Is Vacation A Source of Happiness?

by Shamsul
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Is Vacation A Source of Happiness?

The holidays are a period of long-awaited happiness and freedom. We project ourselves, we plan, and we already see ourselves there. The goal is to take a break from everyday life, relax as much as possible, and recharge your batteries to get back in shape. Taking a vacation has a real positive impact on well-being.

The Origins of The Vacations

The word “vacation” derived from the Latin “vacare,” which means to be empty, to have time. This word was first used to designate the interruption of court work, then the leave granted to students. The notion of vacation, or rather “paid leave”, as we know it today in many countries, dates from the 1930s. It was during this period, or more precisely after the Second World War, that the fact of taking vacation became normalized. In the 1970s, vacations became more popular.

The tourism sector only grew from there, notably thanks to the arrival of the internet. The concept of tourism itself, however, was invented by the British in the 18th century. At the time, aristocrats went out to get fresh air in the countryside, by the sea, or in the mountains.

Plan Your Vacation

Are you the type to plan your summer vacation in January? We understand you! Seeing yourself on a beach, on board a boat, or in a pretty little lodge in the countryside makes you smile. Scouring the brochures and reviewing all the options available alone is a dream. It is also a source of conversation with family or friends that brings people together.

Thinking about your next vacation helps you get through the days when nothing is going well. It’s a carrot. According to a study, the happiness felt before leaving is significant. When we escape mentally, the level of dopamine in our body increases. This source of well-being molecule provides a natural feeling of joy. Many of us use a countdown app installed on our phones. Counting the days that separate us from our upcoming break is an excellent way to cope with the grayness of everyday life.

Holidays That Make You Happy

Going on a vacation can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy that make us happy. There are themed stays for all tastes. Hiking, horse riding, diving, or wellness holidays are ideal for starting or improving in a particular area. It can also be a vacation where you do nothing! We can also use our time off to please others. It’s well known that volunteering makes you happy. For example, some farmers offer room and board in exchange for some services provided: feeding the chickens or picking vegetables. This type of vacation is ideal for introducing children to mutual aid and ecology.

Travel to Be Happy

Many people don’t go on vacation or travel. For them, it is better to spend their money on a house, a new car, or clothes. However, it has been proven that material goods do not bring happiness! These experiences enrich us, make us grow, and improve our well-being. Here are some reasons not to deprive yourself of a vacation!

To Feel Emotions

Traveling means discovering unknown places, tasting new flavors, and immersing yourself in fascinating cultures. On vacation, far from home, all our senses are awakened. It is during these moments that we learn new things that make us grow.

To Break the Routine Go On Vacation

The purpose of vacation is to take a break from our daily lives. Going away breaks the routine and makes you forget the stress of traffic jams and the office. The brain is relaxed. We take the time to walk, read, and hang out on the terrace. In short, everything we do more rarely during the rest of the year and in a completely different atmosphere.

To Gain Confidence

The journey to vacation can be tumultuous: delayed flight, forgotten bag, crying child. All these difficulties, although unpleasant at the time, are life lessons. We learn from our experiences and our mistakes! When traveling to a foreign country, you have to adapt. These few words are known in Japan. You can be proud of it.

To Stimulate His Imagination

From the moment you decide to plan a trip, your imagination is running wild. Coupled with the enthusiasm that this produces, the feeling of happiness is even more vital. This stimulation does not stop at the end of the vacation because, of course, you are already thinking about the next destination.

To Realize How Lucky We Are

Traveling means discovering new cultures and, therefore, new ways of living. Some things may surprise you, like the ability of certain people to be happy with little. It makes us distance ourselves and realize that we should enjoy every moment of happiness. We learn to show gratitude more frequently.

Memories On Long Time Vacation

The happiness felt during vacation continues once you return home. After a beautiful journey, everyone has their own little habits, such as finding a special place for the collected trinkets and shells or making a photo album. We tell those around us about the places we visited and our experiences. When you travel as a family, all these memories are also significant to strengthen bonds.

For centuries, we have understood that taking a break from time to time feels good. Even if you only go for a weekend on vacation, the change of scenery is what matters. We learn, we discover, and we stop stressing. On the way back, it’s time for productivity and creativity. So, what are you waiting for? Take out the suitcases! And discover the world on the quest for happiness.

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