Learn Why A Guy Touches You In These 7 Places?

Romantic Touch From A Guy

by Shamsul
Body Language of a man
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Learn Why A Guy Touches You In These 7 Places?


It is one of the big dilemmas for girls to find out whether a guy likes them or not. If you are dealing with this situation whether he likes you or not, then we have a definite answer. Sometimes a guy gives you so many hints, but you can’t get any of them due to the lack of attention. If a guy from your group or circle is interested in you, you can find out by noticing the following signs. If a guy touches you in these seven places of your body, you can quickly figure out what he wants. After knowing the following symptoms, you can easily take the next big step.

So, pay maximum attention to where a man touches you. You can quickly unearth his true intentions. Let’s get started.


A Guy Touches Your Face

If a guy tries to touch your face intentionally or unintentionally, he wants to develop a romantic relationship with you. Instead of looking at your boobs and butts, if he looks at your face, then he really likes you. Don’t let this man go, ladies! However, some faces make you intrigued about a man or woman. From your eyes to lips, nose, cheeks, or chin, many factors can catch a man’s attention instantly. There is no doubt that lips are one of the most attractive parts of a girl’s body. They can force any man to lick or bite your lips.

This little thing can turn a man on. If a guy looks at your face, especially your lips, you must know that he is deeply into you. It means he wants to start a connection with you more than just a friend.



A Guy Touches Your Hair

When a guy touches your hair romantically, he has romantic feelings for you. It is a sign that any woman can easily understand. For example, if you hang out with a guy but don’t know his feelings about you, you can easily discover his love for you. If drunk, he can show mixed behavior that is hard to crack.

You can easily differentiate between both signs. If he touches your hair normally, it is a sign that he likes you as a friend. If he plays with your hair unintentionally, he has something in his heart for you. If he smells your hair, he wants to make a romantic connection with you.



A Guy Touches Your Hand

Holding hands while walking is one of the signals that he likes you. It means he wants to express his feelings without saying anything. This kind of non-verbal sign is a big sign. Honestly speaking, he wants to have a physical relationship. It is not a romantic connection if it is a simple meet and greets.

He has the most profound feelings for you if he touches your hand for no reason. It shows that he wants to spend all his time with you while holding your hand. A simple high-five could be a sign of love. If a guy suddenly keeps his hand on your hand or slightly rubs it, he has feelings for you.



A Guy Touches Your Leg

Honestly speaking, legs are one of the sexiest places for a woman. They are different from the other body parts when it comes to touching. If a guy touches your legs, it means he is crazy for you and wants a physical relationship with you. You wouldn’t allow a man to touch your legs as a girl.

But most guys are crazy about touching a girl’s legs they like. It can turn them on. If you occasionally wear exposed jeans or skirts, then it can excite a guy easily. Moreover, a pretty pair of heels can also turn a man on. If a guy touches your legs or thighs romantically, he is crazy about you. It means he wants to have an erotic relationship with you.



A Guy Touches Your Back

If you are with a guy who instantly touches your back, he is into you. He is definitely a good man if you feel a sense of security and respect. He wants to show that he is crazy about you by holding his hand on your back. He conveys that he is always behind you, no matter what the situation is. Don’t confuse this touch with a normal touch in the form of a punch. If he lightly punches your back, he is just a friend and nothing else. There is no need to mix it up with a romantic connection. If you confuse it with a romantic touch, then there is a chance that you can lose your friendship.



A Guy Touches Your Shoulder

Most women consider the shoulders one of the least important body parts when it comes to touching. When a guy touches your shoulders, most girls think it is a sign of friendship or frankness. But it could be more than that. Well, there is no link between sensuality and romance, but it could be a big sign that he wants you more than just a friend.

If your guy friend touches your shoulders or places his hands, he wants to show that he really cares about you. He is always there whenever you need help. In short, he is trying to give his emotional backing.



A Guy Touches Your Hips

A guy is really crazy about you and wants to have you if he touches your butt or hips. There is no need to speculate because it is apparent that he is craving for your body. In this case, a guy can show all his cards that he likes you and can do anything for you. You can say yes if he is honest about his feelings and wants to have a lasting relationship. If his intentions are not good, then you can say no. It is totally up to you. If you also like him and he shows all the signs mentioned above, it is like a dream come true.


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