Miss World 1986

Giselle was titled the Miss World in the beauty pageant held in London, UK. Her win made her the first woman to win a beauty pageant from Trinidad and Tobago. She is also the titleholder of Miss Trinidad and Tobago in the same year. Along with being a beauty queen, Giselle holds a Sociology and Communication degree from the Goldsmiths College, University of London. Additionally, she received the Chaconia Medal and a BWIA plane after her name. She has also worked with Angostura Ltd as a Corporate Communications Manager. 

World Beauty Of 1987 – Ulla Weigerstorfer

Miss World 1987

Ulla Weigerstorfer from Austria was the 37th Miss World. She defeated contestants from 78 countries worldwide. After her win, she hosted various television shows and a radio sports program. The winner also owns several books on cosmetics and is a political activist in her country. 

Miss World Of 1988 – Linda Pétursdóttir

Miss World 1988

Linda, representing Iceland, was the 1988 Miss World titleholder. In the same year, she was also named Miss Iceland. The winner owned a spa named Baðhúsið for over two decades. Unfortunately, it closed down in 2014.

Miss World Of 1989 – Aneta Kręglicka 

Miss World 1989

With 78 contestants from around the globe, Aneta was crowned the title winner in Hong Kong in 1989. She is the first and, perhaps, the only woman who has won this title. She was also the winner of Miss Polonia in 1989. Alongside having a degree in economics, Aneta was a fabulous dancer and was a part of the contemporary dance group at Gdańsk University.

Miss World Of 1990 – Gina Tolleson 

Miss World 1990

From the United States, Gina got the winner title of the Miss World competition held in London, UK. She was also the winner of Miss America in 1990 and Miss South Carolina USA in 1999. Due to her dreamy and hazel eyes, the beauty queen got several offers of modeling, and she was the ambassador of several reputed brands.

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