Know About Kanban Method and Characteristics

Kanban Methodology

by Shamsul
Kanban Methology
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Know About Kanban Method and Characteristics


Characteristics of Kanban:

The Kanban method is utilized to allocate tasks to particular project members. They monitor work steps and give a constant overview of progress. All members can see each task and those who are responsible for it. In this way, they can check the achieved progress at any time. It also gives detail about the different phases in which a task is processed. In short, Kanban helps to recognize upcoming problems and ensures excellent workflow.

Kanban method works with blackboard, pinboard, sticky notes, colored cards, and flipchart. They are called tactile. You can hang the Kanban board in the office so that every employee and manager can see it. As a result, they get the latest details about progress, discuss it, and share it with others.

First of all, divide the Kanban board into rows and columns. You can mention words like to-do, done, and in-progress on the Kanban board to give an overview of the latest development. For complex projects, you can divide each part into subparts more precisely. Additional columns are always helpful for complex projects.

After this, place labeled cards or notes on the Kanban board. Each of these notes or cards refers to a task. To complete a urgent task, the employees can move the card to the following table. In this way, everyone can get a complete overview of the progress. Avoid task jams, which means not placing all cards in the to-do area. You can further modify the Kanban board based on the current status.

It is crucial to accomplish different tasks to implement a project. That’s why it is imperative to organize them logically. Place the high-priority tasks in the top order. Plus, they should be completed on an urgent basis.


Under Which Conditions Kanban Work Best?

The Kanban method needs some initial planning before it can be implemented. Separate those tasks that have to be finished first. Make sure that each task in step is not too long otherwise. It will become more confusing. On the other hand, only one person must be responsible for one task. The Kanban method is not so suitable for complicated or extended projects. It could make a project difficult to understand and complex.

As we know, this methodology is agile and suitable for those companies or organizations that give employees freedom of decision-making and rely on personal responsibilities. For software development fields and agency factors, it is a helpful method. By making tasks more manageable and small, the Kanban method helps to make them lean, and you can process them faster. The Kanban method also helps to restack delayed functions because of its flexibility and motivating power. Each individual can work independently and make quick progress.

The success of the Kanban method is based on the fact that the employees are willing to share their task progress and constantly update the development process. If the correct documentation is needed, you must utilize different methods other than the Kanban method.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the Kanban Method

Below, we have mentioned some important advantages of the Kanban method,

  • Provides a clear presentation of tasks, processing statuses, and processes.
  • It helps to keep processes simple and approachable.
  • Quick to use and easy to get.
  • Encourages self-reliant work and teamwork.
  • Provides complete insight into progress.
  • Highly flexible than other planning methods.
  • Agile project management method based on transparency.

The success of Kanban methodology is based on the type of working environment and project. Here we have covered some disadvantages that are associated with Kanban,

  • Hugely constrained to process flows.
  • Doesn’t allow small-scale planning.
  • Needs a high amount of self-discipline.
  • Offers lesser control and documentation options.
  • Bring problems into knowledge very lately.


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