Learn to Cope with the Pain of Life Like Butterfly

by Shamsul
Pain of life
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Learn to Cope with the Pain of Life | The Butterfly Lesson

Fictional stories set in situations familiar to human beings effectively teach valuable lessons for our evolution. These stories are often metaphors featuring animals or people who don’t exist but incorporate our main characteristics so that we can identify and assimilate the lesson more easily.

We bring you one of those stories today. It tells the story of a butterfly and a man and teaches us a valuable lesson about how to deal with life’s pains and difficulties.

Read the butterfly story carefully and remember it when facing a life challenge.

However, the butterfly's body was tiny and twisted, and its wings were wrinkled.
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One morning, a man saw a butterfly cocoon hanging on the porch wall of his house. Knowing that the transformation into a butterfly was imminent, he chose to sit comfortably and observe the process.

The man spent many hours carefully observing the transformation and quickly noticed that the butterfly was experiencing difficulties. He was trying hard to free himself from the narrow opening of the cocoon, but he was permanently blocked.

Worried and afraid that the butterfly would not be able to free itself, the man took a pair of scissors and carefully cut the cocoon to allow the butterfly to emerge. Finally, the butterfly managed to free itself thanks to this intervention.

However, the butterfly’s body was tiny and twisted, and its wings were wrinkled.

Convinced that he had acted correctly, the man waited impatiently for the butterfly to spread its wings. However, everything went differently than planned.

The butterfly spent the whole of its life crawling on its deformed body, unable to spread its wings and take flight. He was condemned to live with the consequences of his efforts since his birth.

Although he didn’t realize it, the man’s attitude caused this to the butterfly. His decision to cut the cocoon disrupted a fundamental part of the butterfly’s life process.

The difficulty and struggle to break free from the little cocoon is essential for all butterflies, as it allows them to strengthen their wings and be ready to fly when the time comes.


The freedom of butterflies results from their struggle to escape the cocoon.

This story offers an analogy of life itself, emphasizing that we face challenges and trials destined for us by the Universe. These obstacles aim to make us stronger and accompany us throughout our journey.

However, we often try to escape these difficulties, believing that they are unnecessary or because we think they only make our lives more complex than they need to be. We also try to make the journey more accessible for those we love or care about.

So we take shortcuts, cheat, or deny what, in our eyes, only harms us and what man did to the butterfly, thinking he was helping it.

We need to learn that eliminating difficult situations from our lives will only leave us like the butterfly: weak and unable to fly to achieve our goals.

Whenever you have a challenge in your path, you are afraid, and you want to give up; remember that this challenge will lead you to something greater; it did not appear in your life to make you suffer.

No matter how difficult or painful it is to break free from your cocoon, you can only fly and discover everything that awaits you!

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