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Winning as a team requires conscious efforts. No team leader can achieve victory by just relying on its natural course of action. Victorious teams must have a solid, long-lasting commitment to each other, as well as to their goal. This allegiance would motivate them to press on despite setbacks and make necessary sacrifices to succeed.

Allegiance to a Shared Cause   

Dedication to a mutual cause results from a chain of steps. Only after the accomplishment of the last stage can someone completely believe in a leader’s vision. These are the steps:

1- Comprehension

Numerous leaders wrongly suppose their teammates have keyed into their vision because they comprehend and agree with the idea. However, being persuaded is not being invested in a cause. Being convinced about an idea is just the first step.

2- Support

People are more invested in visions to which they give their money or time. However, people could give their resources to support a vision and still not be fully committed to the project.

 3- Possession

When individuals feel like owners, they also feel accountable for the outcome of the idea and are devoted to it. These people have given their all and have a claim in the success or failure of the venture. They are emotionally linked to the concept. Yet, at this point, people may still not be fully devoted to the vision.

4- Crusade

If a person keeps talking about a vision, such a person is finally completely committed to the cause. It is easy to notice the enthusiasm. The zeal burns bright and lasts long. Then, the vision has become a substantial aspect of his life. He tells people about the vision because he has faith in it.


Before a leader can conclude that his teammates believe in and are working towards making his vision a reality, these four stages have to be taken by the individuals in the team.


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