IoT and Big Data | The Future Looks Bright

Welcome to the Era of “Everything Connected”

by Shamsul
IoT & Big Data
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IoT and Big Data | The Future Looks Bright

Connected watches, smart clothes, autonomous cars, smart cities. Welcome to the era of “everything connected”! In recent years, the IoT has revolutionized our daily lives. All sectors are concerned about health, transport, logistics, environment, sport, and automotive. The development of connected devices is accompanied by increased production of data. Big Data and IoT, therefore, go hand in hand.

But what is the IoT? How is it related to Big Data? What future for technologies associated with IoT and Big Data?


What is IoT?

Thanks to a set of electronic components (mainly chips and sensors), it is now possible to connect many physical or virtual objects to the internet in order to collect, store and transfer the data generated. It is called the IoT or the Internet of Things.

The IoT system allows, among other things, to control environmental data such as temperature or air quality, monitor heart rate, find the best road route, and optimize agricultural productivity. In short, its applications are endless.

On the business side, the benefits of the IoT are just as numerous: savings, time savings, efficient management of operations, improvement of the customer experience, and increased productivity. The IoT is a real strategic challenge for companies.


What is Big Data?

The advent of social networks and new information and communication technologies has increased data production tenfold. Too massive to be handled by conventional processing tools, so this “big data” requires appropriate analytical technologies.

Big Data has three significant characteristics:

1- The Velocity, corresponding to the data processing speed,
2- The Volume, designating the amount of information generated,
3- Variety refers to the diversity of data collected.


IoT and Big Data: Two Interdependent Systems

Equipped with chips, sensors, and/or cameras, connected objects capture, record and transmit a colossal amount of unstructured data in real-time. Given their huge volume, this big data is processed using Big Data analytical tools such as Hadoop, Rapiminder, Spark or Storm. To be usable, the data generated will therefore undergo a process comprising different stages, during which they will be collected, stored, and then analyzed before being transformed into intelligible data.

Therefore, IoT and Big Data are complementary: the data produced by connected devices helps to generously feed the Big Data system while Big Data technologies make it possible to convert this data into useful and understandable information.


What is the Future of IoT and Big Data?

The IoT is a growing phenomenon. According to an estimate by the Statista Group, nearly 29 billion connected devices will be active globally in 2030, almost three times more than in 2020. At the same time, the data generated will also grow exponentially, reaching 73.1 ZB by 2025, a 422% increase from 2019, according to IDC. This rise of the IoT will require the implementation of innovative Big Data solutions capable of supporting the massive volume of data generated. In this context of expansion, companies are increasingly turning to data specialists to optimize their data management.

Training in data professions, therefore, means moving towards a sector of the future and having the guarantee of entering the job market quickly.

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