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MacKenzie Sheri Tuttle

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MacKenzie Sheri Tuttle
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MacKenzie Scott

MacKenzie Scott, an American philanthropist and novelist, is the former wife of Jeff Bezos (the founder of Amazon). She studied English under renowned Nobel laureate and writer Toni Morrison, with whom she continued researching and training after college. In 2006, her book was recognized with an “American Book Award” for “Outstanding Literary Achievement”. MacKenzie Scott and Jeff Bezos have been supportive of each other’s careers. Her one-star review of Brad Stone’s book “The Everything Store, plus Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon” has immense and huge popularity. It highlighted insufficiencies in the publication that she sensed did not accurately portray her husband’s enterprise. The couple has four children together. She supports numerous charities and has pledged to donate half of her wealth to philanthropic causes. She tied the knot with high school teacher Dan Jewitt in 2021.

Quick Facts About MacKenzie Scott

Full Name: MacKenzie Sheri Tuttle

Age: 52 Years

Born: April 07, 1970, San Francisco, California, United States

Spouse: Dan Jewitt (m. 2021-2023), Jeff Bezos (m. 1993-2019)

Nationality: American

Children: 4

Net Worth: 27.8 billion USD (2023)

Childhood and Early Life of MacKenzie Scott

  • Born on April 07, 1970, in San Francisco, California, United States, MacKenzie Scott’s father worked as a financial planner maker while her mother was a housewife. She went to Hotchkiss High School in Connecticut and graduated from there in 1988.
  • MacKenzie Scott had a passion for writing stories and literature during her childhood. Her parents supported her by providing the best education for someone interested in pursuing journalism. At age 6, she made her first attempt at writing by creating a 142-page manuscript book titled “The Book Worm”.
  • In 1992, she got her bachelor’s degree in English with honors from Princeton University. She was among the top students and showed exceptional creative writing skills. According to Toni Morrison, she was the most exceptional student she had ever taught.

The Career of MacKenzie Scott

  • After college, MacKenzie began her career by taking on various roles, including serving as a research assistant to Toni Morrison. This journey was invaluable to her and she regards Morrison as her mentor.
  • It took her a decade to finish her debut novel, The Testing of Luther Albright, during which she assisted her husband in establishing Amazon and raised their 4 children through their crucial development stages. The book deals into the challenges a committed father faces when his family and career are in difficult time. It was an immediate hit and garnered positive feedback from critics.
  • In her 2nd book, Traps, she has crafted a plot that could easily be adapted into a gripping Hollywood thriller. The narrative centers on 4 women hailing from diverse backgrounds who cross paths during a 4-day excursion. True to her signature style, she deftly interlaces multiple characters into the storyline.
  • Naturally inclined towards activism, MacKenzie has consistently championed the cause of the marginalized. She established the “Bystander Revolution” in 2014, an organization dedicated to combatting bullying. The foundation’s website features an array of unscripted videos featuring experts, students, and celebrities sharing their insights on how to tackle bullying. Currently, she serves as the organization’s executive director and remains actively involved in its work.

Notable Works

  • As an author, her major works are “The Testing of Luther Albright” and “Traps”.
  • In addition, she posted a one-star critique of Brad Stone’s book “The Everything Store” plus Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon”.

Achievements and Awards of MacKenzie Scott

In 2006, MacKenzie was bestowed with the “American Book Award” for her fantastic literary contribution in the form of her novel “The Testing of Luther Albright”. The book also earned the distinction of being titled as the “Los Angeles Times” book of the year.

MacKenzie Scott

Personal Life of MacKenzie Scott

  • Having worked together at the NYC hedge fund company, DE Shaw, MacKenzie and Jeff Bezos fell in love. They tied the knot in 1993 and relocated to Seattle, Washington. Jeff Bezos established the largest online retailer in the world “Amazon”. They have four children.
  • The couple made public their decision to part ways in January 2019 and their divorce was officially concluded on April 4, 2019. As per the terms of the settlement, she received a quarter of Amazon’s stock which amounted to 35.6 billion USD. Now, she is one of the wealthiest women in the world.
  • She married a high school teacher, Dan Jewitt, in 2021.

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