Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky – The Legend in Whisky!

Johnnie Walker Marketing

by Shamsul
Johnnie Walker
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Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky – The Legend in Whisky!


Alcohol is an important part of my life forever, maybe because my father was in the navy and he retired as admiral. It can be due to the reason that I led the innovation agenda of Diego’s luxury and premium category in India for 2 years (2015-2017). When it is about scotch, no brand can be more prestigious and good than Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky.

My experience of alcohol started at a time when I had a glass filled with scotch with dad, before entering into college life. His logic was very simple; you’re going to drink at any time in your life, you might start with me. A Johnnie Walker bottle always evokes the memories of weddings in foggy Delhi where mine all uncles had enjoyed their scotch glasses. The uncles enjoyed the fine liquid going through their throats.

Everything aside, there is a confession which I want to make! Surprisingly, The first bottle of whiskey which attracted me at that time was Jack Daniels and I just started earning at that time. I really liked their signature Jake and Coke serving. I used to have it in Comedy circle in 2008 in the rage of Mumbai. It took time in my case to relish a whiskey glass. Certainly, Scotch was not the first choice that I preferred.

Legendary Origins of the Johnnie Walker:

This story is all about ambition and passion. According to Wikipedia, it starts in the 1800s when the legend John Walker was only 14 years old. Trustees invested proceeds in Italian warehouses, spirits and wine shops, grocery shops in Kilmarnock, Scotland. John Walker usually used to keep a number of the single malts though, those whiskeys were highly inconsistent & the blending is still dabbled. His idea of blending proved to be great as it delivered consistent quality and taste which he sold as “Walkers Kilmarnock Whiskey”.

His son took the business forward and did further innovations. He introduced the signature bottle which was square in 1860 which made it easy to keep bottles in less space and the breakage chances were minimum. The label was used at the 24 degrees angle so the text appeared bigger and more visible.

Cardhu distillery is the heart of many Johnnie Walker’s whiskeys and Johnnie Walker purchased it in 1893. It gives a smoky taste to its whiskeys.


Marketing of an Icon:

The main reason for the success of Johnnie Walker is its marketing strategy. The invention of “the striding man” was the first major investment in marketing for the brand.

The striding man came in origin at beginning of the 20th century. It was made by Tom Browne is a cartoonist. The striding man was on repeat for many years. He always had monocle on his eyes and a smile on his face.

Online Branding Courses:

But now, this design has become iconic because of its regalness and sophistication. It is now considered a symbol of progress by many brands of whiskeys.

The Heart of Brand:

The subtle symbolism of the brand is the biggest reason for its survival. The Striding man shows the journey of progress from 1 milestone to the next. Each bottle present in the stack has a story of grace and excellence that mirrors consumer sets’ milestones. When a person joins a job, he prefers a red label, but when a person gets a high rank, he likes a blue label.

The brand uses sublime symbolism in different gestures and ways. Thus, each bottle looks like a trophy that you give to yourself in your personal or professional journey.

I still have a gold-labeled bottle that Diageo gifted to me as a farewell gift. No doubt, Diageo is the exciting organization with whom I have worked.


Bold Moves:

Now, Johnnie Walker is the only Scotch that is according to the traditional definition of scotches. This brand is bold enough to bust every and each of them.

Scotch is a preserve of the men; it is for well-respected men who are sitting in front of a fire and sipping scotches from well-earned glasses.

Scotch is a precious and challenging liquid thus you need to learn the love. It is against its dignity to have it with anything except ice.

Scotch is defined by rules sets. It is made only by malted barley and water. You cannot add any flavor or other additive in it. These trends helped a lot in the growth of the other categories such as American Whiskey which relaxed rules and created Jack & Coke serving.

Johnnie Walker has responded back to all things, and that is why it has changed its campaign, which has broken all myths about showing determined and bold spirits.

Jane Walker:

To promote equality for females, they launched Jane Walker with striding women in the campaign. Moreover, Johnnie Walker confirmed that he can take a risk and do experiment with bold moves. However, such strong and bold changes can prove to be risky. But this change has welcomed media and consumers.

Blenders Batch:

The latest and major series of experiments test the scotch boundaries by keeping the traditional touch alive. The master who took charge of blending combined whiskeys in several finishes like Espresso Roast etc. the brand once again challenged the Scotch’s traditional image. It helps to create more flavorful liquids. Youngsters can also enjoy them in the form of cocktails, while others can consume them in their favorite forms.

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