Love to Know The Famous Dishes of Karachi Pakistan

by Shamsul
Dishes of Karachi
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Karachi is a city with diversity, and this is equally available in its cuisine. Karachi’s cuisine has been influenced by different traditions, cultures, and ethnic groups. The Famous Dishes of Karachi have a unique combination of meat, spices, aromas, and cooking methods. If you are planning to visit or live in Karachi, the 15 dishes below will introduce you to flavor heaven.

Famous Dishes of Karachi

This is one of the quite famous dishes of Pakistan, but the influence of immigrated Indians in Karachi has given this dish a unique taste here. This dish originates back to the Mughal era, when it was a dining essential for the kings of the 18th century. Recent reserches reveals that it was a royal dining dish in Awadh’s palaces in Lucknow, India. When the Urdu-speaking people settled in Karachi, they introduced their known authentic food flavors. Nihari is available in different kinds of meat options, and you can choose from slowly cooked mutton, beef, lamb, or chicken served with naan, an oven-baked bread. Other than the slow-cooked meat, the pure taste of this dish originates from the added bone marrow and shank.  

Chicken Biryani dish

This rice dish is equally popular in the south and central Asia. This dish has its connection to the Muslims of India. It is a combination of rice, meat (beef, mutton, and chicken, etc.), and potatoes added sometime. When the Mughals started expanding in Pakistan, this dish traveled to Karachi and Lahore with them, but the authenticity of its flavors found in Karachi was beyond expectations. Different communities in India and Pakistan have different special names for Biryani with little or no change in the original recipe.

You can find Malabari in South India, Awadi in Lucknow, Mughlai in North India, Bohri, Sindhi, Hyderabadi, and Memon in various areas of India and Karachi.

Chicken Dish

This dish has the name “Karahi” in its name, referring to the Urdu name of the wok in which you prepare. The popularity of its flavor is based on the use of ginger, tomatoes, and other such ingredients. you can try or cook with different meat options instead of chicken, and almost every restaurant serving local cuisine has this dish on the menu.

Chicken Tikka Dish

A very popular dish both in India and Pakistan. People prepare it with yogurt and spice-marinated chicken cooked using skewers. It is identical to tandoori chicken, and in Karachi, people call it Chicken tikka regardless of the choice of chicken (boneless or not). People eat this dish with naan or roti, and to complement its dry texture, yogurt, green chili, lime, or different dips.

Famous Chicken Handi

Handi is the Urdu name of the pot in which you cook anything, people call it a Karahi or wok. This royal dish has the influence of the Mughals and Punjabis. It has an amazing aroma, spices, creamy texture, and so many other ingredients. This quickly cooked dish is my favorite eat-out dish as it has an exotic taste and royal touch.

Famous Kebab Dishes of Karachi

Many kinds of kebabs are available in Pakistan, and people love to eat eagerly. Lamb, beef, mutton, or chicken is minced and mixed with spices and herbs. After that, it is molded and then barbequed. Then, these skewers are molded, and barbequed kebabs are served with roti or naan, mint dip, and salad.

Katakut Dish

This popular Pakistani dish originates in Lahore, but the food stalls in Karachi also serve the best Katakat. This dish consists of mince of different offal, such as lungs, liver, kidney, heart, and brain, fried in butter, and lamb chops. The name of this dish comes from the sound made when chopping meat and frying it in a large fry pan.

Famous Kofta Curry

Meatballs are a favorite dish in various countries around the globe. Koftas are spicy sauce-dipped meatballs. You can eat them with roti, bread, or rice. This tasty dish can be prepared with different meat choices, but onions, salt, and spices are mostly mixed with ground beef to make it. To further enhance this delicacy’s taste, cottage cheese, cream, or yogurt addition is optional.

Famous Paya Dishe of Karachi

The stew made from the hoofs or trotters of different animals gives this dish a unique sticky texture. Various spices and usually the trotters of sheep, buffalo, goat, or beef cook on slow heat overnight enhance the texture and flavor by overnight cooking. Now, the use of pressure cookers has made this dish ready to eat in hours only. Sometimes, yoou can add chickpeas in it.

Famous Haleem Dish

Haleem is a kind of thick stew of spices, soup, meat, flour, lentils, and barley. People name it Haleem, you can find this dish with a range of toppings like green chilies, fried onion, lemon juice, and fresh sliced ginger. This dish is popular in various parts of central Asia. This is a favorite dish as a breakfast choice, but it must be specified that you should eat it for breakfast only. Haleem is also beneficial from a nutritional point of view, and this is one of the famous street foods of Karachi.

Famous Mali Boti

The word Malai in this dish’s name refers to the creamy texture obtained by adding fresh cream to the spice-marinated meat and later barbecuing it. This soft, smooth, and flavorful chicken dish melts in the mouth due to its added creamy texture and spices.

Gulab Jamun Dish

This trendy sweet dish in Pakistan and India is a must-try. The “Gulab” refers to the delicate taste of rose water in the syrup. These are fried milk balls dipped in hot syrup. However, many people make this with different ingridient in recent days. After soaking in syrup, they almost double in size. The moist, spongy, and soft texture of these is divine.

Famous Gajar Ka Halwa

This carrot-based sweet dish originated in the Indian subcontinent. The word “Halwa” refers to an Arabic word meaning sweet. People make this sweet dish from khoya, carrots, sugar, ghee, and milk. You can eat Gajar ka Halwa warm during the winter season.

This carrot-based sweet dish is famous with garnishing of pistachios, almonds, or other nuts.

Karachi Chana Chat

Chana Chat is a famous Karachi street food and is available easily around every corner. Its origin is in the most populous state of India, Uttar Pradesh. This is a spicy snack famous in Pakistan and many other Asian countries. “Chana” refers to chickpeas; this dish has different garnishing and spices varying from place to place. It can have crackers, onion, potato, yogurt, sauces, tomatoes, cilantro, and a lovely addition of “chat masala”, a mixture of different spices.

Famous Halwa Puri Breakfast

This is one of the typical Punjabi breakfast dishes. people can enjoy throughout the day. “Halwa” is a semolina sweet dish. “Puri” is crispy yet soft fried prepared with Maida (whole wheat flour). Usually, this name sums up a platter that includes “potato curry,” “thick chickpea-based gravy,” “Halwa,” and “Puri.” This is one of the Famous Dishes of Karachi.

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