Intel Shares New Roadmaps and Milestones

by Shamsul
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Intel Shares New Roadmaps and Milestones


Recently, Intel organized the 2022 Investor Meeting, where Pat Gelsinger (CEO, Intel) and other prime leaders highlighted the prime elements of the organization’s policy and roadmap for long-term growth. These plans will provide a new mindset and initiative for transformative growth during Covid-19 and in the “New Normal” routine. The demand for semiconductors is increasing day by day. The Taiwan-China crisis is one of the main reasons why semiconductor producers and users are looking forward to finding new ways. In this meeting, Intel announced new pathways and policies to meet new business requirements and prime performance milestones. These are as given below.

Improved Computing Systems And Graphics:

A presentation by AXG (Accelerated Computing Systems & Graphics Groups) got more attention during the meeting. This group is willing to set new production records to earn more than $1 billion in revenue this year. They will use three segments or phases of production to achieve the targets. Intel hopes to reach its goals by 2026.


Visual Compute Strategy and Roadmap:

Intel Arc Graphics (Timing & Roadmap) Update:

It is very important to update the recent technologies. AXG hopes to produce more than 4 million GPUs this year. These OEMs will provide new dimensions to upgrade the notebooks with the latest code-named Alchemist and Intel Arc Graphics. This notebook will be available by the end of 2022. In the second quarter of this year, Intel will start delivering add-in cards for PCs. The designing department has begun work on the framework of this product, and they are using some Ultra-enthusiast technology to give it a better touch.


Project Endgame:

It will provide access to Intel Arc GPUs with some modern, accessible technologies. This project is significant and will bring a new boost to the computing experience. It will be available by 2023.


Super Compute Roadmap and Policy:

Intel Xeon processors are present in more than 85% of the systems being used worldwide. Almost all supercomputers have this processor. The AXG is also looking forward to upgrading the memory bandwidth and higher computing. This effort will result in a new GPU and CPU roadmap with HPC (High Power Computing) and Artificial Intelligence. The AGX is also willing to introduce 35 HPC-AI designs. These designs will work with CSPs and OEMs. The company is also interested in launching Zetta-scale by the end of 2027.


High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) for Sapphire Rapids:

Sapphire Rapids is integrating with HBM to create new application packages for 4x bandwidth memory. This provides a significant improvement to Intel’s 3rd Gen Xeon processor. The same computational fluid dynamic system will come with a power of 2.8x HBM application.


Ponte Vecchio:

AXG is working on a new GPU with the Ponte Vecchio feature. This will be an Aurora Supercomputer to achieve high performance up to 2.6x. This will be the highest level of performance by any supercomputer available in the market. This addition will help financial services to divide and better manage the workload.


Arctic Sound-M:

The Arctic Sound-M is a new feature for hardware-based GPUs using the AV1 encoders. This delivers 30% additional bandwidth and offers open-source media solutions. The analytics and media supercomputers offer leadership transcodes quality, cloud gaming, and streaming density. This product is in trials and will be available by mid-2022.


Falcon Shores:

This modern architecture will offer Xe GPU and 86x in a single package and socket. It is expected to appear in markets by the end of 2024. It will be a highly sophisticated facility that will improve the media quality, bandwidth, and computing density.  


Custom Compute Group:

This is another project by AXG. It will be a superb addition to engineering services to manage workloads. It has some excellent features, such as premium infotainment for vehicles, blockchain, supercomputer edge, and immersive displays.


Intel Foundry Services:

Intel is going to join hands with the automobile industry. It will transform the industry altogether. Nowadays, electric cars and other vehicles are getting more recognition. These are not only energy efficient but also eco-friendly. The introduction of automotive silicon will generate $115 billion by 2030. The legacy process technologies and fragmented supply chains will no longer be able to support future technologies. This is why technology companies are planning to find new solutions.

Old technologies will become useless because of the low performance and inability to hold the pressure of intensive computing. This is why AGC is planning to launch some new compute-intensive applications. These applications are in trials, and officials are hopeful to see a couple of options by the end of 2023. Intel Foundry Services will become one of the deciding powers in the automotive industry with its complete solutions. Intel Foundry Services is working on the following aspects.


Open Central Compute Architecture:

The Intel Foundry Services has successfully produced high-quality auto compute platforms. These are very important for automotive OEMs. The addition of these platforms will transform the solutions and experiences to the next level. It will also leverage advanced packaging solutions, chiplet-based building blocks, algorithms, technology nodes, applications, and computing software.


Automotive-Grade Foundry Platform:

To upgrade the vehicle and automotive industry, it is necessary to improve manufacturing capabilities. The quality management issues must be low if you want to create something for intensive use. Intensive computing will only work if it has supportive applications for performance. The IFS will target these leading-edge technologies.   


Enabling Transitions:

Transition is a difficult phase. The computing technology is no longer limited to phones and laptops. It is working everywhere. The new idea in the automotive industry with advanced technology will change everything. This is why most of the manufacturing units are interested in transition. Mobile network transformation, such as 5G, is one of the most outstanding examples. It will change the entire setup, including mixed-function hardware, interoperable software, Intel Intelligence Fabric, and accelerating intelligent edge. The Core processors are moving ahead as 12 Generation products are expected to enter markets in 2022.


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