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KFC Marketing

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KFC Marketing
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KFC Marketing Strategy

When a delicious fast food dish, especially a chicken-based one, comes to your mind, the first name you think of is always KFC. It is among the top chicken restaurants selling the best quality products worldwide. KFC is a successful brand that has the highest sales in the industry. It has been in operation for the last 75 years September 24, 1952; 72 years ago (1952-09-24) and offers the original taste with a high satisfaction rate. People love to visit these chicken restaurants worldwide to enjoy finger-licking products at a reasonable price.

Remember, KFC has over 800,000 workers offering clients delicious and tasty fried chicken in more than 18000 restaurants worldwide. According to the latest reports, it has a huge network of franchises in more than 120 countries. This makes KFC a more prominent and famous fast-food restaurant for people who love spicy, hot, and delicious fried chicken. This fried chicken restaurant’s business strategies and approaches depend on a successful KFC Marketing Strategy. Studying the marketing strategies of KFC is important for entrepreneurs and business people looking to have a hub in the food industry.

According to brand value Restaurants 2023 Ranking, KFC stands in 3rd position worldwide.

Segmenting, Targeting and Position:

KFC, which stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken, uses segmentation on a demographic basis to serve food lovers in markets. It takes special care about the clients’ food tastes and preferences. The customers at KFC are kids, young adults, and old people.

KFC uses an undifferentiated targeting strategy as it has the same food menu as all other food restaurants in the world. With the passing of time, KFC has started to create different types of menus after competing with McDonald’s. They now have localized menus according to their customer’s preferences and market acceptability. Previously, it was using a product-based positioning strategy. It is also transforming the positioning strategy. KFC is now moving towards a value-based positioning strategy.

Because of the top chicken menu, it is present in the minds of food lovers. Very few KFC outlets offer vegetarian foods. There is no comparison when it comes to discussing nonvegetarians. It is a superb opportunity to try a wide range of chicken foods. This is a big reason why most nonvegetarian people love to visit this superb fried chicken spot.

Marketing Mix: Find more about KFC’s marketing mix.

SWOT Analysis: Get more details about the SWOT Analysis of KFC.

Mission: “To deliver top quality healthy chicken-based foods to consumers. KFC is determined to produce chickens in a healthy environment free from all germs. It ensures high safety, hygienic and quality features while producing fried chicken foods.”

Marketing Strategy of KFC

Competitive Advantages of KFC Marketing Strategy

Studying the marketing strategy of KFC also tells about its advantages. This fried chicken restaurant has been producing high-quality, tasty foods for the last 72 years. It adds original and quality ingredients. It has a wide range of food choices on the menu. Whether you are a vegetarian or a nonvegetarian, you will find great tastes here. These things help KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) to grow its business worldwide. It is present in developed as well as developing countries. This is a plus point for the restaurant to gain more fame and popularity and increase sales. They create marketing plans and strategies according to the place of work. They have a unique status in the food industries of all countries.

BCG Matrix of KFC Marketing Strategy

We can’t move forward in KFC’s marketing strategy until we see its BCG Matrix. Grilled chicken, sandwiches, and hot wings have been the Stars of its menu since the very first day of work.

The Question Mark category contains food items such as desserts, chicken (Burgers), and vegetables. The restaurant has not been very successful in achieving a remarkable sales record for these foods. Competitors such as McDonald’s and other local food restaurants are able to create differentiation in this matter.

Distribution Strategy of KFC Marketing Strategy

As mentioned above, KFC has more than 29000 restaurants in 147 countries offering finger-licking quality foods worldwide. In order to meet the customer load or pressure, they offer distribution services to ensure the availability of food products according to demand. They have strategic partnerships and strong tie-ups with local supply chain services. They use different supply chain partners to serve customers perfectly.

KFC has a strong habit of opening franchises in elite areas of the city. They prefer busy roads, shopping malls, entertainment areas, and even hospitals. These outlets also offer home delivery to customers who book orders online. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is among the top services dealing with online and offline deliveries.

Brand Equity of KFC Marketing Strategy

KFC enjoys a high status in the global brand ranking—it is 147th on this list. This positioning remains sustainable due to successful company marketing. It employs quality TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness). Localization strategy and the addition of vegetables to the menu are some effective steps to maintain sustainable brand equity. These steps are constructive for brand building in any country.

KFC also maintains brand equity through its brand initiative strategy. This amazing strategy greatly impacts brand equity when it is combined with the above-mentioned strategies. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) continuously offers new products. In some cases, it doesn’t launch a new food recipe but adds something interesting to it. For example, a meal with extra cheese or mayonnaise would be attractive for buyers. This restaurant’s brand equity strategy provides many similar examples.

Marketing Strategy of KFC

Competitive Analysis of KFC Marketing Strategy

KFC is a top brand, but it has many strong competitors. The top competitors of this food service are Kokoriko, McDonald’s, Kyochan, and many others. Local food companies and services also create tensions for KFC. The scenario is different in developed countries, as different competitors in the food business are taking market shares.

Subway and McDonald’s are the most prominent competitors of KFC. Both offer a wide range of burgers, sandwiches, fried chicken, and other foods. Subway is a little weaker in the competition, but McDonald’s has features and statistics similar to those of KFC.

Market Analysis of KFC Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy of KFC highly depends on market analysis and varies from country to country. This restaurant is more famous in developed nations, which is why it gets more than 50 % of its revenue from these countries. Developing countries such as India, Pakistan, and China are attractive KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) markets because of their huge growth potential.

Undoubtedly, fast food companies and services in developed markets have yet to be accepted, but KFC is still growing. Health consciousness is a big factor in developed countries, which is why sales and growth trends in these countries are unstable. KFC takes a huge interest in standards. It is among the food services having a low negative profile.

Marketing Strategy of KFC

Customer Analysis of KFC Marketing Strategy

KFC is an attractive place for everyone. It is a place where people from all age groups want to go. Whether you are a kid, a young adult, or an older adult, you will find something attractive on the menu. KFC is more pleasant for kids. Numerous restaurants in developed and developing markets set their playgrounds or even play areas for the kids. This allows parents to bring their kids into a healthy environment where they play and eat. For young people, KFC is a blessing. As we mentioned above, KFC has a strict policy of making its outlets in elite areas of cities. Young couples willing to have some time in a decent environment always prefer this restaurant. Enjoy the peaceful sitting arrangement with healthy foods.

On the other hand, mature people who don’t like noisy places also love to choose KFC. They can have superb fried chicken dishes such as hot wings, hotshots, and chicken pieces. Order these things with a big jug of fresh beverages.

For all these age groups, KFC is an affordable place. They can order spicy and healthy foods on a low budget. The biggest advantage of visiting this restaurant is the availability of attractive deals. KFC presents lots of interesting and valuable deals for its customers. Each deal contains a combination of preferences. For example, if you love hot wings with a glass of fresh Coke, there will be a deal for it. Deals are money-saving for buyers. Customers visiting KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) to enjoy a family meal can choose deals according to individual taste and choice. On the other hand, families can choose a big meal that includes several burgers, dozens of hot wings, chicken pieces, and beverages.

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