Is Turnitin Making Money | How Does it Work?

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Is Turnitin Making Money – How Does it Work?

Basically, Turnitin is a platform that helps the students and teachers to check the amount of plagiarism in their work. This tool effectively highlights the copied material in your work. When you enter your work to the Turnitin website, it checks and compares your data with its database in the form of websites, student work, articles, and books. This tool very advantageous for teachers because with the help of this tool they can assess the student’s work and give grades on the basis of their work. It is a necessary tool for students because they can check plagiarism in their work before submitting it to any official channel.

Turnitin Helps to Prevent Plagiarism:

Identify copied content or work with the help of a useful plagiarism tool. Turnitin contains a huge amount of database in the form of websites, research work, books, etc. it is an internet-based American company that helps to find out similar work in your content. It is a subsidiary of Advance Publications and was founded in 1977. Many colleges and universities use this service in order to identify plagiarized work. In this way, students can improve their writing and also learn how to avoid plagiarism. In short, it is a necessary tool for both teachers and students.

Type of Business: Private, Subsidiary

Established: 1997

Head office: 2101 Webster Street Suite 1800 Oakland California, USA

Industry: Education

Type of Service: SaaS, online, editor, plagiarism checker

Owned by: Advance acquired in March 2019

Used by: 30 M+ students worldwide – Almost 15,000 educational institutions

How Does Turnitin Work and Make Money

It is an online tool that identifies plagiarism in anyone’s content, work, and publication. The main purpose to design this tool is to promote academic uprightness. This work is submitted on different databases including:

  • Publication.
  • Website content.
  • Student papers to detect the copied content.

It also identifies contract cheating and many other copied materials. This effective tool is called Authorship Investigate. This is all done with the help of machine learning algorithms. In this, you can identify differences in someone’s writing style among someone’s work.

How Turnitin Works?

  • This useful tool allows students to recheck their content or work before submission.
  • Helps teachers or publishers to find the copied work.
  • Provide ease to students by helping them to identify revised areas before submitting their work on the web.
  • Allows teachers to check the plagiarism in someone’s work so that they can easily do the grading process.

For Students:

Now, it becomes very easy for students to check the potential plagiarism before submitting to any platform with the help of Turnitin. When they upload their work on this site, they automatically detect the copied work and also flag areas. They also say that they have a database of 165 million journal articles, 45 billion web pages, and 900 million student papers. In this way, they can check the plagiarized content by using their algorithms.

For Teachers:

When teachers receive work from their students, they also check it on Turnitin. Turnitin tells the amount of copied content in percentage also highlights the copied content and shows the areas of sources. This thing enables the teachers to assess the student’s work and they can easily perform the grading process. In short, it is a useful tool for both students and teachers.

How Turnitin Makes Money?

Turnitin offers its services to educational institutes with a yearly per-student fee. This fee depends on the size of the institution and the number of students. Due to this reason, there is no exact pricing policy available on the website of Turnitin. According to a survey, they charge 2 dollars per year per student. It means if the strength of the university is 15000 students then it means they have to pay 30000 dollars per year to Turnitin.

This type of simple and easy business model seems to be constructive and valuable for Turnitin. According to a report, they earn 127 million dollars annually with their services. So, we can say that Turnitin is a profitable company.

How Turnitin Compares to Rivals?

Size of Turnitin:

For the last 20 years, Turnitin effectively going strong. It contributed to the prevention of plagiarism. It means they are gathering content for their database for the last 20 years. The company claims that almost 30 million students use this tool in order to check the copied content. That’s why it is one of the leading anti-plagiarism software in the world. Unicheck is the only main competitor of Turnitin with more than 1 million customers. It is important for Turnitin to stabilize its position by providing new features and services to their customers.

Target User:

Turnitin only targets educational institutes whereas Unicheck and Copyleaks attract personal customers, educational institutions, and businesses. It is important for Turnitin to focus on other sectors in order to expand its reach.

Business Model:

Academic plagiarism and Copyleaks are the two biggest rivals of Turnitin and use the subscription model. They offer specific plans and subscriptions to their users so that they can choose according to their need and budget. But Turnitin’s business model is slightly different from others as their business model is based on the number of students served.

Future of Turnitin:

Turnitin focuses on future aspects as they acquired Advance Publication recently. This thing has diversified the company’s algorithm. They are also planning to expand their portfolio by adding different fields such as science and math. In this way, they can target the students of high schools and colleges so that they can submit their assignments and work.


No doubt, Turnitin has gained exponential growth in the anti-plagiarism sector by targeting education institutions. Their business model is far better than its competitors. But they have the potential to diversify their portfolio by adding new features. In this way, they can improve their working and earn more profits.

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