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by Shamsul
Let Go
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I Let You Go | I Didn’t Abandon You

5 Reasons Why Let You Go Is Far More Beneficial Than Holding On | I Didn’t Abandon You; I Let You Go

After a long time, I learned that it’s not possible to hold onto someone. When the other person makes a choice, whatever it may be, there’s not always a way to stop it. Today, I understand that it’s better to release than to restrain and that Let Go is preferable to suffocating. So, my life goes on.

In the past, I wanted someone so much that all my actions only pushed them further away. It was a feeling of helplessness in my hands, where nothing could be done. My desire was so strong, and I held onto someone so much, but all the other person wanted was to leave. And yet, I stayed.

Today, I set you free. Not because I love you less, but because you know that when a person is born with the sole intention of being with you, they will be.

Let You Go

No matter how much time passes and even less the distance. It will be yours. It will come back to you, just like the bird you care for, feed, and show affection to but don’t keep. Let it be free to leave if it wishes one day. And when it wants to return, it will know the way.

We have the bad habit of thinking that people belong to us and that we can control everything and everyone.

But we can’t, no. The feeling of losing control is much more terrible than “letting go.” Believe me. When you set someone else free, you make them understand that you are worth it because, like most people, they don’t want to control you.

They want to live their dreams, travel, find what they like, meet other people, and maybe one day, come back. And if they don’t come back, what a shame! You will have lost a rare and unique way of loving.

“When you said goodbye to me and I didn’t stop you from leaving, I didn’t make a scene or get angry. It was by no means because I had abandoned you. I didn’t abandon you. I know my feelings, I understand them all, as well as the truth of those I feel for you.”

“But I couldn’t force you to make your own choices, to live your own stories… No, my love, I didn’t abandon you, I simply let you go…”

When what we share is natural, pure, and unique, nothing can end it. On the contrary, it takes a new start when you let go. People often expect to be held back, and as a result, they avoid and defend themselves. But when you let them go and set them free, they start to question themselves: “Why did she act like that?” “Did she accept that I leave her life?” “How did I not notice that she was so interesting…?”

Having self-confidence, being sure of oneself, is knowing that it is counterproductive to attack people because, like everything in life, we are all free. I wouldn’t want to feel restrained. And you?

Let Go

Let Go allows others and oneself to be free, thus promoting individual freedom and autonomy. On the other hand, holding on restricts freedom and creates dependencies.

Let Go contributes to emotional well-being by avoiding toxic relationships and allowing personal growth. Holding on to a harmful situation often leads to emotional tension and discomfort.

By choosing to let go, we acknowledge and respect the choices and needs of others, thus establishing healthier and more balanced relationships. Holding on, on the other hand, can lead to conflicts and tensions.

Let Go is often the path to personal growth, allowing for learning new lessons and seizing new opportunities. Holding on to limiting situations or people hinders personal growth.

Let Go promotes inner peace by accepting what cannot be changed and focusing on what is controllable. Holding on often creates stress and anxiety related to attempting to control elements beyond our power.

Letting someone go does not mean that you have given up. It simply means ACCEPTING their choices and nurturing the hope for something else, or that one day, perhaps, they will return, recognizing that the distance was a mistake, that they made wrong choices, and that all they want now is to be with you…

Let’s remember: Let Go is far more beneficial than holding on.

No one can be happy alongside a dictator, a tyrant, imprisoned, or held hostage by an unhealthy love. Let go. Let you go. Have confidence in yourself and the blessing of time that understands everything well before you even imagine it.



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