The Most Interesting Topics of Conversation During A First Meeting

by Shamsul
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The Most Interesting Topics of Conversation During A First Meeting

The topics of conversation during a first meeting are endless. However, not all of them are necessarily interesting on a first date.

But what should we do to have the right topics of conversation? First, it is important to know that during a first appointment, it is best to avoid the following topics:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • The Exes
  • Your problems in detail
  • Social issues that create a disagreement between you two

Have a Pleasant Meeting:

The best way to have a pleasant meeting is to talk about what you like but also to let the other person do the talking. If you have already “investigated” your next meeting, avoid seeming to know her and give this person the chance to expose themselves and be discovered.

Stress is often present during a first meeting, and the fear of not knowing what to say is often at the top of the list. Be confident, and everything will turn out for the best! When you think about it, we have all experienced beautiful moments in life that can be told.


The Trips:

This is the subject par excellence, for the good reason that we are entering into the theme of freedom. We show what we have experienced to another person. We all have the dream of leaving the routine to travel the planet. Leave the daily life of the metro-work-sleep and escape the time of a trip.

This passion is shared by many men and women. Talk about your travel dreams and find out about them. Whether we are talking about local travel or elsewhere in the world, you may discover passion for a common destination.

Talk about a particular moment during one of your trips, talk with images so that the person visualizes it and makes them want to know more!


Hobbies and Sports:

When looking for a new partner, we also seek to share common passions. This topic of conversation is, therefore, excellent for finding out if the other person in front of us shares our hobbies or our love for certain sports activities. Imagine if you come across a common hobby or a sport that you both enjoy; the conversation will flow by itself.



While this isn’t necessarily a topic most people are interested in, it’s what you do for a living. We still spend, on average, 40%-50% of our week working, so it is certain that this subject will be addressed, on the surface or in depth, depending on your responsibilities. I urge you not to spend the whole conversation around work. We are not just a job or a salary; we are much more than that.


Need An Extra Helping Hand?

If you find yourself lacking conversation topics, it might be a good idea to consider discovering new things that turn you on and develop your interests. It will then be easier to feed the topics of discussion for a first date and be more comfortable creating the link with someone who interests you.

If you need help to improve your conversation topics during your first meetings, I will be happy to help you in this regard. Feel free to contact me for a free session and start experiencing a concrete improvement in your dating.


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